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Between collectibles, side activities, history and exploration in general, it certainly cannot be said that your runs in the Night City of cyberpunk 2077 they will be devoid of adventure and things to do. Furthermore, the inevitable trophies and objectives will certainly help the longevity of the title, which as usual will reward you in case you decide to dissect every secret.

Here is a practical guide on how to collect them all, divided for the occasion also based on their rarity and with practical information on how to unlock them.

  • Introduction
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Introduction - what to keep in mind when completing

In line with the vast majority of games released in recent years, Cyberpunk 2077 will also be relatively easy to platinum, as most of the trophies and achievements can be obtained simply with a little healthy completism, as well as requiring no difficulty higher than "Easy ".

Despite this, there will be a handful of them that you may be missing, at which point you should restart the game to try to get them correctly.

These will be, in order:

  • Slavinsky method (bronze): you will have to choose 10 dialogues in total that refer to the lifepath you have chosen at the beginning of the game.
  • The devil: you will have to get one of the various endings, but for this in particular it will be necessary that you save Takemura during the mission "Search and destroy", otherwise you will be completely foreclosed.
  • Breathtaking: in general you will find Johnny Silverhand's items easily, but if you don't find his pants during the “Psychofan” job you will no longer be able to get them during the playthrough.

In addition to this, I advise you to take the necessary precautions regarding some other trophies, first of all the unlockable ones maximizing a specific skill.

For these, in fact, you may find very useful the method of accumulating 18 attribute points, saving the game, investing them in a skill that will allow you to unlock a trophy, build the experience necessary to maximize it, restart the game without saving and repeating for every skill needed.

One of the trophies (Full Score), moreover, will recite in the description of "reach the maximum level in each skill", in reality, however, you just need to maximize one.

Another trophy that you may find awkward to complete will be Mechanical Athlete, as getting money to buy all the cars will be very difficult if you have invested it elsewhere, so remember to buy new means of transport from time to time to make your life easier.

Bronze Trophies

The crazy

Become a Mercenary - Automatically unlockable trophy during the story, just complete the prologue.

Gli Amanti

Steal the Relic - Trophy that can be automatically unlocked during the story, you just need to complete the mission "The big shot".

The Hermit

Find Alt Cunningham - Automatically unlockable trophy during the story, just complete the “Transmission” mission.

The wheel of fortune

Interrogate Anders Hellman - Automatically unlockable trophy during the story, you just need to complete the mission "Life in times of war".

The Popess

Talk to Hanako Arasaka - Automatically unlockable trophy during the story, just complete the “Search and Destroy” mission.

Protect and serve

Complete the River Ward Sequence - Unlockable Trophy after completing all River Ward side missions. It does not require the initiation of a romance.

To bad decisions!

Complete the Kerry Eurodyne Sequence - Unlockable Trophy after completing all Kerry Eurodyne side missions. It does not require the initiation of a romance.

Judy vs Night City

Complete Judy Alvarez Sequence - Unlockable Trophy after completing all Judy Alvarez side missions. It does not require the initiation of a romance.

On the road

Complete the Panam Palmer Sequence - Unlockable Trophy after completing all Panam Palmer side missions. It does not require starting a romance.

Bushido and relaxation

Watch Bushido X with Rogue - Unlockable Trophy after completing all Rogue side missions. It does not require the initiation of a romance.

I am the law

Complete all cyberpsychopath sightings - Find all 17 cyberpsychopaths around the map.

Total body conversion

Install at least one implant in each system and body part - The trophy description is fairly self-explanatory.

You can buy these systems in the "Ripperdoc", marked by a black square and a white scissor-shaped icon (you will find them easily by clicking the left button in the D-Pad and filtering according to the Service Points).

Each plant can be purchased or obtained through side missions, and Ripperdocs will begin selling new ones by reaching Street Cred 20 and 50. Their installation is automatic.

The parts in which to install the systems are as follows:

  • Frontal cortex
  • Ocular System
  • Circulatory system
  • Immune system
  • Nervous system
  • Integumentary System
  • Operating system
  • Skeleton
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Legs

Martial weapons

Kill or KO 3 enemies quickly at close range with a revolver or pistol - You must defeat or KO 3 enemies in 3,5 seconds from less than 5m away.

You will most likely get this trophy without even realizing it in the gameplay sequences where you control Johnny Silverhand, as he will use a revolver that kills in one shot.

Alternatively, grab a high-level pistol or revolver (easily obtainable with upgrades, buying them from traffickers or collecting them from corpses), go to a very crowded low-level area and kill the necessary enemies. Blue NCPD events are the most optimal in this regard.

Hitch on christmas tree

Complete a protocol violation with a minimum of 3 daemons loaded - Description is self-explanatory.

Full score

Reach the maximum level in each skill - Contrary to what one might believe by reading the description, you just need to bring it to the maximum level a single skill to unlock the trophy.

Each skill is associated with a particular action that you can perform during your playthrough. Repeating this action several times will allow you to get more and more points for the skill, maximizing its effectiveness.

However, each skill will have a maximum amount of points obtainable, increasing the level of the attribute. To maximize one, therefore, you will need to both repeat the associated action and invest a variable amount of attribute points in it.

