Animal Crossing: New Horizons, like traveling through time

One of the peculiarities of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (but also of the whole series) is the synchronization of time with the real one. Consequently, the days last just like the terrestrial ones and the seasons follow each other based on the month and hemisphere you are in (unless you chose otherwise at the beginning of the game).

Although it is always recommended to play the game day by day, as the wait is part of the gameplay, there is a "trick" to jump from one day to the next and see your town evolve in less time. Here is our guide on like traveling through time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

To make the days go faster you will only have to change the date of your console. To do this, exit the game and close it (press X on the title icon in the Home of the Switch), go to the settings and go down to the tab labeled "System". Here go to "Date and time" and deactivate synchronization via the Internet. Then change the date or time to whatever you prefer. Once back in the game, you will be greeted as if it were a new day, with Tom Nook who will show you the news on the island.

If you really have to use this method, make sure you don't advance too many days, as the more you progress in time, the more the game will feel as if for all those skipped days you have not entered the game at all. This will most likely involve the abandonment of the island by some residents and the neglect of the latter, invaded by weeds and decay.

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