The Super Fossil Fighters Solution

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After selecting Story mode, you'll need to talk to Todd; you will be attacked by an Allosaurus, which will be automatically defeated during one of the following cutscenes. So choose one of the four dinosaurs that will be proposed to you and watch the cutscene that will automatically lead you to the first real game level.

Ribular Town

Once off the helicopter, proceed north to the registration station. Talk to Stella, then go out the door on the left. Talk to Devon, then go outside. After the Victory Reward is shown, continue southeast to locate the first fossils. A little further east, you will notice an unfinished cannon - examine it, then make your way to Treasure Lake.

Treasure Lake

Recover the fossils around you, going to clean them as soon as you are "full" and you will not be able to collect more. Remember that after cleaning 10, you will also get the assistance of your robot. Anyway, having cleaned them all, get completely close to Treasure Lake, noticing how everyone present immediately observes Rupert. Talk to him and Todd, these two will then start cleaning the floor. You will then be told that you are going to fight against Todd. Back in town, join the guild and start browsing the shops.
We therefore recommend that you go and talk to the boy on the left to get some short optional missions, they are essential to increase your level of experience. Inside the shop, it is strongly recommended to go and buy the sonar, it will be necessary to find the fossils more easily, along the areas that will follow. So head to the combat station, where you will be notified of the possibility of fighting against Todd. If you have already completed some other missions - as we have advised you - the combat will prove to be extremely simple. You will therefore get a Time Plus, which will increase your cleaning capacity by 30 seconds. You will also be able to access a new area, namely Jungle Labyrinth.

Jungle Labyrinth

Talk to the bum on the ground who asks for the melon; locate the flashing plant on the right, cut it and give it to the bum as food. He will tell you his story. Proceed two spaces to the south, one space to the left. Continue through the maze, then continue forward towards the girl in the next area. Collect some more fossils, then go back to town and enter the combat station. You will be called by a certain Ned - try fighting him to get some colored fossil rocks (he's less strong than Todd, so you should be able to fight him relatively easily).
You can now also go and retrieve some diamonds and pearls; So head to the treasure lake, talk to the show host to start a quiz - the first question you have to answer "Pteranodon", the second "Triceratops", so you will be given a new set of dinosaur bones. So continue to the combat area, go up the stairs on the right, then go forward to help an injured fighter, so that he continues to clean up his fossils. Assuming you have practiced enough, completing this task will be very simple.
So go back to the jungle labyrinth, go straight, continue north until you hear a strange sound; when asked if you are ready for battle, say yes. Immediately attack the robot above, much more threatening than the others; only move on to the lowest robot afterwards. After a bit of chatter, you will immediately be thrown into the second round, where you will have to deal with Rockin Billy. Before going outside, examine your surroundings to locate some fossils, necessary to increase your level of experience that you will need to be able to effectively fight Billy, a subject that will appear in the area shortly thereafter. Particular attention should be paid to Parapu, so you will have to better focus your forces on fighting him. The rest of the subjects can instead be eliminated without too many problems. You can then access Cranial Isle using the helicopter; in fact, it is advisable to complete two tasks before proceeding, namely "Trash contractor" and "Waste not want not". So go to Jungle Labyrinth, enter the third area, talk to the guy near the machine who will tell you to go and dig out the components for the robot. Locate the six parts around you, then use the helicopter to fly to Cranial Isle.

Cranial Isle

Immediately after your arrival, go talk to Terry to get some good news. You will be assigned a kind of "account" necessary to keep your medals; Plus, you can take more than one type of Vivosaur with you. You will also be asked to upgrade your sonar type chip - if necessary, but it is very likely that you have already bought the latest model recently.
After the skit you will notice the old professor complaining about his radar. Talk to him so you can start taking part in some kind of museum tour. After that, we recommend that you head directly to the combat station. After entering, you will find yourself in front of a Tudor that you will immediately have to fight to get one of the skills necessary for the continuation of the game.
Assuming you have trained your animals sufficiently, the problem will resolve itself extremely quickly - it is entirely possible that if your animals are at a level of about 10, the opponent will not even be able to hit you. As a reward, you can also find "dark" fossils during your archaeological expeditions - however, it will be more difficult to clean them completely. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to enter the combat station immediately - you must first have obtained a VIP card and only then can you do so. Then head south, reaching Mount Krakanak.

