Sackboy: A Big Adventure, here's the trophy list!

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Ahead of the arrival on PlayStation 5 scheduled for November 19, the trophy list of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, one of the cross-gen titles of the Sony console, has been unveiled online 

Arrived on PlayStation 4 on November 12, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is preparing to land on next-gen on November 19, with the arrival in Europe of Sony's next-gen console: PlayStation 5. The title takes up the universe of Little Big Planet by Media Molecule and transforms it into a platform in three dimensions, starring the iconic rag doll that we have all learned to associate with the PlayStation. Developed by Sumo Digital, the title tells a new adventure of our Sackboy who this time will face the fearsome Vex. An adventure that will lead him towards unspeakable challenges and dangers, all to save his wonderful and colorful world. We can take a look at the complete trophy list, in Spanish of the next Sumo Sheffield title! 

Before starting 

The trophy list for Sackboy: A Big Adventure consists of 46 total trophies, of which 32 bronze, 10 silver, 3 gold and the fateful platinum trophy. The title, as we have already said, is also available on PlayStation 4. The list below may contain spoilers regarding the plot, so if you want to avoid in any way to have anticipations about it, we advise you not to continue reading. Having said that, let's start, that it gets long!

The first half of the Bronze Trophies - Sackboy: A Big Adventure, here's the trophy list! 

Below are the top 16 bronze trophies of Sackboy: A Big Adventure:

  • Promising squire: You have faced the lord of the Ruckus on Prominent Peak; 
  • Illness metamerico: You have rid the Great Canopy of its parasite problem; 
  • Hit and sunk: You have defeated the herald of nightmares at the bottom of the ocean;
  • Turn off and on again: You have cleared the code of NAOMI; 
  • Victory over Vex!: You triumphed over the evil Vex at the center of the DIY world; 
  • Daydreamer: You repelled the Ruckus for the first time; 
  • Dream book: Collect all stickers in a single World; 
  • Investiture: Discover the trials of the Sferruzzati Knights; 
  • Out of the ring: Collect and throw 30 Vex minions by eliminating them; 
  • Palombella shooting: Defeat 30 Vex guns at a distance; 
  • multitasking: Defeat multiple minions at the same time 10 times; 
  • Sprung: Defeat 30 Vex minions by bouncing on them; 
  • Altolà: Stun 30 Vex bugs; 
  • Stylish: Get your first costume; 
  • Remix master: Earn a gold in a remix level; 
  • Gold knight: Earn a gold on a Knitted Knight test.

The second half of the Bronze Trophies - Sackboy: A Big Adventure, here's the trophy list! 

Here, however, the second half of the bronze trophies: 

  • Cut it out!: Complete Follow the Light… without casting the Reel; 
  • Drift: Over the course of your adventure, collect 3000 points as you slide; 
  • Comic binge: Get a complete sequence of timed score comics 30 times; 
  • Acrobat gymnast: While in the air, make four consecutive moves before you hit the ground; 
  • ARGH! API!: Collect and hold a buuumbi hive for 60 seconds; 
  • Internal competition: In multiplayer, get the best score on the leaderboard 20 times; 
  • Histrion: Create your own custom emotion in the Zom Zom shop and show it to the world; 
  • Style icon: Save a custom costume in your wardrobe; 
  • Hands up: In multiplayer, unleash a group dance with your friends; 
  • Give me five!: In multiplayer, high five a friend;
  • Bad winner: In multiplayer, hit one of your friends after winning; 
  • To the thief!: In multiplayer, snatch an object from another player's clutches; 
  • Stereo slap: You slapped each other simultaneously; 
  • Soma animals: In multiplayer, get a gold in a Knight Knight test while carrying another stuffed toy; 
  • Fun to the stars: In multiplayer, complete a co-op level; 
  • Capitalist: In multiplayer, get the most bubbles in a level 20 times. 

The Silver Trophies - Sackboy: A Big Adventure, here's the trophy list! 

We continue with the silver trophies of Sackboy: A Big Adventure!

  • Real victory over Vex!: You have defeated Vex, destroyed the Ripper and saved the DIY World! 
  • Rescuer: In multiplayer, save your fallen friends from certain doom !; 
  • Naturalistic: Find all secret corners of Gerald; 
  • Inveterate player: Find and collect every fish, brush and cocktail umbrella along the way; 
  • Master of mastery: Complete 30 levels without dying; 
  • Friends immortals: In multiplayer mode, complete 10 levels by earning all achievements; 
  • Walk-in closet: Fill your wardrobe with 300 costume parts; 
  • Dry match- Earn a gold badge by completing all objectives in a level; 
  • Multiple talent: Achieve all objectives in 10 different levels; 
  • Friends forever: You played as a team to take out the Ripper. 

The Gold Trophies and the Platinum Trophy - Sackboy: A Big Adventure, here's the trophy list! 

Here are the three gold trophies available in the title: 

  • Wonderplane scavenger: Dispose of the last shreds of Putiferio still lurking; 
  • Golden Boy: Earn gold on the leaderboard in 50 different levels !;
  • Perfect series: Get gold in the ultimate Wonderplane challenge!

And finally, the name of the Sackboy Platinum Trophy: A Big Adventure! 

  • Great Adventurer: Not even Scarlet got all the trophies, you are a true Knight Knight of legend. 

Have fun stuffing!

After the trophy list of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, we are waiting to have the title in our hands to be able to talk about it in much more depth. And you, what do you think? Will you buy the Sumo Digital title? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news and guides on videogame and tech! 

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