God of War Ragnarok – Aurvangar Wetlands Collectibles Guide

God of War Ragnarok – Aurvangar Wetlands Collectibles Guide

In the area of Aurvangar Wetlands from God of War Ragnarok you can find 9 different collectibles. In this guide we will tell you their location. The important thing to know is that all of this is needed for get 100% of the game and related trophies. Furthermore, none of these items are lost, as they can also be obtained after the main storyline. 

From this point on you may run into God of War Ragnarok spoilers. So if you don't want to know details of the new Santa Monica adventure, stop your reading here. 

God of War Ragnarok – Aurvangar Wetlands Collectibles Guide

In the Wetlands of Aurvangar you will find:

  • 2 Nornan Break
  • 1 Legendary Chest
  • 1 Lore
  • 2 Artifacts
  • 1 Odin's Raven
  • 1 Essence of Hel
  • 1 Last Remnants of Asgard

Know that when you reach this area in God of War Ragnarok you will not have the necessary skills to reach some of these collectibles. This guide you are about to read is for use after you have enjoyed the main storyline.

Raven of Odin

Immediately after exiting the Mystical Portal of the Aurvangar Wetlands, look to the left. There will be a green crow perched on a rock. Hit him with the Ax to take him out. Know that the Crow will also make a metallic sound, so as to be even more findable. In case it was your first Raven, you will unlock the “Eyes of Odin” Boon, which will require you to find all 48 Ravens.


Row the boat until you reach the wheel with water. Look to the right and throw the Axe to the geyser to freeze it. Jump on it and turn right to find another geyser. Freeze this as well and then grapple on the wall to reach the top of the rock. Here you will see the purple artifact from a corpse.

Norn chest

In the same area as the Artifact, the Norn chest can be found after descending the rock. But first you will have to destroy three seals, you will recognize them because they look like rocks with a glyph that glows blue. Just throw your Ax to destroy them. The first seal is found on the hill where the Artifact was. The second behind the Cassa Norna on the first island. The third one is to the right of the chest on a small rock. 

Essence of Hel

From the Cassa Nornana, scale the scaffolding to the right of the geysers. Then slide down the rope. In the area where you land, interact with the huge green portal by holding down Square. Defeat waves of enemies. Be warned though, that like all Essences of Hel, they won't be available until you reach the twelfth storyline mission. If you also want to find the other Essences of Hel, find our guide at this link. 

Last Remnants of Asgard

Keep going north with the boat until you reach an opening on the left side of the river. Press Circle to pass under it, leading to a secret area. After mooring the boat, you'll have to survive waves of enemies. After defeating them, wait a few seconds and you will see on the screen that the task has been completed. 

To reach the God of War Ragnarok collectible, just drop off the ledge on the right and you will find a Red Chest. One thing to point out is that the Last Remnants of Asgard they appear only and exclusively when the main storyline is complete. 

Norn chest

In the same area where you found the Last Remains of Asgard, you will also find a Norn Chest. You will need to hit 3 glyphs to access the Cashier. The first is to the right of the Cashier, behind the geyser. For the second you will have to immediately turn right to see the rock. While to reach the last one you will have to go back and go down to the area to see the rock. 

Legendary Chest

From the Norn Crate, climb to the left of the area and climb. The reference point is the position of the second glyph. Then head left to see the Legendary Chest.


From the Legendary Chest, turn around and go down to the end of the street (you'll only find one, it's not the street you came from). After going down, you will see a stone with blue text, interact to get the God of War Ragnarok collectible.


On the next island, after freezing the geysers to ride the elevator, you'll find a small table near the chain that you'll need to use for story purposes. It's virtually impossible to miss, since it's on the road you'll take to the main storyline. It will glow purple. 

And here is the location of all the Aurvangar Wetlands collectibles.


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