Hitman 3 - Complete Guide to Dartmoor Challenges

Hitman 3 - Complete Guide to Dartmoor Challenges

Here is the complete guide to help you complete each of the 85 challenges foreseen in Hitman 3, in the location of dartmoor (here the complete guide to all the activities of this splendid setting). Reach the mastery level 20 in Dartmoor will unlock the trophy "The great outdoors". It is necessary to complete about the85% of the challenges proposals to reach Mastery level 20, so you don't need to complete all of them. Challenges are only available during online play. Completing challenges will increase your mastery level on this map, which will grant new gear and checkpoints. The equipment obtained can be used in any other setting during the adventure with a license plate IO Interactive. We recommend doing manual saves often to save valuable time if one of the challenges fails.

Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Hitman 3, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by IO Interactive. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

Assassination (12):

  1. Another death in the family: ??
  2. For posterity:  Complete Hitman 3's “A Day to Remember” mission. Alexa will then reunite with her family for a photo. Before the family arrives you need to unscrew the electrical outlet near the well and turn on the water to create an electrical trap. He'll strike her when she sits down
  3. Really fun: inside Alexas' office on floor 02 there is a large pointed chandelier. From time to time she will stand right under it just the right moment to shoot her chain. You can also drag her unconscious body under it for an easy kill
  4. Big mistake:  Finish Hitman 3's “Place of Eternal Rest” storyline. Eventually Alexa will find herself facing a grave. She pushes her from behind and uses the nearby shovel to cover her grave with earth
  5. Stay calm and take aim: first you need to carry a sniper rifle (unlocked by achieving high mastery levels). Before the mission, equip “ICA Briefcase MK III” in your gear and put the sniper rifle in it. Select the briefcase from your inventory and press Circle (PlayStation) / X (Xbox) to take the sniper rifle out of it. Now you have to shoot the three crow's nests in the trees of the cemetery behind the manor. It is the first step of the “Place of eternal rest” plot. Do not damage the undertaker and do not alert him. After shooting the three crow's nests, the undertaker will automatically call Alexa (your target). Now go to the roof, accessible from the 3rd floor in Alexa's office. There is an open window on the stairs, you can climb up to the ledge and swing to the window. Look at the first image below with the red arrows: from there you will have to wait for Alexa to meet the gravedigger at the cemetery to shoot him with the sniper rifle
  6. Good night: Alexa has a private room right next to her office on floor 02 (it looks like a soundproof room with red padding on the walls). You can just knock her unconscious and drag her there before killing her. Or you can wait a few minutes until she walks into the room by herself
  7. Multifaceted assassin: finish "The Pianist" of Hitman 3, "Someone will get hurt", "By the hair", "Direct hit", "Painless, colorless"
  8. Someone will get hurt: any accidental kills will count towards this challenge
  9. For the hair: poison one of Alexa's drinks with emetic poison or syringe it (reward from Chongqing Mastery Level 5). Once hit by the emetic poison, she will go to the bathroom to vomit: she drowns in the toilet.
  10. Direct hit: use any gun to kill Alexa with a headshot
  11. The Pianist : Equip the fiber optic network cable in your equipment, approach a target from behind and take it out with it
  12. Painless, colorless : Poison one of Alexa's drinks with lethal poison. A bottle holder can be found in the butler's office. In Hitman 3's “Poison Ivy” challenge you can produce your own lethal poison

Exploration (22):