Mount Krakanak

Collect the fossils around you, then keep going up until you reach Todd and Rupert. Rupert will be shot dead by the robots, and then run away with his monsters - your goal must therefore be to save him. Cross the bridge and get ready for a battle against the robots. Two of them - Krypto and Trophis - can be killed quickly with just a few well-placed shots; a third - Beachio - will be more difficult, especially because of its ability to cause an involuntary "rotation" of your team. We strongly recommend eliminating it with the highest priority, so that you can then dedicate yourself to the other two without too many worries of mind.
Collect the rest of the fossils in the area, go back to the town, and watch the skit that introduces you to the presence of a "villain" in the area - namely Don Boneyard, the great leader of the Bare Bones brigade. You will not be able to proceed to Kranak due to a boulder that was placed by him. Talk to Rupert, he will make his robot available to cause the quick destruction of the boulder in question.
Before continuing, we recommend taking a tour around the area to recover more fossils, as well as to stock up on monetary material. When you feel ready, go up the mountain, going to find Ruper and then locate the members of the enemy brigade, to start a fight. We recommend getting your pets to at least level 10 to make sure you can get through this fight in speed, ease and leanness. So go back to the city and look at the big screen; after a short skit, you can prepare for the fight against your next opponent, namely Nell. We recommend that you focus on Sungari, the only enemy capable of causing you some potential problems. The rest of the opponents can instead be eliminated with a certain ease. You will get a giant fossil rock as a reward, as well as the opening of the passage that leads to Rainbow Canyon. To be able to clean the giant fossil you will need a lot of time, so make sure you have accumulated a sufficient amount of time available, perhaps even using one of the "extensions" available. So go back to Ribular to get a new quest - proceed along the stairs to the right and help the boy clean up. We recommend that you bring some "time improvements" with you, it will be necessary to be able to unblock the situation; in fact, you must first clean a dark fossil, obtaining 60 points; then clean a fossil on two sides, scoring 65 points; therefore cleaning a giant fossil, going to get 70 points. Eventually, you'll get 10000 coins, a Tyrannosaurus fossil, 3 icons and a hammer icon.
It will be a new quest at the same time - enter the Fossil Guild on the left, where you can deliver fossils to get some Jewel Rocks. You will therefore have to participate in the quiz-show - in its second part. To the first question you will have to answer "Terra (Earth)", while to the second it should be "Menchi". The reward must be a set of two Vivosaur icons.
You will then have to make your way to the Rainbow Canyon, now freely accessible.

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Rainbow Canyon

Talk to the French woman with the dog, then move forward again to meet Terry - she will explain how to use the ship. Then go down to the right, going to locate the girl who will ask for your protection. After the conversation, make your way back up using the gondola, looking for the crazy French woman to retrieve the strange cup she owned. Along the way, you will be required to fight in order to continue undeterred. We recommend paying attention to the Peloro, it has a greater amount of life points than the opponents, so it will be good to focus a "double" amount of effort towards its killing, to avoid future potential problems.
Therefore recovered the cup, you should have a sufficient amount of experience points to be able to go up a level. A page will then appear showing how the enemy brigade kidnapped a young woman - it will be up to you to go and rescue her. After a short scene, enter the gondola and proceed up, then north-east to reach the door; follow the enemies that you will see in its vicinity, locating the girls who have just been kidnapped. Another scene, so proceed to the right after talking to the girl - she will ask you if you are ready to fight against Cole, one of the three commanders of this brigade that holds the girls prisoner - and therefore you must defeat.
Both B-Lambie and B-Rex can turn out to be quite tough subjects, given their significant amount of HP. We therefore recommend that you neglect - at least for the initial moments - the B-Plesio, to focus on the other two characters. In this way, you should have no problem in achieving victory quickly, gaining 15 experience points. After the scene, give the cup to the girl - you will be told that it is not actually a cup, but a mask. It will also be revealed that Dawn will be your opponent for the fourth round. The main problem in the battle against Dawn will be the opponent's tendency to focus on only one of your subjects. Try to periodically heal this character, and not to get depressed if he dies: it is quite natural for this to happen, given the circumstances of the game. After winning, you will get a high quality fossil rock, as well as enough experience points to level up.
Proceed to the elevator and use it to go talk to Joe. After the conversation, also talk to Pauleen and then to Lester, Cole's brother. Retrieve the page that will allow you to access a new game area - Illium Island.

Illium Island

Proceed inside the combat station to meet Fred, the last of the Tudors, who will immediately ask you to fight. The presence of ice on the corridor will force your continuous rotation at the beginning of each turn; the fight won't be complicated, but this rotation will likely cause you to lose a lot of life unintentionally - don't worry too much, you'll have plenty of time to recover later.
Having completed this challenge, make your way to Hot Spring Heights.

