The walkthrough of Life is Strange - Episode 2: Out of Time

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for Xbox One. There may be differences with any other editions.


To start, while a recap of the main events of the previous episode scrolls on the screen, you need to know that in Out of Time you will begin to really understand how much your choices affect game events. The best way to fully enjoy the plot, therefore, is to approach it in apnea, responding straight to the dialogues and paying the price of their choices. However, in case you are not satisfied with the outcome of your match or are looking for some indication on the optional photos, do not delay any longer and read on.


After following the simple QTE necessary to turn off the annoying buzz of the alarm clock, you find yourself again in the shoes of a sleepy Maxine. The first thing to take care of is the bed that needs cleaning. Just then comes a text from Chloe. Soon it will be time to go out, but better take a shower first. Take the time you need to explore your room, water the plant and check the PC, then pick up the handbag with the necessary for the shower that is in the closet next to the door and go out into the corridor. Witness the conversation at Victoria's door, then try knocking on all the other rooms as a nuisance. If you want, you can save Alyssa from a shot again: after witnessing the throwing of the toilet paper, rewind the time, warn the girl of the left-handed shooting that is coming in time. At the end of the corridor you find Juliet. Speaking with her, you come to discover a compromising video that is circulating on students' phones starring Kate. Don't overlook Brooke, who is next to her, so continue the tour of the rooms until you find the door open in Dana's. Go inside and browse while the hostess dances on the bed. Talk to her about the upcoming Halloween party. At this point you just have to enter the showers where you find a quite upset Kate. At the end of your conversation, the girl asks you to bring back one of her books shortly. At that point, Max goes into the shower, but the moment of relaxation is interrupted at the most beautiful moment by the break-in of Victoria and her gang. You witness the bullying scene by stealth, so once you get out of the shower you have to decide whether or not to erase the writing on the mirror. Remember, your every action has a weight and consequences that you will be called to face. You will immediately have a taste of it once you return to your room, in the form of macabre memories left by Nathan. You will think about it later, for the moment you have to find the book: it is resting on one of the green squares next to the sofa. Approaching, however, you accidentally bump into the drink next to it and it falls on top of the book, ruining it. Not bad, after all your power allows you to rewind time, right? Well, go back a few seconds and move the drink before you make a new disaster, then pick up the book and head to Kate's room. Once inside, explore the environment and examine every detail, including the caged hamster that can become the subject of the first optional photo of the episode. When you're done, start the conversation with Kate. Depending on your actions, in the previous episode you will be asked why you intervened to defend her from Dave or why you didn't, after which the topic of conversation moves to the content of the video.

Try to understand what happened on the night of the video, then after leaving the book in the chair, you are asked a fundamental question: think carefully about whether or not you think Kate should go to the police. Using Max's power, you can rewind time and explore the short-term consequences of both choices.
After Chloe's new message, browse outside the campus as you make your way to your chosen breakfast spot. Talk to Daniel, the attendant on the bench, then approach the other bench behind him and collect some food from the nearby basket for a squirrel to approach and take the second optional photo. On the way to the exit you will also have the opportunity to have a few words with Taylor. By rewinding the time after the first chat, you can use a new dialogue option and deepen Taylor's relationship with his mother. A little further on you come across Warren. You decide whether or not to involve him in your problem with Nathan, then you just have to accept or decline his invitation before taking the bus that will take you to the appointment with Chloe.

Two Whales Diner

The people waiting at the bus stop turn out to be quite strange. More interesting, however, is the conversation with the fisherman who has set up a banquet next to the diner. Talk to him to learn some background on Arcadia Bay's political and social life, then approach the camper parked at the bottom of the clearing to be frightened by the dog. The situation is curious and probably worth taking a photo. Go around the diner structure and stop in front of the fence - from there you can take the optional photo in complete safety. Before entering, you can take another optional photo: look at the sign of the restaurant with the sun behind it and look for the right frame for the shot. Finally, inside the restaurant you can take a third photo: look for the word "Fire Walk with Me" on the bathroom mirror, then chat with all the customers of the room to gather information that will be useful shortly. In particular by talking to the policeman you can deepen your knowledge of Chloe and her family. Continue to explore this topic by talking to Chloe's mother, the woman who works behind the counter. Talk about his relationship with his daughter and new partner, Dave, the campus keeper, then order breakfast. Chloe will arrive just as your hot meal is delivered to the table. When your blue-haired friend arrives, the conversation immediately turns to your new superpowers. Chloe asks you to guess what she has in her pocket: choose an option at random and wait for Chloe to empty the contents of her pockets on the table at the end of the speech. Take a good look at the objects, then rewind time until you are asked to guess and use the information you just gathered to amaze your friend. If you don't remember some details, such as the number of cigarettes or the time the fine was written, you can always rely on your power again. But this little demonstration doesn't seem to be enough for Chloe. It takes something more: you have to predict the future. First observe the three events that take place in front of you: the truck driver drops the cup, the policeman outside the room leaves forgetting his colleague, the two patrons at the table argue, but Joyce stops the dispute in the bud. To notice the fourth and final event, you will have to turn right towards the juke-box to observe a cockroach enter it and start a disc from nowhere. This second demonstration finally convinces Chloe, but Chloe wants to use your powers in a more fun way, so she decides to take you to her secret lair for some action. As you leave, however, the phone rings: think carefully about whether or not you want to answer Kate's call.

