Guides How to replicate the Fortune glitch [FIXED] - Demon's Souls Remake

Guides How to replicate the Fortune glitch [FIXED] - Demon's Souls Remake

SECURITY UPDATE TRAINING The glitch was fixed with version 1.004 on December 15th, and is therefore no longer replicable. We leave this guide right if you have not updated the title and you want to continue using it.

Like the original chapter, the good too Demon's Souls Remake brings with it a game glitch easily discovered by the community in a short time.

In this case, compared to the original, we will not have a glitch to double the objects but rather to boost the statistics "Fortuna“, Which will allow you to achieve devastating effects in game with the right weapon.

As always in this case we remind you that the glitch in question is explained with a documentary function, you are invited not to use it except out of curiosity within your game as it can ruin the game experience of others in pvp.

It is not known whether this glitch will be patched in the future or if its use will result in any punishment, which is an additional reason why I do not recommend its use, in addition to I do not take any responsibility for any bans or damage to the game files.

Before starting, however, in case you are interested in playing normally without making the lives of other players hell, we refer you to our complete guide with all the information on:

Complete guide, tips and tricks to get started

Fortune boost glitch

Guides How to replicate the Fortune glitch [FIXED] - Demon's Souls Remake

The devastating effects of the glitch in question.

This time, compared to the original work, we will not have to pester Thomas in the Nexus but simply some gold coins (Golden coin), which will be easily obtained by following the advice in the next paragraph.

How to replicate the glitch

  1. Get the gold coins (Golden Coin): you can drop these items from fat officers present in various parts of the game. The best places to farm these enemies are the areas after the Knight of the Tower al Boletaria Castle or in Stonefang tunnel. Personally, I recommend the second area as it allows for quick and optimal farming. In fact you will find an officer near the stone of the Armored Spider, then you just have to kill it, throw yourself in the crevice near the enemy and respawn nearby, continuing with this procedure until you get the desired object.
  2. Go back to Nexus.
  3. Use the gold coin.
  4. Talk to the immediately Maiden in Black and go to the level up menu while the coin effect is active.
  5. If you have done everything correctly the game is done, now you can increase your level by Fortuna beyond all limits.

Obviously the benefits of this boost are easily understood, your cheeky Luck value will allow you to have a 100% drop rate on practically every object in the game.

In PvP, moreover, such a high characteristic in Fortuna can be exploited together with the weapon obtainable by defeating Astraea, since it has the unique characteristic of climbing on that attribute.

Such a thing, as you will see from an illustrative image below, very easily breaks the balance of the game, so if you don't hate mankind, don't abuse it, please.

Guides How to replicate the Fortune glitch [FIXED] - Demon's Souls Remake

A practical demonstration of why to absolutely avoid glitches of this type.

Apart from this repeated warning, however, there is nothing more to say about it.

I hope this guide has been useful to you, and if you want more information click on the guides that you can see below.

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