NCAA Football 10 - Cheats

PlayStation 2

There are no cheats for this version

PlayStation 3

Rivals trophies (win with both teams)

Apple Cup
University of Washington Huskies contro Washington State University Cougars

Battle of I-25 Trophy
New Mexico contro New Mexico State

Bayou Bucket
Houston Cougars contro Rice Owls

Beehive Boot
Utah v Brigham Young v Utah State v Weber State

Bronze boat
Colorado State University contro University of Wyoming

Commander in Chief
Army versus Navy versus Air Force

Commonwealth Cup
University of Virginia Cavaliers contro Virginia Tech Hokies

Cy-Hawk Trophy
Iowa Hawkeyes contro Iowa State Cyclones

Floyd of Rosedale
University of Minnesota Gophers contro Iowa Hawkeyes

Fremont Cannon
Nevada Wolf Pack contro UNLV Rebels

Golden boot
University of Arkansas Razorbacks contro LSU Tigers

Golden Egg Trophy
Ole Miss Rebels v Mississippi State

Golden Hat
Texas Longhorns contro Oklahoma Sooners

Governor's Cup
Kansas State v University of Kansas or University of Kentucky v University of Louisville or Florida State University v University of Florida

Governor's Cup
Brown University v University of Rhode Island or Georgia Tech v University of Georgia

Governor's Victory Bell
Minnesota versus Penn State

Ohio State Buckeyes contro Illinois Fighting Illini

Ireland Trophy
Boston College versus Notre Dame

Iron Skillet
South Methodist University Mustangs contro Texas Christian University Horned Frogs

Jeweled Shillelagh
Purdue v Nortre Dame

Keg of Nails
Cincinnati Bearcats contro Louisville Cardinals

Land Grant Trophy
Penn State v Michigan State

Little Brown Jug
Minnesota v University of Michigan

Marching Drum
Kansas versus Missouri

Notre Dame v Michigan State

Missouri-Nebraska Bell
Missouri versus Nebraska

ODK - FOY Sportsmanship Trophy
Alabama contro Auburn

Old Oaken Bucket
Indiana versus Purdue

Paul Buyan Trophy
Michigan contro Michigan State

Paul Buyan's Ax
Minnesota versus Wisconsin

Peace Pipe
Bowling Green vs Toledo

Purdue Cannon
Purdue v Illinois

Seminole War Canoe
Florida versus Miami

Shellelagh Trophy
Nortre Dame v Purdue

Silver Spade
New Mexico State contro UTEP

Stanford Axe
Cal vs Stanford

Telephone Trophy
Iowa State versus Missouri

Territorial Cup
Arizona versus Arizona State

Textile Bowl Trophy
Clemson vs NC State

Tiger Rag
LSU versus Tulane

Victory Bell
Miami University Red Hawks vs. Cincinati Bearcats

Victory Bell
UCLA versus USC

Victory Bell
Missouri Tigers contro Nebraska Cornhuskers

Wagon Wheel
Akron vs Kent State

Williams Trophy
Rice versus Tulsa


Get all 34 league trophies in a Dynasty mode
Just play or simulate Dynasty mode through the "after season", then when you are in week 1 of the "Bowl Season", play and win every "Bowl" game with any team. This will be counted in your profile and when you finish each "Bowl" (including the "National Championship"), you will get the trophy


There are no cheats for this version

Xbox 360

There are no cheats for this version

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Exit date: July 14 2009

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