The Best Football Streaming Sites of 2023

The Best Football Streaming Sites of 2023

Best free football streaming sites, where to watch matches and other sports

Sites where you can watch football and other sports for free in streaming are among the most sought-after types of websites, both during weekdays and during holidays. In fact, many would never give up following their favorite football team wherever they are, and just as many are sports enthusiasts in general who never send their passion on holiday. 

Unfortunately, however, it is not always possible to watch a match in the best conditions. In fact, in order to be able to watch a sports match, it is necessary to resort to specific pay-per-view sports channels where you can buy the vision of the single sporting event or a subscription that includes the vision of entire sports competitions, such as football championships or the Formula One World Cup . Without a subscription, the only way to see football and other sports will therefore necessarily be by purchasing the single event, often paying a higher price in the case of cartel events.

If you are abroad then, finding the right sports channel is even more difficult, especially in the case of national competitions, such as Serie A football. In fact, not all sporting events and all football matches can always be watched abroad.

Our advice is therefore to watch streaming sports for free from the device you prefer. And if you're also a movie buff, I suggest you also take a look at the best free streaming movie sites

We will therefore discover the best sites where to see football matches and the main sporting events.

The Best Football Streaming Sites of 2023



The best sites to watch football matches in streaming

Note: If some sites should not be reachable, as they are blocked from Italy, it will be sufficient change DNS or even better to use a VPN for this purpose, we especially suggest that of Cyberghost and NordVpn.

The best site currently present, with aclear interface and direct links to the vision. The most important football events in hd streaming without interruptions. In the home there is also a very handy scoreboard with all the matches of the day and results of the matches already played.

Excellent alternative to the first site, where you can find all the football matches with excellent streaming quality. Constantly evolving site.

It is one of the best portals on which to find not only football sporting events, but also other sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Rugby, etc. with a page also dedicated to past sporting events.

All the events of the football day, not only Italian but also international, immediately available on the front page.

With a huge offer of various streaming events of different sports, we could not fail to mention this site. For each event, simply click on the event link and once the player is open, click play several times and close all the advertising pop-ups that open. After 5 or 6 clicks, the live event will start.

Among the most used sites, well-kept and with the links of most of the matches. All events are divided by time and category. Absolutely non-invasive advertising, this site is also excellent for football events.

Excellent alternative to the first two sites, with a list of all the sporting events of the day, including tennis.


where you will find free streams of football, tennis, hockey or even cycling competitions from all over the world.

Sports Direct

Where you will find motorsports, football, poker and tennis streams.


which allows you to stream major sporting events broadcast on American channels.


Where you will find streaming football matches from all leagues


Which allows you to follow a large number of streaming sports, including UFC, American football or Formula 

Simple to use, you will be able to stream many sports for free on this site including baseball, American football and golf


Minimal but easy to navigate interface. All the events of the day can be found on its main page, sorted by time and perfectly described. The site offers links to not only live football matches, but also other sporting events such as formula 1 and motogp.


Finding the day's events is super easy, as there are multiple streams for each event. Just click on the name of the event to load its page. On the page you will usually find both the streams for direct streaming and the more stable and averagely better quality ones that can be used via the app P2P (Acestream e Sopcast).


One of the best known sites on the scene, it offers many direct streaming links for each game and also the excellent streams based on Acestream. This site is also easily accessible by searching for its name on Google or by clicking on the name.


It is one of the great portals of world football streaming, it could not be missing in this article. The forty channels of the Arena broadcast sporting events at all hours, to find out the programming you can go to the page "Events Guide“. Site streams can be only saw Acestream process. The portal for its structure is not the maximum clarity; the same links are also available on Avezy, a site that has a clearer and friendlier interface (especially on mobile). In any case, it is full of football matches to watch in streaming.

Direct red

It is one of the historical portals, it has been closed and is back online. It offers many streams of all kinds, P2P and otherwise, for every sporting event. This portal can also be reached simply via a Google search.

This is another well-liked portal, it provides many links for direct streaming of matches. Reaching the site is simple, just search or click on it.

Other valid football streaming sites, minors are:


Sometimes some sites are not reachable, in this case they have probably been blocked in our country. Fortunately, you just need to change your DNS to be able to access again. In order not to have any more hassles with territorial blocks and to safeguard one's anonymity and privacy, more and more streaming portals recommend the use of a good VPN service.

