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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

Claire's campaign

Medals available:

Knock out an enemy five times by blinding them with Moira's torch, then hitting them with a physical attack.

End the siege of the bar without allowing any windows to be broken.

Stun ten enemies using Moira's torch.

Defeat eight enemies using secondary weapons.

Defeat three enemies using silent attacks.

Defeat eight enemies with a gunshot to the head.

Create at least three secondary weapons by combining items with each other.

Open at least three chests of Moira.

Find at least six hidden objects with Moira.

Escape the village without being harmed by the Mutant Pedro.

Main campaign

Once you've finished the introductory campaign scene, you'll find yourself with two TerraSave members in Wossek, an old, now-dilapidated bar in a fishing village. You will find a map of the entire village near the starting position of the level and you will have a few moments before the Overseer contacts you. You can find some odorous chemicals on the bar counter itself, very useful for creating bait bottles. You will find some cloth near the work table and two more bait bottles in the back. There will be two crates to be found inside the bar, one on the back and one on the upper floor, you can use the light beam of Moira's torch to find the two objects behind the bar counter.

Follow Gabe out the door when you feel ready to move on. It will guide you to a gate on the opposite side, but it is advisable to visit the village before the enemy attack.

Drawing by Kafka

As soon as you step outside, check the Wossek sign above the door and light it to find the design above it.

Once you get to the clearing with the helicopter, you will find that Gabe needs two things to fix the aircraft, a battery and some fuel. Your goal will be to return to the village to find the items in question, however don't leave the area yet.

A chest on the opposite side of the aircraft can be opened to find parts for increasing damage to your weapons; you can also find green grass in the grassy area of ​​the clearing, also passing through a side path you can reach an old shack. Inside the dilapidated structure, you will find another chest with parts that will increase the rate of fire of your weapons, an empty bottle and other odorous chemicals.

Drawing by Kafka

Before going back, check the side opposite the helicopter and light the area to find the design.

Return to the fishing village, a scream will make you understand that you are no longer alone, in fact, an Afflicted awaits inside an alley between the Wossek and the brick structure, together with him an Iron Head on the beach that controls a cash desk. Inside the area there will be many objects that I will list below.

Gunpowder near the gate leading to the helicopter.

An object hidden among the barrels near the gunpowder.

Gunpowder near the locked entrance at the back of the Wossek.

A hidden object inside the shed opposite the bar.

An empty bottle on top of some barrels in the same shed.

A red grass near the closed door at the top of the hill.

A chest in the water controlled by an Iron Head.

A chest behind the house with the door closed close to the water.

A locked chest across the village in the dead end, this chest contains an ammo capacity upgrade for your weapons.

An empty bottle inside an isolated shed at the path leading to the brick structure.

An object hidden in the alley in which the Afflicted is located.

A crate inside the shed next to the brick structure.

An explosive bottle inside the same shed.

Tower emblem

You'll find the emblem hidden behind the bar by going through the locked door and near Natalia's cashier.

The first house to visit is the one with the lights still on near the hill that leads outside the Village. The front door will be closed, but you can lift Moira on a broken ladder. As Moira, drop inside the house and quickly unlock the door as an Iron Head will burst inside. Take out the enemy with team play and explore the house to find the battery. You can also find a locked chest with an additional bag inside for Moira, gunpowder on a shelf, an empty bottle and a hidden item on the shelf in the hallway.

The second house to visit is near the water, where Pedro is waiting with a large drill. The man will offer to create an opening in the brick wall for you using the large tool. Inside you will find a firearm along with a note and an object hidden in the stove and one in the corner.

Tower emblem

Take a look at the chimney opposite the building you come from, the emblem is on one side of the chimney itself.

Head to the brick structure with a stone door to reunite with Pedro and ask him to drill through the door for you. As soon as it starts to work, you will be attacked by some Afflicted who will throw themselves at you from one of the nearby roofs along with an Iron Head. Pull out the best secondary weapons you have and take out any enemies as soon as they appear. Once inside the structure, pay attention to the ambush that will keep an Afflicted inside the smaller room. Grab the fuel along with several ammo, then check the two barrels and the hidden item in the corner.

Return to Gabe at the helicopter, an alarm will start ringing at the back of the Bar. Head back to the area where the noise is coming from while dodging all the enemies along the way. Once inside the bar, access the control panel on the second floor. Pedro will bar the door, but several enemies will appear near the windows that surround you. Quickly move from window to window and defeat the enemies before they can smash the windows and enter the bar itself. At some point there will be a small pause in the siege during which the enemies will try to break through the door and then return to the windows.

