Pokemon Sword and Shield: guide to Shiny and Gigamax Eevee

In this guide we will explain how to easily get the Shiny Pokemon and the Gigamax version of Eevee in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out for more than a month, but players still continue to actively play the title in an attempt to complete it. If you are interested in completing the latest Game Freak title at 100%, for sure you will also be on the hunt for the Gigamax for Eevee and for Pokemon Shiny, and for this reason we have decided to write this guide.

A short introduction

Before starting with our guide we would like to do a little introduction to Shiny Pokemon and Gigamax forms. The Shiny Pokemon are an alternative version of a type of Pokemon that is characterized by a different color from normal. This Pokemon variant was first added in Generation II and have since been featured in every game in the series. Shiny are extremely rare and some players have even completed several Pokemon games without ever encountering one.

Gigamax Pokemon, on the other hand, were added for the first time in Sword and Shield and are a particular variant of the Dynamax shape. The Dynamax form of a Pokemon is limited to magnifying it and modifying its attacks, while the Gigamax shape, on the other hand, also gives it a different look and exclusive attacks.

How to get Eevee Gigamax - Pokemon Sword and Shield: guide to Shiny and Gigamax Eevee

Let's start immediately with the main dish of this guide, Gigamax Eevee. Eevee has always been one of the most loved Pokemon by fans of the brand and to obtain its Gigamax form there are mainly two methods. The first is the classic method and consists of exploring the Wilds by doing lots of Dynamax raids until you find an Eevee Gigamax. This method is valid for every Gigamax Pokemon and is extremely slow, but luckily with Eevee you can speed up the search.

The alternative method to get Eevee Gigamax is very simple and fast, but unfortunately it may not be within everyone's reach, since you will need to have a Pokemon Let's Go save, Eevee! on your Nintendo Switch. After creating a game save on your console, just go to the Wilds and talk to an NPC at the station to receive an Eevee capable of transforming into its Gigamax version. Remember this method it also works for the Gigamax version of Pikachu, although in this case you will need a Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! save.

Optimizing Shiny hunting - Pokemon Sword and Shield: guide to Shiny and Gigamax Eevee

As we said earlier, Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, but thankfully in Sword and Shield there are methods to facilitate the search. First of all, the possibilities of finding a Shiny Pokemon they increase based on how many Pokemon of that race you have encountered. You can check this statistic from your Pokedex by selecting the Pokemon you are interested in.

Also the number of times you have beaten the breed of Pokemon you seek affects the chances of finding a Shiny. Chances vary from 50 Pokemon defeated that double the chances to find a Shiny, up to 500 Pokemon defeated that go six times the odds. The best way to get Shiny is therefore to focus on one Pokemon at a time and defeat as many as possible until you find a differently colored one. Moreover, to increase the odds even more you can use the Chromamulet which will make it easier to find the Shiny.

Patience is the virtue of the strong

Thanks to this guide you will certainly be able to increase the chances of getting the Pokemon that are missing from your collection, but in any case you it will take a very long time to get them all. In a game like Pokemon that it is based entirely on RNG there are no certainties and it could take a very long time to even find the Shiny form of a Pokemon that you have already defeated hundreds of times. This extreme randomness is an aspect of the game that must be dealt with and unfortunately there is no way around it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available now for Nintendo Switch. If this guide was useful to you and you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the title, continue to follow us here on Holygamerz.

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