Another tip is to go to a forum like Reddit in the sports section you're looking for a stream for and simply ask the question. Besides big streaming sites, you will also find regular people offering to share their connection with other fans.

Our last tip if you are on holiday overseas, is to see which side of the channel website has the rights to the match you wish to watch. For example, ESPN sometimes posts live shows that you can watch right on the website, as long as you're in the US.

P2P applications for streaming

In the previous paragraph we mentioned two applications for streaming live video streams (such as those of matches) Acestream and Sopcast. These applications have had great success because each viewer re-shares the stream with others, so as traffic increases the channels don't collapse but the stream improves and becomes more stable. Also, Acestream is based on BitTorrent so it has a serverless structure that is really hard to crack.

To use these streams you need to have the client beforehand, once installed you usually just need to click on the link to start playback. Read our in-depth analysis on Ace Stream.

Why do some football streaming sites recommend a VPN?

The number of portals to watch matches in streaming is constantly increasing and when a site is closed it is reborn almost immediately or two or more clones emerge. In some cases the sites are not reachable, but through a good VPN service we can bypass all regional blocks and carrier filters and we can protect our privacy. If you are interested in using this service that costs a few euros a year, we have dedicated a popular article to the best VPNs.

A VPN is also useful because:

  • those who use video streaming without a secure connection expose their IP address and therefore their identity;
  • those who use P2P streams (which are the best) expose their identity and risk penalties, remember that viewing matches illegally by any means is a crime;
  • some streams and match streaming sites are often blocked in many countries;
  • often p2p streams are hindered and have difficulty loading due to operator filters, limits exceeded using a VPN.


Alternative to Rojadirecta

The streaming sports sites just shown are just some of the best known portals.
It must be said, however, that for years now, many fans have been fond of watching football matches in free streaming on Rojadirecta online. 

Rojadirecta was in fact one of the first sites to ensure streaming without registration and despite the numerous ads and pop ups visible by opening the links, the site has achieved great popularity and is probably at the top of the list of sports streaming sites in almost all countries. sports enthusiasts.

It often happens though that rojadirecta doesn't work. That is, the site is temporarily not accessible or the link of the game you are interested in does not open. 

For this reason, we offer you a list below alternative streaming sites similar to rojadirecta to watch football for free without registration

  • Rojadirecta tv 
    There are several rojadirecta extensions that are similar in appearance but often have a different offer of football matches in streaming
    In this version of rojadirecta, in addition to live events, it is possible to download football matches and other sporting events that have already concluded and access the forum dedicated to sports enthusiasts
  • Red card 
    Another alternative to rojadirecta, this site is similar and has the same offer as the original Spanish streaming site, where you can find football matches.
    On this site you can find live streaming of sporting events around the world

Tips when watching free sports on streaming sites


The Best Football Streaming Sites of 2023


First of all, please know that we do NOT recommend any of the sites mentioned in this article and that you access a live streaming sports event on any of these sites is at your own risk.

In the first place, we cannot control what the site will become, if it will ever be acquired by another owner or if, in general, the characteristics of the sports streaming sites listed here should change between the time this article is written and the time this article is written. you read it.

Again, it should be emphasized that these sports streaming sites mainly earn from the number of views of the advertisements, which for this reason are often excessively invasive and misleading.
For this reason, we highly recommend downloading a Ad-Blocker, as this will save you from having to manually close the myriad of pop-up windows that you will be exposed to while browsing one of the sports streaming sites.

On the other hand, it is preferable to avoid "creating an account" and above all never provide bank details. Even from so-called free sites, you may be redirected without noticing it to a third-party site that asks you to create an account, keep in mind that it is very rarely from a legitimate site.


Tips for watching football and sports online safely

  • Always make sure you trust the URL of the page you are on, before providing any internet information.
  • Have an up to date antivirus and check that your internet browser is also up to date.
  • Do not download anything, especially a file with an .exe extension, that could turn out to be a virus.


Hoping to have provided you with useful information on football and sports streaming sites where you can watch matches and the main sporting events for free. 
All we have to do is wish you a good vision!

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