Pedro will succumb to fear and the virus will turn his body into an enemy equipped with a giant drill. Thanks to its work tool, it will deflect many of your attacks from the front except when it is swinging. When he raises the drill above his head, it means he is about to charge you, being hit by this attack means instant death. For now, circle around the room and take cover behind the furniture until some Afflicted ones break through the door. Immediately run to the only newly created exit and start your escape inside the village. Try to stay at the house at the top of the hill and eliminate any Afflicted present. After a few minutes, a friend will come to the roof of the bar and lower the ladder, so you can go up and escape from Pedro.

Game Note

It is possible to eliminate Pedro in this part of the game, doing so will be the only way to get an insect larva during Barry's campaign. To defeat the mutant Pedro you will have to arm yourself with holy patience and sacrifice a lot of your ammunition.

Once you are in Neil's company, head along the path to the gate and enter inside. In the next clearing you can find a green grass in the grassy area. Help Neil with the rubble and enter the sewers leading to the old city. Along the way you can find the map for the area you are about to enter, along with an empty bottle and some odorous chemicals.

Drawing by Kafka

On the wall where you will find the two barrels, light the surface to find a large drawing.

Once outside, you will find yourself in the old city proper. These roads lead to a large gate, but you will be hampered by some Orthus. These strange creatures with a shape reminiscent of a mixture between a dog and a pig, will charge you on sight, but a nice shot from the shotgun will be enough to knock them out. You can also find a chest across the street. The gate will be closed with two bars, which means Moira will have to break them one by one. After breaking the first bar, you will be attacked by more Orthus, so be ready.

Tower emblem

Going down the street, take a look at the large apartment building to the left and behind the gate. Look for the blue sparkle of the emblem on one of the windows and hit it from a distance.

Drawing by Kafka

Before going through the blue gate, light up the one to the right of the door to make the design appear.

On the opposite side of the fence, you will find nothing but a gate with some Afflicted in front, a broken ladder, a chest and some debris. You can find a hidden object near the bottom of the gate with the debris. Neil will make Claire and Moira climb high, before being chased by an Afflicted one. You won't be able to do much for Neil, so pick up the Topaz from the balcony and go inside the structure.

Once inside the old palace, go to the next room and collect the alcohol from the table and the cloth in the drawer. You will enter an old dining room, some Afflicted are hiding atop a beam and an Iron Head inside the kitchen. Be ready to dodge several enemy attacks once you get down. You will find a locked chest on the second floor which contains some parts for your weapons and another chest on the lower level. There will also be an object hidden under some broken tables and some shotgun ammo on the shelf in the kitchen. Most importantly, take the crate out of the kitchen and arrange it so that you reach an upgraded rifle. Raise the gate and go outside again.

With a minimum of foresight you can pass this area silently and eliminate the numerous enemies without being seen while avoiding the Orthus. Hit the first Iron Head on the back as soon as he passes in front of you, then the Afflicted one as he turns to walk through the park. Take out the last Ironhead that controls the area near the bus and finally the Orthus with a nice shotgun. Within this same area you can find a chest near the end of the road, a red grass in the park, a bottle on the opposite side and an object hidden under the park bench.

Move the debris blocking the bus and move to the opposite side, where you will see Natalia escaping inside a building. Follow her inside to find a closed gate and a lever out of reach. You can pick up the hidden item in the room where debris blocked access to the rest of the area and another one under the sink in the basement. Head downstairs to meet the next new enemy, the Spolder.

These new enemies will slowly move towards you to explode once they reach you; if affected you will be forced to treat yourself and apply disinfectant to fix the impaired vision. You will also find an Iron Head in the same room and some Afflicted will support it by coming from the staircase on the opposite side.

Once you've cleared the area, check the room for some hidden items and open a locked chest to find some shotgun ammo. Go up the stairs to take out another Spolder, you will find another note inside this same room along with alcohol, pistol ammo inside a drawer and an item hidden under the bed.

Drawing by Kafka

Check the wall on the right as you enter the room to find the drawing.

Control the drawers of the table in the room with the button and unlock the door. You will soon discover that the gate does not stay open for long, so you will have to leave one of the characters at the gate and let him pass once it is open, then block it by moving a large chest and allow your partner to reach you. Watch out for the door on the side as a Spolder awaits you inside the small room along with a precious chest. Once you've done everything you have to do, go outside again.

