The walkthrough of Dead Rising 2: Case West

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for Xbox 360. There may be divergences with the Spanish version.

Case 1-1 - Frank's Source

You find yourself in the spot where Frank and Chuck fell in the closing cinematic of Dead Rising 2, as the latter. Your character starts at level 40, although it essentially equates to level 1 at the start of DR2. However, in this case almost all the bare hand moves are already unlocked. Make your way through the horde of zombies that attack you, without thinking too much about Frank who is invincible and therefore knows how to take care of himself. You should find a knife nearby, but you can use your bare hands without complications: the Elbow Drop allows you to eliminate 4 or 5 zombies at a time. Survive for a short time and a cut-scene will interrupt the action: at the end of the shooting you will have to cross another stream of zombies coming out of the open container. Use the Elbow Drop as before until you reach the bottom door to open. Quickly take care of the guard on the left by knocking him out while he has his back to you so you can add his Assault Rifle to your inventory. Then examine the bottom of the container the guard was turning his attention to to find a mason's mallet, which will certainly be useful in the battles to follow. Next to it you also notice a double red door that gives access to a room where there is a work table, which you can use to combine the weapons that have a blue icon in the shape of a wrench. So take a look at the Combo Cards in the pause menu and create the Hail Mary which will come in handy later. Then collect the sickle in the red container. Also note that outside in the room, from an elevated position, you can photograph the first of ten PP Stickers on the side of the blue container. Now you just have to reach the opposite side of the Loading Bay and go up the stairs, then climb the metal box, from there continue on the blue beam, climb over the air conditioner that allows you to get to the roof on the right: there look in the middle of the fans to find a Shotgun. Then go back to the stairs and continue up to the Shipping Office where a cut-scene awaits you. At the end face the two security guards using one of the weapons collected during the journey to this office. A video closes the battle.

Case 1-2 – Access Codes

Call up the file from the menu, then take a look at the map to get an idea of ​​the area you are about to roam. Then start by collecting the orange juice near the dressing room and save, then retrace your steps and exit the door you entered to avoid ambushes by the guards. However on this side you will be attacked by some zombies who have entered the Loading Bay in the meantime. Remember to collect at least one taser from the zombies, then return to the Storage Bay and keep to the west side to access the Holding Pens Area. Along the way, photograph the PP Sticker on the yellow sign on which a line of zombies is represented. Quickly make your way up the blue staircase, trying to stay away from the central area where several guards are located. Then open the door at the top to enter the Security Outpost.
Kill the guard on the left right away, then watch out for the other one in the adjoining locker room. Then move to the north wall and scan the map to locate the third PP Sticker and photograph it. Then move to the PC on the other side: while your character is operating on the keyboard you will receive the code to enter. The next destination, suggested by Frank, is the Server Room, which is located on the first floor of the Living Quarters, in the west wing. The two doors leading there - one in the Holding Pens Area, the other outside the Security Outpost - are locked, so you have to find another way. Go back to the Security Outpost and go down the stairs, then make your way through the zombies to reach the entrance to the Harvesting Room. In this room you will find a zombie and a guard on the upper floor, however your target is the conveyor belt on the lower level that leads to the door to the southeast. Before moving in that direction, however, you can activate the incinerator - by pressing the button on the control panel - and thus earn 5000 PP (know that the zombies incinerated however do not count towards the total kill count). From the Harvesting Room you can also get to the fourth PP Sticker: upstairs jump to the yellow panel, from there go to the platform on the left then collect the orange juice and finally shoot the windows of the corridor on the second floor to gain access. In the center is a circular machine on the underside of which the sticker is attached.
Anyway, from the door on the lower level you access the Gas Control Room and from there you arrive at the Cafeteria through a double door. After stocking up on food, proceed west to enter the Living Quarters: the Server Room is manned by two guards. Before heading there, you can photograph three PP Stickers. The first is located on the roof, in the west, on the nose of a Tiki mask worn by a mannequin. The second in the RR area of ​​the first floor, in the center of the Zondrex poster on the wall. The last one is also in the center of a poster - this time depicting the outline of Texas with stars and stripes - located in room A8, accessible by the stairs to the west. When you're done with the photos, go into the Server Room and get rid of the zombies, then have your character interact with the terminal. Now you have to go back to the Shipping Office. To make things easier, you can use the door you can reach by going around the west corner of room A8: if you don't open the aforementioned door on this occasion you will have no other possibility to do so. The shortcut takes you to the walkway that runs at the back of the Security Outpost. Go inside and get rid of the guards who have returned to garrison that area, then head to Storage Bay, from there move north into Loading Bay and up the stairs to the Shipping Office.

