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New tour, new small event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this time we explain how to best deal with the Stamp Collection organized by Blatero, the director of the Museum

May 18th is the International Museum Day. Did you know? Neither do we. We found out this morning by logging into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nintendo certainly did not miss yet another anniversary unknown to most to be able to baste a delicious and fast event in its flagship title of the moment. The event consists of a collection of stamps that can be found inside the city museum and will take place from 18 to 31 May. It will be Fuffi, upon your arrival on the island, to warn you that the celebrations for the International Museum Day have opened and that, if you want more information, you simply have to go to the city museum and talk to Blatero. 

Blatero Out of Business 

Before throwing ourselves headlong into this ours new guide to the Museum Stamp Collection in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we remind you that here on Holygamerz you can find the review of the latest Nintendo effort. You can also find a long series of guides on the title, for example how to build stairs to climb to the top, how to jump and travel in time, how to plant star trees, how to make a bunch of stars with turnips, our guide to colors of the various balloons, how to use shooting stars and much, much more. Also, you can find our guide to the new fish and insects of the month of May, and to what Florindo and Volpolo sell. Let's begin! 

Where to find the stamps? - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Museum Stamp Collection guide 

As we have already announced, participating in the Stamp Collection is very simple and just go talk to Blateror, the director of your museum. Here he will explain that, to celebrate the International Museum Day, Blatero has set up nine total stamp stations inside the building, divided into three for the fish area, three for the insect area and three for the fossil area. If you have unlocked the Art Gallery, it will not be part of the event. 

Visiting the museum, therefore, you will notice in the various areas these small wooden posts. If you interact, you can apply a stamp on your card and, if you find them all for each zone, you will get a prize. The stations will be arranged randomly every day, but we assure you that finding them is really simple, even considering that they are red and yellow and stand out like lights in the night. 

We all have one goal - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Museum Stamp Collection guide 

Each time you complete a Stamp Collection card, you can return to Blatero to get your prize. As a gift you will receive three golden plaques (the fish plaque, the insect plaque, the fossil plaque), the same ones that you can see hanging above the entrance to each area of ​​the museum. In this way you will be able to realize your dream of recreating, in your home, the Blatero Museum so as to send it to the brink of moral and economic failure. Like? Wasn't this your aim? Then they are just very beautiful to look at. 

You can continue to visit the Museum and complete the Stamp Collection on consecutive days, always between 18 and 31 May. The layout of the seats will change day by day, but unfortunately the same does not apply to the prizes. You will always get the same plates, maybe you can take the opportunity to sell them to Mirco and Marco. 

Have fun! 

End this short guide to the simple Animal Crossing: New Horizons event on Stamp Collection for International Museum Day here. How is the administration of your island going? Have you already been screwed several times by Volpolo? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news and guides on videogame and tech! 

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