Cross the bridge and go down to the opposite side paying attention to the Afflicted ones who will literally fall on you inside the smaller road.

Tower emblem

As soon as you go down the stairs, look to the side to find the emblem beyond the gate.

The next apartment building is literally littered with rooms and objects, starting with some gunpowder on the shelf next to the work table. You will also find a large row of mailboxes with a ruby ​​inside one of them. Before taking the elevator up, also explore the other rooms to find a note, a hidden object and a locked chest behind a barred door to open following the usual process. Once you've explored the area, call the elevator and prepare your shotgun to take out the two Afflicted ones inside. Reach the top floor of the building and get ready to jump to follow Natalia.

Tower emblem

Before crossing, stop and look down between the two buildings to find the emblem on top of a container.

Join Natalia to find out what happens. In the room with the work table, smash the chest and look for the hidden item under one of the tables, then check inside each drawer for more valuable items. Once ready, exit and go down the stairs to face the area boss.

Drawing by Kafka

The latest drawing awaits you in the ceiling above the first flights of stairs that you will descend after the room with the work table, don't miss it!

Once you drop and Natalia stays behind, you will find yourself in a room full of Afflicted and an Iron Head. Try to draw the enemies towards you before going through the center of the room itself. The boss will reach you from above. The Vulcan Blubber is gigantic and equipped with special bags that it will set on fire to throw them at you making them explode. You will have to be very quick to dodge the explosives and a lot of the furniture will fall around you. As the battle progresses, some Afflicted will appear to complicate matters for you. Keep your distance as far as you can, and pay particular attention to the signs that the boss himself is about to throw explosives. Keep shooting at the enemy's head and use your secondary weapons wisely to emerge victorious from this battle.

Collect any items you left behind, then go over to Natalia and take her through the gap to open the door. If you go down the road from the opposite side of the tower, you can find a chest behind a car, otherwise go straight into the tower to end the episode.

Barry's campaign

Medals available:

Defeat five Revenants by hitting only their weak point.

Defeat the Mutant Pedro by eliminating all of his eyes.

Hit enemies with Natalia's brick fifteen times.

Defeat two enemies with a chain attack.

Defeat eight enemies with a secondary weapon.

Defeat six enemies with a silent attack.

Defeat six enemies with the knife.

Open three chests of Moira.

Find six hidden objects with Natalia.

Defeat five Revenants using silent attacks inside the city warehouse.

Main campaign

You will start exactly where you left off our heroes in the previous episode. Barry and Natalia will walk towards the Tower. The path will often intersect with Claire's and many of the things you did in the previous episode will therefore be present.

Insect larva

Right at the beginning, go back inside the radio room and exit on the opposite side, turn left into an alley with a fence on which you will find the bug.

Go through the tunnel and enter the forest, you will pass a house destroyed by a fire with a note inside and a barrel outside. As you advance, you will discover the fate of one of the members of TerraSave. As you descend through the next area, you will again collide with the Revenants with the advantage of the surprise factor, so move silently towards them and hit them from behind. At the top of the next hill, smash the barrel inside a ruined shed and head down to the side, where you'll encounter two more Revenants hanging around near the neighboring house. You can decide to face the two enemies silently or reveal their weaknesses with the sense of Natalia.

Tower emblem

Head to the burned house on the left and check the wooden beams to find the emblem at the top.

The gate at the back will be closed, this means that you will have to climb the slope on the side of the next area. A few more Revenants will be in this same area, very close to the opposite side of the two houses. Take out the enemies and search the rubble to find a chest with some ammo. Head to the only house still intact and pull the chest under the broken ladder to go up. Cross the makeshift bridge to the other house and drop down to collect both the key and a shotgun.

Tower emblem

As soon as you cross the bridge between the two houses, check the rocks on the ledge to find the emblem in the middle of them.

With the key in your possession, go back to the gate and go down the path through another burned out shed with a barrel and an object hidden under the bushes, then you will reach the fishing village where Claire was. As soon as you enter the village, you will notice something sinister emerging from the roof of a nearby building, Barry will not be able to see anything and in this case Natalia's senses will prove extremely useful. While walking the path that leads to the water, Natalia will be able to pass under a hole in the blue house and open the door on the opposite side, inside you will find a map of the city, a note, a closed chest with an emerald inside, an empty bottle, some powder and some alcohol. As you go deeper into the fishing village, a new invisible enemy will make his "appearance". Use Natalia's senses to sense the hostile aura, aim with Barry and shoot in that direction. The Glasp will only take a few hits to take out, but they require painstaking teamwork and only need to be hit when they are really close to you. You will find more of these enemies near the Wossek and near the exit from the area. You can check the condition of the bar after Claire's battle, inside you will find a note from Pedro and two hidden objects on the floor, an empty bottle and a chest inside the back room.