Case 2-1 – Chuck's Evidence

Case 2-1 can be activated by bringing Chuck and Frank into the Shipping Office between 4 and 5 pm. Start by rescuing Hernando, who is on top of a crate next to a red shipping container, clearly visible in the southern area of ​​Loading Bay. The poor guy is surrounded by several zombies: to get out of the way you could use the Hail Mary: if you haven't done so previously, enter the closet to the west and combine the football ball with a grenade. Then perform a launch towards the base of the chest and eliminate the surviving zombies, then talk to Hernando who will ask you to save Lisa, previously sighted in Cafeteria.
Your goal, therefore, is to find Lisa, but to do so you will have to follow the trail of clues prepared by the game. Then go to the Cafeteria and to do so follow the road that takes you through Security Outpost, Holding Pens and Living Quarters. The alternative is to pass near the guard tower in the Holding Pens which could be an unpleasant nuisance. When you arrive at your destination, enter the kitchen and pick up the note that you find behind the counter in the center. The annotation, ironically, directs you right to the watchtower. So get ready for a clash with a good number of guards: to the north-west you will find another annotation according to which Lisa would have gone to the Living Quarters. Return to the area where the search began. Go up to the first floor and enter the A4 area: inside you can easily spot Lisa, surrounded by a group of zombies trying to make their meal. After getting rid of the attackers, talk to the girl and tell him how Hernando was rescued. After a few more talks, you will receive the Emergency Key. So talk to Lisa again to finish her rescue and receive 15000 PP. Both rescues must be completed by 7pm. With the key received you can open the emergency door on the ground floor of the Living Quarters which saves road if you are going to the RR and A6 areas.

Before moving on to the next case you have to rescue another girl, Alicia, a prisoner inside the Zombres Research Lab. After reaching the laboratory, talk to the survivor and then give her a taser: only after delivering the weapon the rescue. will be considered valid. If you do not have one, you will need to get one: you can find it in the Maintenance Room to the north-east of the second floor, lying on a shelf on the right. Otherwise you can kill a zombie holding one outside the Zombrex Prodution Lab, located on the second floor of the Research Laboratory.
Finally, before leaving this area you can take pictures of the three missing PP Stickers. The first is located on the surface of a cylindrical container that you find on the wall of the Zombrex Research Laboratory. The second is located in the Refrigerated Containmet, south of the Research Laboratory, stuck to the glass of the machinery in the center of the room. The third and last one can be found in the area characterized by white and red machinery on the north walkway of the Research Lab: to be more precise, the adhesive is found on one of the three tanks lying behind a machine.

