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Rubber chip 5

Set Ariandelle as your destination and reach her via the Gummiship to access the new world.


Initially you have to follow the only available route, defeating the numerous Heartless until you reach a climbing wall: climb to the top to access La Gola. Continue down the path to clash with a large group of Heartless and start an important cutscene. At the end, you will find yourself in the Ice Labyrinth: follow the only way to go higher and higher and defeat the various Heartless and Nobody. Once in the great hall, use the Fluimoto on the central pillar to move the maze and continue. Use the slopes to advance and encounter a small group of Nobody: defeat them to get Thundara. So use the Fluimoto on the two pillars to move the ice walls and reveal a new door: here you have to go up with the Air Passes. Clear the area of ​​Nobody and move the walls with the Fluimoto. Use the slide to get to a large room: defeat the Nobody and use the Fluimoto again to reveal the exit.

Once outside, climb the mountain thanks to the different walls present until you reach the Montana Crest and start a long movie. At the end of the video, escape the avalanche using the left analog and circle jump to avoid the attacks of the Heartless until the descent is complete. Now you have to keep sliding with no enemies behind, just avoid bumping into trees and opinions. At the bottom, defeat the three Heartless dragons and walk the only path until you meet Anna. After the long cutscene, explore the area to recover the 3 parts of Olaf and get ready to face a large group of Heartless: focus first on the weak enemies to clean up the area and charge the fusion, then essential to quickly defeat the strongest ones. At this point, head towards Elsa's castle using the different environmental elements: climbing walls, snowballs to walk on and more effective jumps than usual. Once you get to your destination, enjoy the cutscene and face the new boss.

In this case, we advise you to take your time: do a combo and then wait for his attacks, parrying and dodging. Repeat the process several times to win with confidence and unlock Blizzara. After the cutscene, you will find yourself in a new area: start to go down and, when possible, destroy the objects with the attack from above to also reveal a chest containing the important Oliarco. Go ahead and defeat a small group of Nobody to see a new cutscene and have a character join the party. Keep going down, defeating enemies on the way, until you encounter a snow storm: take cover behind the rocks when the wind is stronger and advance in the short phases when it calms down. At the end of the zone, enjoy the cutscene and get ready to face the end-of-world boss. Again, we recommend that you take your time, parrying attacks and responding with a few combos at a time. Use as many Team Attacks as you can, especially after you stun the boss with the Reaction Command, inflicting massive damage on him. Once the boss is defeated, the world will be completed and you will unlock a new Crystalline Snow Keyblade.

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