Game Note

If you took out Pedro during Claire's campaign, you will find his drill in the middle of the floor of the same bar. This will open a passage below, where you will find a collectible and a chest.

Outside the bar, you can go to the back and open the chest with Natalia to get some rare parts for your weapons. Be sure to check out the other sheds as well before climbing the hill and exiting the village.

Insect larva

You can find an invisible bug hiding right where you found the fuel during Claire's campaign in the brick-built structure.

Take out the last Glasp on the road out of the village and head through the open gate through the tunnel that leads to the old town.

Insect larva

Before entering the tunnel that leads to the old city, check the walls in the small area before the clearing, an invisible insect is hiding on the right side.

There won't be much to see inside the gallery other than a dozen Orthuses that can simply be eliminated from a distance. As you go up the slope to the exit, two more enemies will reach you, take them out before they are too close. Once outside, you will retrace the familiar path along the city. On the road where Moira and Claire climbed the broken ladder, you will take a detour that leads to the broken gate to the warehouse. There will be two Revenants along the path. Inside the warehouse you will find a staircase leading to the upper floor and a door to the basement. Since the upper floor is blocked, you will be forced to go down.

In the basement you will find the city map along with a Revenant to eliminate and some cloth on a shelf. Watch out for the other enemy that controls the alley and he can see you through the small windows.

Insect larva

This insect can be seen behind a walled door on the upper floor, to reach it you will need to have defeated Pedro during Claire's campaign, take the drill in the fishing village with Barry and break the walled door. You'll find the bug on the opposite side along with some ammo and a locked chest controlled by a Revenant in the adjacent building that you can jump onto. The chest contains an emerald and from this position you can reach the upper floor of the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse you will encounter a new enemy. The Slinger has a single huge weakness that you will have to hit quickly before being attacked, in fact if hit, not only will you receive a lot of damage, but you will also be blinded. You can also decide to hit the enemy from a distance before they even notice you, but after that some Revenants will attack you. This will be an excellent opportunity to use a smoke bomb and hit them in the back with the knife. Before leaving the gate area, grab the chest on top of one of the containers and open the locked box to get a bag from Natalia.

In the park area, beware of traps, in fact, if you have taken out any Afflicted during Claire's campaign, they may have left some spore mines. The rest of the area will be fairly clear except for a Revenant at the bus and a Slinger at the top of the stairs.

Insect larva

Check the old slide in the center of the park to spot an insect hanging from the top.

Inside the familiar palace with the gate that you blocked with Claire, you can go out directly or explore it to find precious objects, of course you will also have to collide with some enemies. Go down the stairs inside the last building and use the work table if you need it. The downstairs elevator is locked, and if you don't have the drill yet, you won't be able to go through the door. Enter the farthest door to open a locked chest with parts for your weapons and have Natalia pass through the bathroom to unlock the door to the stairs leading upstairs. Once on the second floor, you can go through the open door for a chest, note, and hidden object in the center of the room.

Tower emblem

Take Natalia into the elevator shaft to the locked room, quickly avoid the Glasp and open the door for Barry. Once the enemy has been taken out, check the shelf to find the emblem.

At the top of the stairs, lure the last Glasp and take it out. You will find yourself in front of the crashed helicopter, push everything to the side to find yourself in a room where you will be attacked by the Mutant Pedro equipped with an auger. With Natalia at your side you can identify which of her eyes is the weak point.

Game Note

If you killed Pedro during Claire's campaign, you won't encounter him and the upper floor will be empty, so just drill through the door and move on.

You can continue along the last street Claire and Moira traveled and head towards the same tower.

Tower emblem

You can find the last emblem as soon as you enter the tower, check through the cracked ceiling to find the item.

Go through the hall and head into the side room at the end of the hall to find a chest and a locked box containing an emerald. There will also be a chest on the scales leading up to the right and two notes at the base of the same scale and in the center.

Insect larva

The last insect hides behind a column on the right, out of reach, but reachable with a brick.

From here, go down the hall and enjoy the decorations before reaching the end of the mission.

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