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The platinum of Nioh 2 it follows in several respects that of the original chapter: the result, for trophy hunters, is a conquest that is not so difficult as it is very long. Among its 56 total trophies, the latest effort by Team Ninja presents some perhaps deceptive, not easy to understand: one of these is "Experienced traveler", which requires you to discover ten hidden objects on the map. Contrary to what it may seem, it is not a trophy to be earned when you are on a mission but in the world map: by moving the cursor freely it is possible that it changes from blue to red, while the DualShock begins to vibrate. In that case you have just found a hidden object, which is accompanied by some historical curiosity. Each map contains five, for a total of trentacin than, and although to get the trophy you only need to find ten, taking them all will give you a few more titles as well as free items. This is an operation that will really steal you a few minutes, it is worth taking advantage of it: below we report all the positions of the hidden objects, divided by chapter.

Chapter 1 - Awakening

Sacred water

Yamabushi headdress

Ochoko cup


Sacred Arrow

Chapter 2 - Wings

Thief's Gloves

Water amulet

Elmo of the Mikawa Warrior

Mask of the White Fox

Abiti Yamagushi

Chapter 3 - Shadow

Cuirass of the Warlord

Kusarigama del Chunin

Jar of Burning Oil

Helmet of the Horse Archer

Ax of the Hermit Shugendo

Chapter 4 - Dawn

Hiss of the Dragon

Horn of the Demon

Doppia Katana Magoroku Kanemoto

Sacred Ax

Archibugio Tanegashima

Chapter 5 - Twilight


Sacred brush

Curved mandible

Divine Branch

Helm of Prayer to the Moon

Chapter 6 - Dream

Helm of the Director of Hyuga

Armor of the Saika Clan

Broken Demon Tile

Consecrated Ashes

Seto Marutsubo

Chapter 7 - Reverb


Hood of the Arsonist

White Hood of the Minister of Justice

Helm of the Loyal

Kusanagi Tsurugi
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