Resident Evil Village: here's where to find the 4 Masks of the Angels

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The new chapter of Resident Evil is full of secrets and puzzles to solve. Let's see together where to find the 4 Masks of the Angels and solve the puzzle of the Dimitrescu Castle in Resident Evil Village

Village is the new chapter in the Resident Evil survival horror saga. A direct sequel to the seventh chapter, the game continues the story of Ethan Winters as he attempts to save his daughter Rose from the clutches of Mother Miranda. Village is set in the countryside of Eastern Europe and introduces new and terrifying characters such as Lady Dimitrescu, mutant with giant features and mistress of Dimitrescu Castle. In the title there are several classic playful elements of the saga, such as inventory management or the well-known environmental puzzles. About the latter, let's see in this guide where to find the 4 Masks of the Angels and solve the enigma of the Castle in Resident Evil Village.

Back to the past

As mentioned, Town draws on many mechanics of its predecessors. Starting with the first person of Biohazard. Inventory and resource management remains the same, with the option to craft new items, ammo and heals starting from the loot collected. The objects needed to move forward in the plot are accompanied by the classic riddles or puzzles environmental. These will force you to both thoroughly explore the various environments, and to reflect on how to combine the various objects.

One of the larger and more central puzzles in the game is solving the puzzle of the entrance room of the Dimitrescu Castle. This will start as soon as we have escaped from the clutches of Dimitrescu and her sisters and returned to the Castle. When we would notice the appearance, in the entrance hall, of 4 bust of Angels. So let's see where to find all 4 Angels Masks inside Resident evil village.

Mask of Sadness - Resident Evil Village: where to find the 4 Masks of the Angels

From the room room with the busts go and right into the Hall and go up the stairs. Turn right and follow the path until you meet one door with a face. At this point, insert the eye you find in the face by removing the ring you have in the inventory. Here you will be attacked by one of the daughters of the Dimitrescu. Follow the new path until you end up in a dressing room. In the dressing room lower yourself and, in a corner of the room, you will notice some boards that reveal another path. When you reach two floors below, drop down again to continue in tunnel on your left. Keep going until you find yourself in a room with a lit candlestick oscillates in the middle of the room.

Line up and shoot to the candlestick so that, swinging, it hits the other two in the room. Continue through the prisons to your first boss fight with one of the sisters. Battetela, go to the kitchen and collect the Blood of the Virgin. Take the blood to the upstairs wine room and place it on the pedestal to unlock a new area. Here you will find the Courtyard key, which will allow you to go outside via the downstairs dining room. In the right corner of the courtyard there are a couple of doors that you can access. Here you will notice a glimpse of Lady Dimitrescu climbing the stairs as you enter. Follow it and continue the linear path that will take you to the Hall of Ablutions. Solve the puzzle and go down the stairs.

At this point you will find yourself in an area covered in blood with other enemies. Explore the area until you encounter a lift. Once up, you will be on a balcony and a short cutscene with Dimitrescu will start. Enter the room and retrieve the Dimitrescu's key. Use the key to open the only door available. Dimitrescu will enter the room again and violently knock you to the ground. To avoid spoilers for upcoming scenes, we just tell you that you have to interact with the lever you find at the end of the dungeon. When she reappears, avoid confrontation and return to the level to retrieve what you left behind. Wait for the gates to open and follow the path up to the flight of stairs, go down it and you will find the Mask of Sadness in the center of a large statue.

Mask of Joy - Resident Evil Village: where to find the 4 Masks of the Angels

Once you have the Dimitrescu Key, you can unlock it the other leads into the courtyard. Go through it, but watch out for Lady Dimitrescu who will hunt you down as soon as she sees you. At this point you will find yourself inOpera Hall. Here you solve the puzzle of the piano in the center of the room. You will come into possession of the accordingly Iron Key. Use it to open the door upstairs. Once through the door, second daughter Dimitrescu will hold you back for another boss fight. The rule is always the same, which is to shoot it while it is freezing from the cold. Defeated the boss, head to the Hall of Joy where you will find the relative Mask of Joy on a large statue.

Mask of Anger - Resident Evil Village: where to find the 4 Masks of the Angels

The next room is theworkshop. In this room you will have to solve another puzzle, called the Bell puzzle. Once completed, continue along the new uncovered road and climb the ladder that will lead you to theAttic. This part of the game will be set along the Castle walls and will be teeming with winged Lycans. To beat them, just use your F2 rifle and shoot them from a distance. The path from here is quite linear and you won't have any particular problems. Once you reach the bell tower, take the cable car. This will take you directly to the Tower of Anger where, directly in front of you, you will see the statue with Mask of Anger attached.

Pleasure Mask - Resident Evil Village: where to find the 4 Masks of the Angels

To get the last mask you have to go to the second floor of the main building of the Castle. Use the Dimitrescu Key to open the locked door and reach the Room of Pleasure. Take the Mask at this point. If you think that's all, you are wrong. In fact, as soon as you touch it, an obstruction will block the exit. Crouch and cross the passage in the fireplace to reach theArmeria. Here you will have to face the boss fight with the last of the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu.

Interact with the mobile devices left in the room, take the bomb that you will find near the table and throw it on the wall to create the opening that will weaken the boss. As in the other cases, shoot it when it is cold until it freezes and explodes. Now take the skull of the animal from the fireplace in the Armory, take it apart and place it where you previously recovered the Pleasure Mask. The exit will free up and you can continue.

Escape from the Castle

To conclude, you just have to place in the Hall of the Four the Masks you have recovered. You will then be able to leave the Dimitrescu Castle. Don't be afraid, the puzzles are not difficult, as are the bosses you will encounter. We have seen in this article where to find the 4 Masks to escape from the Dimitrescu Castle in Resident evil village. If you're particularly interested in the game, check out our guides as well as our game review.

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