Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Guide to Beotodus

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Beotodus is the very first monster we will have to face in our exploration of Brinose expanses, the new area of Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Although it is a new species, the Beotodus has similar characteristics to its cousins ​​Lavasioth and Jyuratodus, making it a prey that can be faced even by the new Astera hunters.

Nature of the Beotodus

Il Beotodus is an "aquatic" wyvern, meaning a large monster with fins and the ability to swim. In reality what it does is "Dig" in the snow and attack its prey by taking them by surprise. This happens thanks to an armor of pure snow that partially envelops his body and which, in general, will be one of the points on which we will have to act.

The Beotodus has a fairly standard set of moves and is almost entirely based on those of its species. While buried it can dig deep into the earth and jump out from under the hunter's feet, or make a long arched jump towards it. There will obviously be ranged attacks with snowballs spitting from his mouth, capable of inflicting the Frozen state. Being close to his buried body during certain physical attacks can also give this altered status, so beware. Of course it is an animal that prefers to remain hidden and therefore it will rarely come out, leaving it up to the player to attack it enough to knock it out of its natural habitat.


First of all it is good to understand one of the truths of Iceborne: the Fire is your friend. Being an expansion set in the glacial world of the Frosty Wastes, most of the monsters you will encounter in them have a weakness to fire. Bring a weapon with that element and you're already halfway there.

As for the defense, the Beotodus often and willingly he will want to wrap you in ice and drive the dedicated altered state into you. Then use a Mantello Antighiaccio to protect you and receive less damage from attacks using that element, which in this case are almost all but purely physical ones. Bring gods too Howling Pods: they are the best weapon against all monsters that bury themselves in the ground or sensitive to sound.

Riding it is a valid alternative to get it out of the snow.

The Beotodus has quite fast attacks but has great pauses between one and the other, especially when it decides to dive and go out to attack you. Look carefully at the ground to see its exit point e try not to walk excessively in deep snow to avoid slowing you down. Also take advantage of the very long animation of the moment in which he has to recharge his snow armor, he will be completely attackable despite being frantically moving.

The key points on which to focus attacks are the head and fins that come out of its back, aiming all at destroying the snow-covered armor and forcing it out of the ground. Once his body is out, its moveset will suffer a significant reduction and it will be much slower, making it an easy target for your shots. Aim for the legs and head, use any traps if you deem it necessary. Finally, don't forget to try to ride it whenever you can, especially when the Beotodus heads into an area with an elevated rock circle in its center.

Beotodus' glacial armor is weak to Fire.

Dangerousness and Rewards

In general Beotodus is certainly not such a terrifying threat, nevertheless it should not be underestimated, especially if you arrive without protection against the ice. Its strong point is its long-range snowballs and surprise attacks from the ground, so avoiding those will grant you almost total immunity.

The reward on the other hand is quite juicy, especially because the Beotodus set is a great place to start to face the contents of Iceborne thanks to the resistance to Ice, to Aquatic / Polar Mobility not to be slowed down by the snow and to the always comfortable Hearing Protection.

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