Resident Evil 3 Remake safe combinations: here are all the codes

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Are you wondering how to unlock those damn locks? Here is the guide with the combinations of all the safes of Resident Evil 3 Remake!

In Resident Evil 3 Remake, good inventory management is essential. At the highest difficulty every bullet and every object counts. Precisely for this reason the lockers and safes in the game are a very useful resource for the player. However, some of them are locked and you need a code to open them. Let's go and find out in our guide all combinations needed to unlock the safes in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Some help to survive

The game presents numerous levels of difficulty. For the most advanced, the knowledge of the game is essential, in fact it will be necessary to know precisely the positions of different resources scattered around the map. In your game of Resident Evil 3 Remake, however, you have probably come across some safes or lockers that need some combinations to be unlocked. We will come to your rescue, you will find below in fact everything you need to get rid of resources as quickly as possible.

There are two lockers and three safes throughout the game. The objects inside them are very precious, we therefore advise you not to hesitate to open them. Remember that if your inventory is full there are item crates that will allow you to store what you have in abundance. Most likely they could come in handy in the future, therefore try not to waste anything. The Nemesis doesn't discount and a couple of extra items could be key between life and death.

The Lockers - Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Combinations

The first locker that features a padlock is located at second floor of the police station. Enter the bathroom where the showers are (before blowing up the wall). here you will find a series of lockers, including one closed with a padlock with letters. You need a three-letter code to open it. 

The right code for this locker is CAP. Inside you will find a blinding grenade, really very useful against groups of enemies. In fact, the blinding grenade will allow you to stun entire groups of enemies at the same time and will give you time to escape. It can also be used to slow down bigger and stronger enemies, so you can deal some extra damage to them without worrying about avoiding their hits.

The second locker is always located in the police station on the top floor. The combination is DCM and you will find inside the ammunition for the machine gun.

Safe 1 - Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Combinations

Let's continue our Resident Evil 3 Remake guide with combinations of safes. The first is found in the building just opposite the pharmacy in the center of Racoon City. Go up the stairs you see from the pharmacy and enter the apartment. Inside the room there are two infected, eliminate them and you will find the infamous safe in a corner.

The code is: 9 left - 1 right - 8 left. Inside the safe you will find a sight for the pistol. Really precious object that will allow you to be more precise and save a few more strokes. Don't miss it.

Safe 2 - Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Combinations

The second safe is located in the police station. Obviously it is placed inside the office of the most powerful person, we are talking about the room of the boss. The code to open it is: 9 left - 15 right - 7 left. Inside you will find a police bag.

If a bag protected so jealously inside a safe can actually make you smile, know that in terms of gameplay it is one of the best things to find ever throughout the game. Thanks to it, in fact, the inventory will increase its capacity by two slots, thus allowing you to carry more things with you without placing them in the object box.

Safe 3 - Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Combinations

We have reached the last safe. It is found inside the hospital, more precisely on the second floor. This can not escape you, it is in fact in the large waiting room right in plain sight behind the counter with the nurses' station. The required code is 9 right - 3 left.

Inside you will find the double magazine for the assault rifle. In this way you will have unlocked all the objects that need a combination throughout the game and nothing can stop you.

Burglary masters

Unlock all lockers and safes will also unlock a trophy, necessary for the much desired platinum. With all these resources your chances of winning will be much higher and nothing can stop you. Capcom's game also lends itself to speedrun and challenges of different kinds and this information could be really fundamental. 

We've come to the end of the Resident Evil 3 Remake safe combination guide. Let us know if it has been useful to you and do not miss the next guides that are coming to the pages of Holygamerz. Also on the site you will find all the news on the world of video games and more!

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