  1. Due penny: Rebecca and the butler have half of the coin. Stun or kill them to get it. They both roam the ground floor of the manor. You will meet both characters during the storyline "Means, motive and opportunity"
  2. Household cleaning: Complete the storyline of the mission "Means, motive and opportunity"
  3. The bridge over the River Thornbridge: This exit is on the right edge of the map. It may not be displayed while viewing the game map
  4. Magic exists: The broken horn is located in Alexas' secret room on floor 03 (the secret passage behind Alexa's private room)
  5. Keys to the Thornbridge Estate: ??
  6. Shortcut: Balcony staircase: see all the shortcuts of the Dartmoor location
  7. Elementare, my face Diana: Obtained automatically during the storyline of "Means, motive and opportunity"
  8. Explore Dartmoor : See the hidden areas of Dartmoor in Hitman 3
  9. Chameleon: Collect all 8 disguises in Dartmoor
    • Private Investigator (floor 00, spawns on the main road where you start from and then walks inside the manor)
    • Undertaker (floor 00, walk around the cemetery, outside)
    • Photographer (floor 00, garden area near the fountain)
    • Lawyer (Floor 01, Small Office)
    • Bodyguard (floor 01 and floor 02, guys in black suits)
    • Staff (floor 00 and floor 01, guys with white shirts and black vests)
    • Guard (floor 00, patrols the grounds outside the manor, wears a jacket marked "Security")
    • Gardener (Floor 00, Garden area)
  10. Shortcut - Maintenance scale : see all Dartmoor shortcuts.
  11. Canine secrets: obtained automatically when searching for all unknown areas. Get the walking stick from Gregory's room (floor 01). You can use a crowbar (located behind the greenhouse) to enter the room or climb through the window. Equipping the walking stick in your hand will allow you to interact with one of the upper Library shelves on Floor 01. This will reveal a secret passage behind the shelf.
  12. Eyes on the target: complete the storyline "A day to remember"
  13. Raise the anchor: ??
  14. Do you like dogs? : Automatically during the challenge: "Canine Secrets"
  15. Justice has a price: The lawyer is in the small office on floor 01. Get his disguise for this challenge.
  16. Let's go hunting : take a shotgun from the locker between the lobby and the staff room (floor 00)
  17. In fourth:  go back to the start of the default mission and use the bike to escape
  18. Three meters underground : Obtained automatically during the storyline of the mission "Place of Eternal Rest"
  19. The last resort: ??

Achievements (22):

  1. Close to the chest : when in Alexa's office (floor 02), click the button on her office chair and use the code 1975 on the safe to get the file
  2. Voyeur: ??
  3. Proud Gravedigger: get rid of the 3 crow's nests in the cemetery ( The Raven ), but don't hurt the undertaker! Instead, let her guide Alexa through the corridors
  4. 47 voyeur : There are several holes peeking out in the mansion, especially in the secret rooms. Use one while Alexa is nearby. For example, on floor 02 you reach the secret passage from Alexa's private room. Then wait a few minutes until she walks into her office or her private room and looks through the holes
  5. A question of justice: ??
  6. Nothing is what it seems:  finish the storyline of the mission "A Day to Remember" but do not harm Alexa or her family (do not create an electric trap). A few minutes after the photo shoot, the family gathers in the living room and Alexa gives a speech. You can photograph her there during the speech
  7. Elton would be proud of it : Edward plays the piano in the dining room. Get close to him
  8. History of the mission: - A day to remember : Complete the storyline of the mission "A Day to Remember"
  9. Second hand news : Gregory will sit on a sofa in the living room. He uses one of the many newspapers around to reassure him. This will likely compromise you, as there are several guards around, but you can reload the save later
  10. Curved ball:  Neutralize Patrick Carlisle with a pool ball
  11. History of the mission - Means, motive and occasion: Complete the plot of "Means, motive and opportunity"
  12. A matter of blame: ??
  13. History of the mission - Place of eternal rest: complete the plot "Place of eternal rest"
  14. Do not shoot the messenger: Inspect the lawyer's computer in the small office on floor 01
  15. Ding Ding Ding : The living room (floor 00) has a bell on the right side. Play it
  16. A matter of loyalty: ??
  17. "Cheese" Condemnation!: take a fuse (one can be found outside the trophy room, if you leave it at the back) and place it in the fuse box in the garden, where the photographer is. Then wait until he takes a photo of the family (it will take a few minutes to reunite)
  18. A private moment: Alexa will go to Zachary's room and sit in a chair next to his dead body to say a few words. You have to photograph it in these moments
  19. The Percival passage (1):  Complete all levels in this Escalation Contract
  20. The Percival passage (2):  Simply start the escalation contract for the first time
  21. The Raven: obtained automatically during the “Place of eternal rest” storyline. You have to shoot the 3 crow's nests in the cemetery
  22. Poison ivy : Enter the Greenhouse and use the equipment with flowers to produce lethal poison