Hot Spring Heights

Proceed northeast just before the underpass, thus locating a cave. Go up the ramp to get back outside, coming to a car (first), then to another area - you can't get past it now, but it's good to know its location. Then go back down, go through the underpass again, proceed to the right locating Pauleen talking to a snowman. Talk to Joe to get a page, which indicates you need to visit him. The cave in front of you will suddenly close.
So use the teleporter to return to Rupert, going to meet his father. After the skit, you can recover some fossils, so make your way to Cranial City. Talk to Pomposa, she will tell you that she has lost her princess and will offer you a precious fossil as a reward for finding her. Remember the French lady with the dog? It is the princess itself. Proceed along the jungle-maze, go and fight the guy who is trying to interact with the dog to start a fight. It will not prove to be a difficult challenge - the only most difficult subject could be Heracles, due to his considerable availability of life points; therefore assign top priority to its elimination. After the scene, you will be notified of the opening of the springs - head to the area. Todd will jump inside them and become jelly, so enter the door to the left of the combat station, where Kent is. Then continue towards Mount Krakanak, where you can meet Rupert. Climb to its top, jump on the gondola, follow the only path available to finally find yourself facing a battle.
Do not be frightened by the high amount of life points available to them: it will take a long time to eliminate them, but you will succeed without excessive problems, given their poor attack capacity that prevents them from inflicting serious damage. You will then be brought back to Illium by Kent; after a short cutscene, you will get a page that tells you about the fifth round, during which you can fight the princess. You will find yourself on the ice again; all enemy characters are weak against Aero-type attacks, so we strongly recommend using this kind of shots to eliminate them in speed; the reward will be an excellent red mask. You will then be notified of the opening of a new area, namely the frozen plain (Icegrip Plateau). So look at the scene, during which you will meet Lola.
You will also gain access to a new quest, "Show and Tell". Head to the combat station in Illum, up the stairs; in the center, you can find a girl who wants to fight against you; add Nigo, Coelo and Peloro to your party, then start the challenge. We recommend focusing on the Raja, a slightly more complex enemy given its good combination of attack, defense, and speed. The rest of the opponents can be finished without major problems and at the maximum possible speed. The experience points will serve you to level up, in view of the Icegrip Plateau, where you will have to head right now.

Icegrip Tray

Try to intervene in Pauleen's conversation; after she is gone, proceed forward, locating the unconscious professor. Retrieve the item, then watch the scene with Pager; then head to Joe's position. Go back to the ice, pass Rupert who will tell you he doesn't want to have anything to do with you. Keep going, finding yourself in front of Pauleen again. Then deviate north, locating Lola. During the skit, you will be interrupted by Rupert, and a fight will begin with Lola.
The opponent is absolutely not at the level of the previous ones, none of his monsters are particularly powerful; attach repeatedly to be able to achieve maximum effectiveness. After increasing your level thanks to the experience points you have earned, you will be eaten by a whale. During the cutscene, you will be thrown to the next play area. Talk to the three commanders, they will fortunately let you pass; you will therefore have to fight against Lord Tonzilla - you will be able to eliminate him with a single blow well dealt, therefore you should not have serious problems. You will then be shot out of the whale's breathing hole. Back on the ice plateau, talk to the three commanders again to be transported to Joe; after a short skit, you need to head to Rainbow Canyon. Go up and go through the door, locate the girl in the back of the room, you will have to immediately start fighting her because of the mask, which makes her hostile.
All three of his fighters are not particularly strong, a few strokes dealt with care will render them completely harmless. You will get just 10 experience points, rightly commensurate with the lack of effort required to succeed in this battle. After the next short conversation, a page will be sent to you, indicating a delay in the execution of the semifinals. Once you have saved the game, read the page that tells you the need to fight against Pauleen during the semifinals; before doing so, we recommend that you make your way to the excavation site near the lake - although it takes 3000 money to enter, it is definitely worth it. So make your way to the semifinals. The battle against Pauleen will be even easier than the previous one, aim randomly at his characters to destroy them in a very short time. You will therefore get 20 experience points, and the opening of access to Dusty Dunes.
Another quiz shot will therefore be made available, again in Hot Springs, immediately to the left of their entrance. To the first question you will have to answer "Dimetrodon", while to the second "Hopter". Having obtained the reward items, you can now complete another officially optional quest, but almost necessary for your continuation. Climb to the top of Mount Krakanak, you will be prompted for ice; continue towards the ice plateau, in its northern part you will see a cave, enter and proceed to the left, locating a child made entirely of ice; try to destroy it using the ax, getting the ice you were looking for. Go back and find a new fossil rock, then make your way quickly to Dusty Dunes.

Dusty Dunes

You will notice the professor on the ground, give him some water. He will ask you to dig: position yourself in front of him, turn around, start digging. When you are told that the excavation process is complete, try to leave - you will be caught in an earthquake. So go talk to Joe, he will tell you that you have to go to Petrified Woods to retrieve some calcium and the Sardinisaurus. The sonar will be improved by Joe; proceed to Petrified Woods.