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, advancing 18 attribute points and then investing them in the skill you want to maximize will be a great idea, since you can get the trophy, restart the game without having saved and invest the same points in other skills that will unlock trophies.

In this case, focus on the attribute "Reflexes“, Being the one that requires fewer points overall and therefore requires less time to be maximized.

If you still want to maximize one that you will particularly like, obviously don't worry, however you will have enough attribute points to maximize more than one, still be careful to manage your resources well.

To see at what point you will be in the advancement of each skill, enter the menu, select the item "Character", click on the attribute that contains the skill, look for it among the others and finally click on it. You will see a bar with the accumulated experience at the bottom left.


Hit an enemy grenade in mid-air with a revolver - Again it's pretty clear what you'll need to do, but there is a way to make it significantly easier.

First, though, you'll need to get yourself a revolver. Whether it is bought from traffickers or obtained from an enemy's corpse does not matter, as long as you have one equipped.

At this point, go to any Ripperdoc and then buy and install one between Dynalar Sandevistan and Zetatech Sandevistan (both for the Operating System).

These two systems will allow you, by pressing R1 and L1 together, to slow down the time around you, allowing you to shoot any grenade that the enemies will throw at you with extreme ease.

Two heads, one bullet

Kill or KO 2 enemies with the same sniper rifle shot - Once you have a sniper rifle in any way, find two enemies (even cops) stationary, line up so that you have both heads in your trajectory and pull the trigger.

The biggest difficulty will be finding two stationary enemies, but once done it will be extremely easy to get the trophy.

Abrupt landing

To learn more:
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With Berserk cyberware active, kill or KO 2 enemies with a Superhero Landing - First, you'll need to go to a Ripperdoc and buy a rig labeled "Berserker”(Any one will do) for the Operating System.

Do not spend too much on the system that you will always need the money for the cars, apart from that, however, to activate the "superhero landing" press R1 + L1 while in the air. This will cause you to fall heavily towards the ground, creating a shock wave in the process.

The installation will be the only really expensive thing to get this trophy, as a similar OS will require 18 attribute points invested in the Body attribute to apply.

If you also want a facility, you can always buy the quick hack "Request Backup" to gather all the enemies of the area in the same place, thus making it easier to hit two at the same time with the superhero landing.

Stanislavski method

Use a V past dialogue option 10 times - As mentioned above, this trophy will be very easy to miss, so be careful to always take the dialogue options related to your origins when they show up.

They can be marked in blue or yellow depending on whether they are optional (the first) or main (yellow), and will have the writing “NOMAD-“, “BODY-” or “RAGAZZO DI STADA-” in front.

As you can see, therefore, they will be very easy to notice, so be careful not to miss them!

Legendary craftsmanship

Create 3 legendary items - Although apparently it looks like a simple trophy, it will be necessary to make several steps in the middle quite expensive, first of all invest 18 attribute points in "Technical capacity".

Cyberpunk 2077 - Figure of Johnny Silverhand, 30 cm, McFarlane
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Once done, you can buy, in the technical skills tree, the “Artisan Edgerunner” skill, which will allow you to build the coveted objects.

Obviously with only the knowledge you can do little, and therefore you will have to think about getting both the material and the projects.

The former will be obtained by disassembling other legendary items, while the latter can be purchased from weapon sellers for around € $ 20.000.

If you can't find legendary components quickly enough to build the necessary objects, I recommend that you unlock, still in the technical skills tree, the "Tuning" skill (reachable by also unlocking Proven Mechanic and Crease Monkey), so that you can build them using the much more common epic materials.

Daemon in the shell

Kill or KO 3 enemies with a quick hack "Detonate grenade" - Nothing particularly difficult, you just have to be careful that you have 3 enemies close enough to be fully involved in the explosion.

Ready to die

Kill or Knock Out 50 Enemies While Time is Slowed - Again nothing strange, first you will need to equip yourself with implants with time slowing effect, they will be quite common by Ripperdocs and can be equipped in the Nervous system.

Having done this, since many of these slowing effects will activate with dodging, it will be better to invest 18 attribute points in the Multitasker skill (in the Body attribute), so that you can shoot during various actions that would otherwise prevent you from doing so (like spring).

Now all you have to do is find an enemy, activate the time slowdown, kill it and repeat it for another 49 times.

There must be rats

Quick Hack Distract Enemies 30 times without drawing attention to yourself - Using the Quick Hack "Distract Enemies" you can hack objects around you to distract enemies.

To do this, scan the surroundings with L1, point at the green objects and press the square button to cause the distraction effect. Repeat 29 more times without getting noticed and the trophy will be yours.

Possibly do it as soon as possible, since the chances of finding enemies that can be distracted with this method will not always be found, so taking every opportunity will be very comfortable.

V for Vendetta

By recovering with additional Heart, kill or KO the enemy that killed you in 5 seconds - To complete this trophy, you will first need to bring the Body attribute to 16 and then buy the Circulatory System implant called Second Heart, available for purchase from Ripperdocs once you reach Street Cred 50.