Targets (1):

  1. Dethroned: Eliminate Alexa Carlisle: Automatic on killing your main target

The Classics (14):

Here's how to complete the classic Hitman 3 challenges in the Dartmoor setting: Silent Assassins, Suit Only Challenge and Sniper Assassin Challenge.

To get Silent Assassin, Suit Only you don't have to kill anyone but your target, don't have their body found, go undetected and do everything in your suit without wearing disguises. It is the most difficult challenge in each level. In the game options activate the "Silent Assassin HUD" indicator. This shows two green guns on the bottom left of the screen to confirm that you have not broken stealth (if it turns red you have failed and need to reload the previous save). For "Sniper Assassin" you have to kill your target with a sniper rifle.


Starting position: main road
Smuggled item: None
Gear 1: ICA Briefcase MK III + Sniper Rifle (any)
Dress: Agent 47's designer dress
Hidden Weapon: It doesn't matter, no guns will be used
Gear 2: Moneta
Other prerequisites: The maintenance ladder link should be open.


Step 1: As soon as the level begins, select the ICA briefcase from the item wheel and remove the sniper rifle that you placed in the case with the equipment. We will need to do this to combine our Silent Assassin, Suit Only run with the "Sniper Assassin" challenge.

Step 2: cross the bushes to the right, climb over the wall. Now instead of heading towards the manor, follow the path to the left until you reach the back of the manor

Step 3: there are some pipes that go up the walls outside the entrance to the trophy room. Climb up through the pipes and swing along the ledges to the right until you reach another pipe that goes up. Climb up this pipe which leads to the maintenance ladder shortcut. You must have unlocked this shortcut in a previous game (and have finished the game or started a new run to permanently unlock it). Climb up this staircase to reach the 3rd floor on the roof

Step 4: come up from the window in Alexa Carlisle's office. There should be only one guard here. She tosses a coin to distract her, choke him from behind her (don't kill her) and put her body back in the box in this room. If someone else is in the room, wait for them to leave before tossing the coin

Step 5: enter Alexa's private room, which is on the left side of her office. It looks like a soundproofed room with some red padding all over the walls. There is a button at the end of the room that opens a door to a secret passage. Enter this secret passage

Step 6: wait a few minutes in the secret passage until Alexa arrives in her private room. On average it can take 5-10 minutes

Step 7: When he enters this room he will leave his bodyguard outside. She will be alone and scream some bad words. She then she will sit on a chair and cry on a pillow. You can look at it through the peephole. While she cries on the pillow she won't notice you. You choke her from behind. Nobody will notice

Step 8: drag her body into the secret passage. Close the door behind you. You can now shoot her in the head with the sniper rifle to complete Hitman 3's “Sniper Assassin” challenge. If you stand in the corner of the secret passage furthest from Alexa's bodyguard, she won't hear the shot. Remember to hide Alexa's body in the secret passage box

Step 9: exit the secret room through the other door (which leads to the 2nd floor corridor). Immediately turn right and climb through the open window at the end of the corridor

Step 10:  go back the same way you arrived in the area. Go left until you reach the balcony above the trophy room. Hang down the ledge and slide down the pipe to the balcony. Go back through the gardens and leave the exit where the mission began

If you did everything correctly, you will earn all the classic challenges at once: Silent Assassin, Suit Only + Silent Assassin + Suit Only + Sniper Assassin + The Classics for 20.000 experience points (4 mastery levels).

Escalation Track 1 (6):


Escalation Track 2 (11):

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