Case 2-2 – Infiltration

To get started, you need to find the key card that allows access to the director's office. Then go to the second floor of the Resercah Laboratory, near the door that connects it to the Holding Pens via a walkway. Then look for Robert, who is actually clearly visible on top of a chest in the west of Holding Pens (you can only find him between 4 pm and 8 pm on September 29th). To rescue him you will have to give him an AR, easily obtainable from any guard killed in the Holding Pens. The rescue yields you 10000 PP. After that, go and rescue Allie, who is besieged by a group of zombies in the upper corridor of the Harvesting Room. You should have already arrived in this area before, reached by breaking the windows at the end of a climb. Alternatively, you can use the walkway that starts from the center of the second floor of the Research Laboratory. The zombies around Allie are quite numerous and it is good to use a weapon that has a good impact on them to get rid of them, even if doing so runs the serious risk of injuring or even killing the defenseless Allie. However, when the area is clear of enemies, you can talk to the girl and complete the rescue.
Now go to the Refrigerate Containment, located on the first floor of the Research Laboratory to collect the Lab Keaycard, then head back to Holding Pens. Go up to the second floor, pass the Security Post and proceed towards the Loading Bay, where the Secure Laboratory (Director's Office) is located, whose magnetic key should already be in your possession (see the beginning of the paragraph). In the first room of the Secure Laboratory you will find an orange juice and a blender - keep this location in mind as only one other blender is available in Case West and it is located in the Cafeteria. Here you will also find a Health 2 Magazine, a very useful object because, if collected, it will allow you to obtain an almost complete recovery from any food collected. Proceed to the glass window overlooking the laboratory and then open the door on the left. Before continuing along the corridor, note that on the left there is a mason's mallet that will come in handy during the fight that will unleash after the upcoming cut-scene (unless you already have a Shotgun or an Impact Blaster) . At the end of the cutscene, face two Hazard Units: this new type of enemy has very resistant protections and cannot be temporarily extended. The best strategy involves a high rate of aggression, whatever weapon you choose to use. Obviously, if you wield a Shotgun or a mason's mallet you will have to keep very close to the enemy object of your attacks. Although Shotgun and Impact Blaster (or Impact Hammer) are more effective, the use of the mallet guarantees a small advantage, namely the momentary stun of the enemy after the hit. Obviously make sure you avoid the opponent's attacks, especially jump with the right timing to avoid taking damage from hits on the ground. A cutscene closes the clash and the 2-2 case, however from now on in the game you will encounter other Hazard Units, so make sure you always have an effective weapon with you.

Case 2-3 – Regroup

Collect the Impact Hammers from the bodies of the two newly defeated Hazard Units. This weapon itself is quite effective, but if you have a Shotgun or an Impact Blaster you may prefer the weapons you already have: in this case it is still a good idea to entrust one to Frank. Remember then that by combining it with a Blast Frequency Gun you can get another Impact Blaster.
Then exit the Security Lab, after exploring the Director's Office if you like, and cross the Storage Bay to reach the Shipping Office where a cut-scene takes place.

Case 3-1 . The Way Out

The time window in which case 3-1 is available is quite short, just one hour between 2:30 and 2:30 am on September 2th. Make sure you get Frank and Chuck to the Shipping Office within the allotted time. 3am on September 3th is also the cut-off time by which you can rescue Regina, Mizuki and Jerry, so you can do these activities as a pastime between the conclusion of case 1-XNUMX and the start of XNUMX-XNUMX. but remember in any case to keep an eye on the clock.
Go to Storage Bay (after finishing chaos 2-3) and climb behind the barricade to find Regina. The woman will ask you to get her a liver and a human heart, otherwise she won't move a step. Then go to the Research Labs (through the Harvesting Room or the Holding Pens Area). The objective of your research is represented by two blue containers: the one containing the liver is located in the Livestock Dissection Lab, on the first floor, lying on the black wall on the left. To collect the heart instead, go up to the Zombrex Production Lab A, upstairs and look on the right side of the room. Then go back to Regina and give her the organs. Be sure to talk to her a second time to get the Tunnel Key and complete the save, which pays you 20000 PP. The key you just obtained is needed to rescue the scientist that queen absent-mindedly mentioned during your last chat. So go to the east area of ​​Storage Bay where the gateway to the Underground Tunnel is located. Mizuki, the scientist you are about to save, will attack you by surprise once you reach the central section of the tunnel. Do not use weapons, but respond to his aggression with a few punches until the man comes to his senses and asks you to stop hitting him. After a short chat, you'll get 10000 PP for the rescue before the man runs away.
The third survivor to be rescued is in room X1, on the second floor in the west area of ​​the Living Quarters. The man does not dare to leave the room for fear, but he needs a Laser Sword and a Lightning Gun to develop a weapon that allows him an easy escape to safety. If you don't have the items needed to put these weapons together, you'll need to look around for them. To make a Laser Sword you need a flashlight - located in the east area of ​​the Living Quarters, outside room A6 - and some gems located at the back of the Living Quarters rooms X1 and X2. For the Lighting Gun instead you will have to go to the Underground Tunnel where, inside the Maintenance Room, you can easily make the weapon after collecting the Blast Frequency Gun at the end of the tunnel. Alternatively you can use the Maintenance Room on the top floor of the Research Lab. When you have the two weapons (Laser Sword and Lightening Gun) bring them to Jerry separately: if you combine them yourself Jerry will not accept them and you will have to look for other objects again to satisfy His request. You receive a Laser Gun Combo card and a Laser Gun in exchange. Finally, talk to Jerry one at a time to finish the save and receive 20000 PP.

