Life is Strange: True Colors, where to find all the memories

In this new Life is Strange: True Colors guide we will explain where to find all 25 memories scattered throughout the game

Life is Strange: True Colors is the fourth installment of the video game series of the same name Square Enix. The title is heavily focused on history, but obviously many other secondary activities are also available within it. In Life is Strange: True Colors are in fact present a large number of memories to find and in this guide we will help you understand where they are hiding.

No risk

Memories are objects that can activate hidden events and they are scattered throughout all chapters of the game. To activate them, just get close and use the power of your protagonist, but it will not always be easy to identify them. In fact, these objects are often very inconspicuous and sometimes you may end up completing a section of the game without finding them all. Fortunately, in these cases you do not run the risk of losing them permanently, since you can replay any chapter at any time. To do this, in fact, just go to the section "Select Chapter"In the main menu and, once the missing collectibles have been found, you won't even have to complete the entire chapter.

Chapter 1 - Life is Strange: True Colors, where to find all the memories

Let's start our guide immediately by talking about where to find the memories present in the first chapter by Life is Strange: True Colors. Below you will find a list with the name of the memory and the indications that will allow you to find it easily:

  • Letter from Riley
    • Leaning on the desk inside Gabe's apartment.
  • Crack
    • In the corridor of Gabe's apartment, a crack can be found under a poster.
  • Biglietto gives visit
    • Behind the bar counter you will find a blue warning and the business card will be placed on its right.
  • Helmet
    • Once you reach the mining area at night, you can find a helmet resting on the ground to the left of the gate.
  • Telephone
    • Continuing to explore the mine at night will lead you to a processing plant. To find the phone you simply have to turn around immediately after entering the facility.

Chapter 2 - Life is Strange: True Colors, where to find all the memories

Now is the time to move on to second chapter. Here, too, you will always find five memories hidden in very different places:

  • Button
    • To find the button you will have to go up the stairs at the beginning of the chapter and reach the roof garden. The item will be hidden in a vase placed near the ledge.
  • Rent check
    • Once you reach the empty bar, just check the sink behind the counter to find the check.
  • Umbrella
    • Remaining still in the bar you will have to go to the bathrooms at the back and interact with the umbrella hanging on the clothes hanger near the exit.
  • Candies
    • Going to the weed dispenser will find a back room and inside you can find some candies to examine.
  • T-shirt
    • The T-Shirt is located inside the flower shop, to be precise in an open locker near the floor.

Chapter 3 - Life is Strange: True Colors, where to find all the memories

During Chapter 3, your protagonist will have to participate in a LARP, that is a live role-playing session, but here too there will be the usual 5 memories to collect:

  • Bomber
    • The Bomber is one of the easiest items to find, as it is exactly in the same spot where you found the umbrella in Chapter 2.
  • Appointment note
    • After you change your clothes, you must immediately return to the Gullweather Tavern. Once inside you will immediately notice a large pool of blood and on the floor nearby you can find the note.
  • Old newspaper
    • When you return to the bar during your quest you will find the newspaper on the left as you enter the pool room.
  • Valkyrie’s Dish
    • Once back in the record store, just go behind the counter and check the shelf to the left of the glowing guitar.
  • Dollar
    • The dollar is placed on the ground along the path to the king and to collect it, however, you must first have finished all your quests. We also suggest that you be careful, because passing this object could trigger a cutscene that would prevent you from interacting with it.

Chapter 4 - Life is Strange: True Colors, where to find all the memories

Now let's move on to the penultimate chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors. In this chapter they are present some very hard to find memories, so we suggest you don't be too hasty when searching. Here is the list with the 5 memories of this chapter:

  • Pressed Rose
    • When you are in your apartment at night, just go to the kitchen and examine the picture frame hanging above the table. The rose will be inside it.
  • Microphone
    • Once you reach the concert at night you will have to go immediately behind the stage to find the memory. Specifically, the microphone will be placed on the ground behind the red curtains.
  • Battery
    • The battery is really very easy to find, as it is located right in the middle of the stage.
  • Polaroid
    • Once you have completed the chapter, you just need to examine the squad to move on to the next one, but to find the last two memories you will have to wait a little longer. In fact, to get the Polaroid you will first have to go back to the bar and head towards the women's restrooms. The photo will be hung in plain sight on a wall.
  • CIT sticker
    • To find the last memory of the chapter instead you will have to head back to the florist. The sticker will be attached to the glass of the greenhouse on the side of the shop, precisely in the area where several plants are displayed.

Chapter 5 - Life is Strange: True Colors, where to find all the memories

Now we have finally reached the last chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors. Here you will find the last five collectibles and thus obtain the relative trophy.

  • Mother's keys
    • The keys are placed on the counter near the hospital room bathroom, opposite the bed.
  • Biglietto gives visit
    • Continuing in the chapter you will be able to enter a house where two people are arguing loudly. The business card will be placed on a small table inside the kitchen.
  • Guitar strings
    • When you are inside the dormitory of the orphanage, you just need to check the beds to find the ropes.
  • Pending
    • This collectible is found under a pile of rocks in the mine, and luckily for you, it's impossible to miss.
  • Bomber
    • The last collectible in the game will be very easy to find, as it simply hangs from one of the chairs in the kitchen of your apartment.

Questo è tutto

This concludes our guide on where to find all the memories in Life is Strange: True Colors. Now all you have to do is go and retrieve the ones you are missing and get your much-desired trophy.

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