Guide Elvis, the Bravely Default II scholar

Guide Elvis, the Bravely Default II scholar

Elvis is a Wiswald scholar with the task of deciphering the manuscript bequeathed to her by her mentor, Lady Emma. Being one of the protagonists, he will accompany you throughout the course of the adventure. He starts with the class of the Black Wizard, an asterisk given to him as a gift by his teacher, but like any main character of the team he can change classes during the adventure.

Goal of the trip

Elvis decides to join Seth e Gloria when he comes to their aid during their meeting ad Halcyonia, bringing with it also Adelle who works as his bodyguard. Determined to help Gloria heal the crystals during his adventure, he tries to get hold of as many Asterisks as possible, as they will be useful for translating the manuscript.

After becoming aware of the presence of a crystal in Wiswald he will return with the group to his native city, finding it however different from what he remembered: covered with vegetation and with a strange behavior on the part of its inhabitants.

The rest you will have to find out by playing, so we stop here with the description.

Best classes

The best classes for Elvis are mostly offensive magic, like the Black Magician, Red Wizard, Oracle e Arcanist. However, his offensive presence isn't the only useful thing about this character, who can also act as a magical supporter with classes like White magician and especially Bard.

Normally I recommend a more aggressive setup with the Red Wizard, but depending on the occasion it's also okay to try the magical support alternatives mentioned above. Avoid physical roles if possible because you have far superior alternatives on your team.

Other very useful options are given by helper classes such as Pittomancer e Alchemist, which match his base stats very well. With the former, you can weaken enemies, ideally during boss battles and not normal enemies. With the second you will have access to a lot of offensive and defensive options by combining items and having access to special abilities not bad.

For more information on the title, please consult ours complete guide.

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