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Apex Legends is preparing to arrive at season 5, in this guide we will discover the main news and the start date of the new season of the EA and Respawn title

Apex Legends, license plate title EA and Respawn Entertainment, is preparing to arrive at his Season 5, in this guide we will analyze and find out what the main new features. Among information regarding the ranked, the new (and thirteenth) legend, the possible changes to the game maps and the new battle pass, there is really a lot of meat on the fire! Let's find out the details.

A season 4 boom

Apex Legends season 4 represented a turning point for the title of EA and Respawn. The switch of the maps, the inclusion in the Revenant roster and the introduction of the new Master category, were among the most interesting innovations that have invested the title. Title it had a boom and an increase in users, not only in game, but also as audience on the various streaming platforms, on all: Twitch.

Not to mention the latest exciting tournaments, including the World, which has seen some protagonists streamers and players. The foundations, therefore, have been largely laid to ensure that this season 5 of Apex Legends is as interesting as the previous one; no more chatter and let's find out all the news.

New season title and date - Apex Legends: season 5 news guide

Let's start our guide to the news of Apex Legends season 5 by talking about the title that will have this same season. As always, Respawn and EA don't just announce a new phase of the game, they try to characterize it to the fullest. An important element of this characterization process is represented by the title itself.

Season 5 will be called: Fortune favors the bold. A title that invites us to reflect a lot on what may be the news regarding the gameplay and also, why not, the lore of the world of Apex Legends! When will we have the new season available? Very little is missing! The download for season 12 will be available on Tuesday 5 May.

Here is Loba! - Apex Legends: season 5 news guide

Since season 1, we have had a roster of legends available that has grown over time. Starting from Wattson with season 2, Crypto with season 3 and the latest arrival, with season 4, Revenant, also for this season 5 the arrival of a new legend is ready. Here you will find a small analysis related to the presentation trailer of Loba.

What we do know is that his father, in all likelihood, was killed by Revenant. It should be a legend very devoted to "stealth", if we can talk about stealth in a Battle Royale. It is presented to us as one thief and therefore, most likely, his abilities, which have not yet been officially revealed, will go in this direction.

Missions are coming, is that Warzone? - Apex Legends: season 5 news guide

The success of Call of Duty: Warzone has arrived, with arrogance, in the homes of all the developers of Battle Royale. Another competitor has joined the list. Apex Legends, among the various news that we are presenting in this guide to season 5, will introduce missions.

The true nature of this mission has not yet been revealed but the call to Warzone contracts is very strong. With this novelty, Respawn will probably want to totally cancel the downtime that players are forced to experience from time to time in-game.

Furthermore, the missions will probably benefit (as happens on COD) those who manage to complete them. The doubt that comes to mind, however, concerns the very nature of the title, much more frenetic than the setting that Infinity Ward and Activision gave to Warzone. How, therefore, will these missions be managed? We will find out on May 12th.

Let's get to the ranked - Apex Legends: guide to the news of season 5

Like every new season, we come to talk about what interests the players most more competitive in Apex Legends: ranked or ranked games. Among the major innovations introduced by season 4, there was the new category: Master, which according to the words of the developers has met with the hoped-for success. The matchmaking and general difficulty of the individual categories was more balanced.

A sore point, however, is represented by the massive presence of cheaters that daily crowd the servers dedicated to games in ranked mode on PC. Also in mid-season 4 a reset of a category and a half for everyone, in such a way as to encourage players to return to ranked games with greater interest. Another interesting element was represented by the switch of the map dedicated to ranked.

Also this time we will start from Canyon of the Kings and then move to the World's End starting from 23 June. There will be no substantial news in this season 5. It will resume on the excellent wake released by season 4, adding more rewards and trying to offer users a balanced matchmaking, based exclusively on the skills of individual players

Good hunting for everyone!

Our guide to what's new to come with the season 5 of Apex Legends ends here. In addition to what we have told you, of course, we also point out the new contents of the Battle Pass, with skins dedicated to legends and weapons. Nothing has been said yet regarding the introduction of one new weapon, which we absolutely do not feel like to exclude!

To stay up to date on all the news from the gaming world and beyond, we invite you to stay tune in on the pages of Holygamerz.

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