Petrified Woods

Climb up the path to the north, reaching the tree. Once inside, continue north, climbing the creeper; So use the recently improved radar to locate the red X. Start digging, recovering both fossils and experience points; you will eventually be able to level up your character. Back at Joe to talk to him for a while, proceed to Bonehemoths.

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During the conversation in this area, a split of the group will take place - Pauleen will take Illium, Ruper will take Cranial, while you will get Ribular. You can now continue to the Seabed Cavern.

Seabed Cavern

Move forward to start a fight against Cole right away. Eliminate the Pelion, thus eliminating their availability and support capacity. In this way, the other two opponents will no longer be able to regenerate their life points and you can eliminate them very easily. So go back to Joe, getting some information on Don Boneyards' hideout. Then continue towards the helipad taken into custody by Rupert, from there you can reach the next game area.

BB Brigade Base

Proceed towards the inside of the base; Check out the scene with Todd, Pauleen and Rupert as the protagonists, then go up the stairs to start a fight with Lola. Pay attention to the B-Brachio, a rather powerful character and not easily terminable given the fair amount of life points - equal to 250; an immediate focus on it will allow you to complete the battle without too much trouble.
Having recovered the 20 experience points resulting from this fight, go up the stairs to fight against Lester. Also within his team there is a B-Brachio, therefore the same considerations made for the previous group apply: eliminate him with the highest priority to facilitate the continuation, the other opponents should not create serious problems. Then continue forward to meet Don Boneyard, you will have to fight him too. Unfortunately, the composition of these groups is rather monotonous: even in this there will be a B-Brachio, and even in this case it will have to be destroyed with the highest priority to prevent your HP from being quickly cauterized by this subject. The rest of his animals won't cause you any particular problems. Once you have obtained the 30 points of experience, you can start with the last round. Before starting, we recommend that you visit the surroundings to recover some energy, starting in the second place towards the combat room, where you will be able to face Rupert's father.
His team is pretty strong, so the challenge won't be a child's play. We recommend that you eliminate Ryden first, which has a good attack and a good reserve of life points (but a very poor defense - for this reason you can finish it with relative ease, despite the high amount of life at its disposal. ). So pass to Seismo, only the Lost will remain, almost incapable of harming you.
Having recovered the 20 points of experience, you will be able to see it with Rupert himself, now freed from the imprisonment inflicted by his father, but still not satisfied and therefore ready to fight against you. We recommend using a monster that is particularly well versed for the Aero, magic to which all opponents at this juncture will be weak, and which will therefore facilitate your ascent to victory. You will therefore be able to increase your level of experience.


Talk to Joe; after the cutscene, you will be asked what you want to do. We recommend that you go get Joe's body back. Go to the professor, you will be told that Zongazonga has communicated to everyone that you are members of the brigade and must be captured. As you are about to get caught, Todd will arrive on the scene, sadly. After viewing a cutscene, put the mask on your head and proceed to the end of the jungle maze. Examine its far north, then enter the pyramid. Keep going north after talking to the professor, then locate the switch on the north wall to start a fight.
This is a much easier challenge than the one you had with Rupert, so we recommend following the same strategy to complete it with ease. You will then get a hammer, necessary to eliminate Zongazonga. Head back to Cranial City, over Rupert and Pauleen will take care of holding the staff members so you can proceed inside, unlocking a new area. Unfortunately, you will be immediately attacked by Todd, who has been brainwashed and therefore now perceives you as enemies. The fight will not be easy, we recommend aiming directly at the Barbaros with 400 life points, their large amount will make him a rather dangerous subject - we recommend bringing your characters to at least level 17-18, before facing him, so as to eliminate your risk of death.
So get on the elevator, and let yourself be transported up to the presence of ZongaZonga, for the first of the various final fights against this subject, who will be the final boss. Within the first group of the Zongazona team, we recommend focusing on Silver, a much more dangerous character who - most likely - has several moves to which your characters are particularly sensitive. The other two enemies will require much less effort, so they can initially be left out.
Having recovered the 40 points of experience, watch the skit, then head to Illium - more specifically to the ice plain. From there, continue north-east; after a long conversation, go back to Joe to begin the second part of the fight against Zongazonga. Oddly enough, this part of the fight will turn out to be very simple, unlike what we saw for the previous one; attack without mercy and you will be able to finish your enemies in no time. Unfortunately, another fight will immediately follow, without you having a chance to "recharge" your energies.
At this juncture you will have to fight directly against Zongazonga, who has a significant amount of life points, or 650 - given that his elimination allows you to end the game (even without having eliminated his subordinates), we recommend focusing all your strength on him! So you can immediately enjoy the end-of-level movie!

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