Save before buying, as, being a legendary rig, it will cost a lot of money (and this will allow you to get the trophy and save the money spent by restarting once everything is done).

Once you have the item equipped, find an enemy, get killed and, once you are back to life with all the HP, kill your killer (if you can weaken him first).

Mirror reflection

Kill or KO an enemy who threw a grenade at you - The description speaks for itself, it has such an easy requirement that you will probably unlock it without even realizing it.

Frequent Flyer

Find all data terminals for fast travel - There are a total of 137 terminals scattered throughout the Night City map, each of which will allow you to travel quickly from one area to another.

Some users have reported that at the moment the trophy is buggy, unlocking despite the uncovered terminals are less than 75%. If this proves true, a corrective patch is likely in the future.

Silver trophies

The devil

Help Takemura avenge Saburo Arasaka's death - Trophy linked to one of the title's endings.

As mentioned in the introduction, if you haven't saved Takemura in the “Search and Destroy” mission, this ending will be completely closed to you, so be sure to do so if you don't want to start from 0 with a new save.

To get the trophy, however, just get to the mission "Op55N1 Night Operation", wait for Misty to take you to a balcony and after talking to Johnny Silverhand, decide in the next dialogue option to trust Arasaka.

The ending obtained in this way will be “Where is my mind?”.

The star

Leave Night City with Aldecaldo - Trophy linked to one of the finals of the title.

Returning to the balcony scene of “Op55N1 Night Operation” mentioned above, choose the option to ask Panam for help.

At this point, in the last mission, there will be a section where you will enter the cyberspace and you can interact with the AI ​​Alt and Johnny Silverman. You will then be presented with a decision: get out of Night City and continue living or donate his body to Johnny.

Choose the option to continue living and enter the well to unlock this ending and the trophy.

The sun

Become an Afterlife Legend - Trophy linked to one of the title finals.

Before getting this ending, you must have completed the secondary mission of Rogue, which can however be completed at any time before the choice, therefore it is not possible to lose it.

When you arrive at the balcony scene with Misty and then Johnny Silverhand, then choose the option that involve Rogue's help, then go on to the final mission.

Here you will return to the interior of cyberspace, only this time you will have to choose to cross the bridge and not enter the well, entering cyberspace for all purposes forever.


Leave your body to Johnny Silverhand - Trophy linked to one of the title finals.

Follow all the steps of the “La Stella” trophy, but when you have arrived at the choice between living and donating your body to Johnny Silverhand, this time choose the second.

Do not enter the well, go straight towards the bridge and cross it. The ending and its trophy will be unlocked shortly after.


Obtain all items that once belonged to Johnny Silverhand - As I mentioned in the introductory paragraph, all items will be obtainable easily and at any time, with the exception of the pants which, if you are not careful, you could lose permanently.

Go back to that paragraph to see how to get them.


Complete all Watson NCPD Scanner Contracts and Activities - To learn more, refer to our guide on missions and contracts, which is currently still being updated.

Greetings from Pacifica!

Complete all Pacifica NCPD scanner contracts and activities - For more information, please refer to our guide on missions and contracts, which is currently still being updated.

The wasteland

Complete all Badlands NCPD Scanner Contracts and Activities - For more information, please refer to our guide on missions and contracts, which is currently still being updated.

Little Tokyo

Complete all Westbrook NCPD Scanner Contracts and Activities - For more information, please refer to our guide on missions and contracts, which is currently still being updated.

Dangerous roads

Complete all Heywood NCPD Scanner Contracts and Activities - For more information, please refer to our guide on missions and contracts, which is currently still being updated.

The jungle

Complete all contracts and activities NCPD Santo Domingo scanner - For more information, please refer to our guide on missions and contracts, which is currently still being updated.

City lights

Complete all of the City's NCPD Scanner Contracts and Activities - For more information, please refer to our guide on missions and contracts, which is currently still being updated.

Mechanical athlete

Buy all available vehicles - We are finally at the much-coveted car trophy, which is why throughout the guide I have advised to save money.

To get them all, in fact, you will need the astronomical figure of € $ 1.798.000, definitely not definable ridiculous, as well as having to reach Street Cred 50. If you do not want to devote yourself to useless grind, I suggest you dedicate time to this trophy only after finishing the main game.

I refer you to ours complete vehicle guide to give you a complete overview of all the vehicles you will need to purchase.

A real soldier

Kill or Knock Out 300 Enemies Using Ranged Weapons - No need to say more.

A true warrior

Kill or Knock Out 100 Enemies Using Melee Weapons - As before, the trophy is self-explanatory.

The mad wanderer

Find all the tarot graffiti for the Fool on the Hill assignment - Follow the our guide on this to find them all.

Afterlife legend

Reach Maximum Reputation Level - You will need to reach it Street Cred 50 (viewable at the top right of the map menu).

You'll have to complete missions and various side activities to get there, as the main mission alone will barely get you to 20 Street Cred, less than half the total.

Trodei gold / platinum

The World (gold)

Complete the main storyline - You will have to complete the main story of the title once, which is impossible to miss.

Never Fade Away (platinum)

Unlock All Trophies - Trophy that you will automatically get after getting all the ones listed above. Compliments!

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