Case 3-2 – Blackout

Your goal now is to find explosives and a detonator to blow up the generator in the Power Room. So head to the Storage Bay: entering from the west you will find the detonator inside a box lying on the shelf in the center. After collecting it, move to Holding Pens. The explosive is located in the southwest area of ​​the Security Tower. To achieve it, obviously you will have to get rid of a large amount of Security Guard and Hazard Unit, so make sure you are well armed (for tips on the strategy to use with Hazard Units see the conclusion of the paragraph "Case 2-2 - Infiltration") . When you have both the detonator and the explosive make your way to the generator. To meet as few guards as possible along the way it is advisable to proceed through the Harvesting Room in order to reach the Gas Control Room, and then find the Power Room on the left. A couple of guards will try to block you from entering. When you get rid of them, open the door and place the explosives where indicated next to the generator to finish the case.

Case 3-3 – Secure Lab

Now all you have to do is log into the Secure Lab, however there is only one more survivor left to save - it is in the Living Quarters Server Room after 2am on September 30th - and the closing time of case 2- 3 generally coincides with that of its appearance. If you want to speed up the time you can make the energy drink that the survivor will ask you by mixing an apple and whiskey in advance. After giving the drink to Dean you receive 20000 PP. After that, head to the Secure Lab and enter to watch a cut-scene.
The final part of Case West is a boss battle and sees you take on Commander. Taking up what has been said above, a Shotgun or an Impact Blaste are very convenient also on this occasion, however a Lightning Gun or a Laser Gun are equally good. The Impact Hammer is actually even more effective than the weapons just mentioned, but using it you run the greater risk of being hit by the Commander's attacks. If you then have the Health 2 Magazine (the location of which was discussed in the paragraph "Case 2-2 - Infiltration") to repair the injuries sustained in the battle it will be enough to have some orange juice.
Of the different attacks of your opponent you have to fear mainly two. The launch of the shelf proves dangerous because even if you are hit by only a small debris - and not by the entire structure - your character will still be stunned on the ground, so when you see Commander approaching a shelf, immediately seek cover behind the central structure. The shoulder can also cause some damage to your character, but at the same time it can turn out to be an arrow to your bow: dodging the Commander's run-up and causing him to end up in one of the shiny cylinders connected to the machinery he will remain stunned for a moment. The two stars that you can see below the Commander's energy bar represent two additional bars that will take the place of the first one once it is depleted.
In the central phase of the battle Commander will seek cover by jumping over the machinery while you on the ground have to face it with the Security Guard, zombies and Hazard Unit. While dealing with these, you can still shoot and deal damage to Commander if you get the chance. Finally, the boss will jump over a container of rockets: when you see a rocket ready to go, immediately seek shelter because, strangely, some rockets seem to follow your character.
To end the battle, keep firing at Commander, using melee weapons when he is on the ground and ranged weapons when he takes refuge on top of some machinery. Remember to keep an eye on your health and, if you play single, take advantage of Frank's invincibility who is often under attack, leaving you time and opportunity to target the boss undisturbed.
At the end of the battle, a movie precedes the credits. After saving, you can keep your character's progress even by starting Story Mode again.
Congratulations, you've finished Dead Rising 2: Case West!

PP Sticker

The location of the ten PP Stickers was illustrated as the main story brought your characters close to one of them. If you are looking for one of these in particular, press Ctrl + F in your browser to activate the search window, then type PP Sticker in it to be redirected to the various points where these are mentioned in the body of the article.

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