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    Ghost of Tsushima: how to find all hidden altars

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    Ghost of Tsushima between announcements, screenshots, trailers and gameplay of all kinds is finally here and in this guide we explain how and where to find all the hidden altars scattered throughout the vast game world

    Beating the length and breadth of the beautiful and lush island of Tsushima you have probably noticed that in some locations arise altars. These are solitary structures and not very conspicuous by their dimensions contained, pregnant with a sort of mystical aura. Let's clarify one thing immediately for those of you who are less inclined to spirituality and asceticism: finding all the altars in question will be essential to unlock the hidden trophy "Honor the invisible”, So no more skepticisms and you too embark on this mystical quest. 

    In the vast majority of cases, locating shrines will not be a particularly challenging task simple. This is because, unlike the collectable standards scattered throughout the game, hidden altars cannot be found by setting the wind as a guide, since the aforementioned are not indicated on the map of game. And no, you can't even rely on yellow birds to find them. This is where ours comes into play guide.

    Before continuing, we will briefly mention some useful information regarding the mechanical of operation general of altars. The latter can have the most disparate and dissimilar features, (columns, statues, temples) know, however, that if what you have in front of you is a real hidden altar, inevitably, it will be flanked by a cartel with a silhouette in the act of to bow. At this point, approaching you will have the opportunity to make your character genuflect and trigger a particular animation from time to time. Read on now to find out where all the hidden altars di Ghost of Tsushima.

    Ghost of Tsushima: a wonderful journey through remote villages, endless forests and hidden altars 

    The latest Sucker Punch effort hit retailers' shelves last Friday 17 July. The title, over the months, starting from the announcement with great fanfare occurred on the occasion of the Paris Game Week, he He October 30, 2017, was able to attract the attention of public e criticizes. Lots of gameplay, announcements and screenshot released related to the game and the setting with the hypnotic charm that characterizes it.

    Sucker Punch builds an experience of dynamic adventure in the third person strongly voted to stealth, placing it in the historical context of the first Mongol invasion that upset the microcosm of Japan feudal in 1274. The game retraces the complex human journey that will lead the protagonist, Jin Sakai, to transform himself lastly samurai a Ghost assassin. 

    Players have one at their disposal map of considerable size, completely and freely explorable far and wide. 3 different regions and more than 40 biomes different ones give life to the virtual universe of  Ghost of Tsushima. A world made of endless and silent forests of cherry trees in bloom, villages of almost forgotten fishermen and places of worship lonely. The latter are the subject of the guide in question. So let's go and discover, one by one, the hidden altars di Ghost of Tsushima.

    Izuhara - Ghost of Tsushima: how to find all hidden altars

    We illustrate below all the altars hidden in the region of Izuhara. There are many so arm yourself with patience:


    • Il first altar of the region can be found in the area known as "Pace di Tadayori". This is a hidden location that can be explored during a secondary mission of the game. Visiting the bay of Azamo in Chapter 1, in fact, it will be possible to unlock the fantastic story "The legend of Tadayori". By completing the challenge you will find the grave relative, in the pasture of Houren. The area is particularly recognizable due to a vast expanse of purple and pink flowers. At the center of the expanse stands a lives, there you can bow. 
    • il second altar is near the Komasu Forge. You can take advantage of the fast travel to reach it. Once you arrive in the area, aheight beyond some rocks. Walk along the pathway and soon you will find yourself in the presence of various triptychs by stone sculptures. Approach the greatest and bow down. A bird will immediately go to rest on the statues.
    • il third altar is the Statue of Buddha. The latter is located in the Golden Temple di Ariake. The structure in question can be visited in first chapter of the mainline fiction. Once you reach the building, go up the stairs on the west side of the village. You will find yourself in front of an imposing statue of a Buddha. The altar is not marked, unlike the sculpture.
    • Il fourth altar of the region rises to the Fishing Village in the prefecture of Hiyoshi. Go to kechi (this is the name of the village) which is located west of the Terme di Hiyoshi. You can reach it by following the river nearby. The hidden altar is placed on the marina leading to the river. Before bowing, it is clearly advisable to free the village from Mongoli.
    • Il fifth altar and at Terme di Hiyoshi. Keep the reference point Traveler's inn. The latter is south of the Fishing Village of kechi just mentioned. On the small port of the river it is possible to see theAltar hidden.
    • Il sixth altar rises near the intersection of Yoichi. The latter is occupied by Mongoli who use it as refuge. The location is located southwest of the Terme di Hiyoshi in the region of Hiyoshi. Like the previous altar. The Mongolian camp is located in the vicinity of a small cemetery. After you have reached the exact point of the fast travel head towards South crossing the wooden portal. After passing it, continue towards South without ever leaving the path and you will find yourself exactly in front of the cartel. At this point, bow and you will see some appearing Fireflies.
    • Il seventh altar hidden of the first region is located along coast of Kaneda, North of Izuhara and west of Kaneda Castle. On the beach stands a pillar of Honor which is also a hidden altar. At this point you can breathe a sigh of relief: you have already found most of the hidden altars di Ghost of Tsushima.

    Toyotama - Ghost of Tsushima: how to find all hidden altars

    Below are the altars of the region of Toyotoma, even here the search will be quite long:

    • Il first hidden altar of this region rises between City e Akashima. Southwest of the marshy area of ​​the Vecchia Kanazawa stands one column stone in the middle of a field of wheat. Bow down and you will see some hovering in the air dragonfly. The pillar is northeast of the Farm of Iijima, across the river, slightly northwest of one fox hole.
    • For the second altar of the region of Toyotama reach the the di Kushi. North of the Fortress Yarikawa, there's a Shinto temple with well- two altars hidden neighbors. Reach the temple and start climbing there ladder. On the top you will see two rocks and the statue of a rana. Bow down, then turn around to right and, at the exit, you will find another one statue of a rana. The latter is also a Altar.
    • Il third altar is near Omi. Reach Otsuna and the village of Omi. South of the latter rises a monastero. It is an impressive building located on a hill. Near the temple there is a small one cemetery. Bow down in front of the huge tomb to trigger a gingle.
    • For the fourth altar always keep the Omi village as a reference point. TO north of the settlement is located on cemetery Sakai with the grave of the father of protagonist. The latter is a Altar hidden not reported.
    • THElast of hidden altars in Ghost Of Tsushima is found in a location that we do not want to reveal to you because it is relevant to the plot of the game's narrative. To avoid any kind of spoiler we can anticipate that by continuing in the mainline of the quests you will necessarily end up exploring the place in question. Keep your eyes peeled for the end of chapter 2 and be ready to genuflect at the slightest sign. 

    Honor the invisibles (and the hidden altars of Ghost of Tsushima)

    You have come to the end of yours mystical quest. At this point you have found all the hidden altars di Ghost of Tsushima and you are entitled to the much coveted trophy "Honor the invisible“, Another step towards the Platinum. The journey was lungo but it will be worth it also because what at first glance is a simple one search, has actually allowed you to fully immerse yourself in the game world and enjoy the view of the beautiful luoghi of the island of Tsushima

    We thank you for taking the time to read this guide and we hope that the same has been of help to you. We remind you that ours will be available soon review for the title in question. On this page, however, you will find a guide for all trophies of the title. Stay tuned to Holygamerz for all the updates and curiosities from the gaming world and beyond.

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