That house in the woods

Chloe's secret refuge is a small house in the middle of a landfill on the border between the forest and the railway. The perfect place to shoot a few bottles, too bad Chloe only has one. Your task is to find five more to use as targets. The search will lead you to find strange and disturbing details in the waste of the landfill. Before launching your search, however, you can take a new optional photo by framing the number of the yellow school bus that stands out in the middle of the landfill. The first bottle, however, is located behind the washing machine, resting on the hood of a car next to a large truck wheel. Continuing in that direction you will find a deer that moves away after seeing you: follow it and do not miss the opportunity to take another optional photo. A second bottle can be found on the deck of the small ship which can be reached from a nearby mound via a wooden plank. The third is at the top of an old phone booth, too high for Kate to reach - try it, but the clumsy attempt will end up breaking it. So rewind the time and move the wooden crate not far away to use it as a step and grab the bottle more easily. Another bottle can be collected near the remains of a bonfire, out of sight among the carcasses of some red cars, but beware of the rubble that may fall on you: rewinding time can be a good idea to avoid getting hurt. . Only one is missing: you can find it inside the cabin used as a refuge by Chloe, along with a lot of details such as flyers and photos dating back to the days when Chloe was dating Rachel.
With all five bottles in the bag, return to Chloe to begin the shooting test. The first shot will always go off target, but by observing the point of impact you can rewind the time and indicate the correct correction to Chloe's aim. After smashing a few bottles, suggest that Chloe aim for the car rim resting on the barrel on the left to hit a bounce bottle. In an attempt to up the ante, you suggest that Chloe aim for the car bumper above the bottles.

The ricochet will hurt Chloe, so restart the timing right away and switch targets - better aim for the wheel! With a flat tire, the car will skid forward and overwhelm all the bottles. However, the intensive use of powers leads Maxine to fainting.
Upon awakening, take a picture of Chloe pointing her gun at the sky and standing by her side, then talk to her to start a cutscene during which a shady guy enters the scene, demanding that Chloe return a nice nest egg. Luckily Maxine holds the gun. Or not? Decide whether to shoot the man or not, perhaps rewinding the time to find out which solution seems most convenient to you. Anyway, at the end of this bad situation, the girls head for the tracks. Press A to leave this area and watch the short movie. When the game resumes, Chloe finds herself stuck on the tracks with an oncoming train. To save it you will have to resort to the temporal rewind several times. First, head behind Chloe and pick up the crowbar that is near the rails stacked near the cabin. Then move to the big skein of yarn and try to push it. Too heavy, it doesn't move. Then remove the wedge that blocks it with the crowbar, then try to push again and this time the skein will fall, overwhelming the locked lever. Now hurry to unhook Chloe's foot and bring her back to safety. Obviously you won't have time to do all this at once so go back in time whenever the train gets too close to your friend.

Return to campus

The afternoon turned out to be too intense, better carve out some quiet moments on campus. So talk to Courtney, the girl who organizes the Halloween dance and rewind the time after having concluded the conversation for the first time, to take advantage of the information you just obtained to get your name added to the list, showing you interested in the dress code of the event. Then try interacting with all the people in the lobby, the principal, Zachary, David Madsen and Warren, who is in the chemistry class. To take a photo of your friend to insert in the album, you will have to help him with his experiment: to find the correct answer, however, you will have to rewind time after a couple of failed attempts and ask the professor who sits absorbed in the chair for advice. For more details, however, we refer you to the video below that illustrates precisely the gestures to be taken to take all ten optional photos. Leaving the science classroom you find Kate in the middle of a rather intense conversation with Professor Jefferson, after which you can approach him to talk about what happened recently. Decide carefully what to reveal to your interlocutor, until a phone call interrupts the conversation. So enter the photography class and talk to your classmates. The figure of Alyssa looking up at the sky from the window offers you an excellent opportunity to take another optional photo. After an unpleasant exchange with Victoria and Nathan, take a seat at your desk. From there, looking out the window, you notice Kate walking away from David, who takes pictures of her from a distance. The first part of Professor Jefferson's photography class is suddenly interrupted by screams coming from the courtyard, before Max can deliver his speech in front of the class. Go outside to witness a horrifying scene: Kate's flight from the school roof. Fortunately, Maxine's powers just then show an unexpected new functioning. With the rest of the world crystallized over time, you can move to the door and join your friend on the roof. This is where one of the most important dialogues in the game takes place. The girl's fate is literally in your hands. The progress of the speech depends on many factors, on the choices made in the first episode and on the way in which you have behaved with her so far, answering her or not on the phone while you were at the diner for example. Kate's fate will depend on the outcome of this dialogue. There is no way to know exactly what to do to get one of two possible conclusions.
Regardless of the outcome of the conversation, in the next scene you will find yourself in the principal's office who will ask you to take stock of the situation and express your point of view on what may have prompted Kate to get on the roof and decide to jump downstairs. . At that point the game will offer you three different possibilities: accuse Nathan, David or Professor Jefferson. Of course, there is no right choice over the others. Answer according to your opinion on the story and remember that before signing the paper with your testimony you can rewind time and choose a different ending. To know how your choice will affect future events we will have to wait for the third episode of the series.

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