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    Battlefield 4: tips and tricks to be the best

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    In this new guide we will reveal many useful tricks and tips to be the best on Battlefield 4

    Battlefield 4 is a title that dates back to 2013, but despite this lately he is experiencing a second youth. In fact, recently, thanks to the fact that the title was given to all subscribers Amazon Prime, a lot of people have gone back to playing the FPS of DICE. Being able to be immediately competitive in a title with so many years on your shoulders, however, is not easy at all and consequently we have decided to write this guide, where we will reveal many useful tricks and tips to be able to win consistently on Battlefield 4.

    The settings first of all

    Before you start reading our list of tips and tricks, we suggest you play around with it a bit options of Battlefield 4. If you've been playing FPS for a long time, you will surely know how important some settings are and therefore it is essential to find the ones that suit your style of play as soon as possible.

    In the end, the most important values ​​to change are always the same: motion blur, FOV, sensitivity, resolution, level of detail, etc.. However, the values ​​to be set are in most cases subjective, so you will have to experiment until you feel comfortable in the game. In general we suggest that you find a sensitivity that allows you to aim comfortably and reduce the graphics quality in order to get as many FPS as possible (in relation to the monitor you are using).

    Create a balanced squad - Battlefield 4 tips and tricks

    Let's start our list of tips and tricks right away by talking to you about a fundamental aspect of Battlefield 4: the teams. As you certainly already know, in this title each team is divided into smaller teams of 5 players. Collaborating with your teammates will be essential to win, but to do it better it will also be essential cover different roles.

    In Battlefield 4 indeed each class is particularly suitable for dealing with specific situations and consequently it would be unwise to create a team made up, for example, of snipers only. In fact, to maximize your chances of winning it is essential to create gods balanced teams and ready to face any situation.

    Never take on vehicles alone - Battlefield 4 tips and tricks

    Battlefield 4 vehicles are extremely powerful and consequently we strongly advise you against trying to deal with them individually. To take down a tank they are needed about 4 RPG shots and if you are alone you will not be able to score more than two before being brutally eliminated.

    To maximize your chances of winning against a vehicle we suggest you face them at least in pairs. This way you will be able to land more hits and the chances of defeat will be significantly reduced.

    Always drive in groups - Battlefield 4: tips and tricks

    Let's stay on the team play theme again when talking about vehicles. Driving a tank on your own might have its advantages in certain situations, but in most cases it is best to have as many passengers on board as possible. In fact, the other players will be able to help you not only to use all the weapons present in the vehicle, but also to conquer the objectives more quickly. In short, unless you are trying to perform some articulate distraction action, it is always better to travel in a group.

    Use vehicles in Obliteration - Battlefield 4: tips and tricks

    Let's continue with our tricks and tips related to Battlefield 4 vehicles talking specifically about their use in Obliteration mode. In this game mode your main goal will be to carry and protect a powerful bomb, and of course the best way to do this is using a vehicle. Obviously proceeding on foot will be more difficult to spot, but as long as you remain in the open field vehicles will always be the best choice.

    Report enemies - Battlefield 4 tips and tricks

    Sometimes some players forget how important it is to communicate in the FPS. Sure, very often interacting with teammates is complicated due to the language barrier, but luckily Battlefield 4 gets around this problem thanks to the ping system. With the push of a button you can indeed report to your entire team the presence of enemies, vehicles, supplies, and so on. This convenient function is essential for winning the hottest fights and unfortunately it is often underestimated by novice players.

    Use the exclusive weapons of some maps - Battlefield 4: tips and tricks

    Some Battlefield 4 specific maps are hidden from the unique weapons extremely strong that are capable of significantly increasing your offensive power. These equipments are reported on the mini-map with a weapon icon and range from 50-caliber sniper rifles to lethal grenade launchers. Using these weapons you will be able to help your team a lot and above all you will prevent opponents from using them against you.

    Attack and Healing - Battlefield 4: Tips and Tricks

    From now on you will find a number of tips and tricks that will help you Easily customize Battlefield 4 classes. Having the right equipment for the right role is key to winning and consequently below we will recommend several loadouts. But remember that each player has their own preferences, so we encourage you to try out all the equipment in the game a bit before focusing on a single setup.

    To start we will talk aboutAssault, a great class for both frontline fighting and help fellow students in need. Considering the versatility of this role, we suggest you start using a M16A4 modified for long distance and an M1911, in order to be effective in all situations. As for the secondary equipment, however, we suggest you use the medical kit and defibrillator, but alternatively you can also bring the blinding grenades.

    Support the squad - Battlefield 4 tips and tricks

    Now is the time of the Support, the perfect class to help your teammates during longer fights. Using this role you will be able to place some very useful ones ammunition crates that will allow you and your companions to recover bullets. To make the most of these additional ammunition, we recommend that you bring a M240B, so you can fire a large number of shots without the worry of running out. In addition we suggest you also equip me with some Claymore o C4, so you can face the most armored opponents.

    One shot, one death - Battlefield 4 tips and tricks

    As regards the sniper, there is nothing better than a good one SRR-61 to easily eliminate distant targets. As a secondary weapon instead you can equip a little bit what you prefer, but in general we suggest you opt for weapons with a high rate of fire. As for the rest of the equipment, we recommend that you always bring both a motion sensor that the C4.

    Vehicle Tamer - Battlefield 4: tips and tricks

    Finally, we conclude our list of tricks and tips on the Battlefield 4 bi classes by talking about the geniere. The Sapper is a very special class that shines thanks to its ability to repair allied vehicles and destroy opposing ones. This class boasts a large number of very good primary weapons, but in general we recommend using them very precise rifles, such as the G36C. Obviously then it is essential to bring it with you repair tool it's a rocket launcher to shoot down ground or flying vehicles. Also, once you have unlocked it, we suggest you equip the field upgrade as well anti-tanks.

     Ready for war

    This concludes our list of tips and tricks for Battlefield 4. Now all you have to do is start the game and try to put them into practice as much as possible.

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