Fortnite Royal Aviation: Guide to Challenges

    Between tomorrow and Wednesday the 8.50 Fortnite update will be available which will include various bug and glitch fixes that have plagued the work of Epic in recent weeks. In the meantime, however, we can have fun with the Real Aviation timed mode which allows us to board a plane and fight against our opponents.

    Now, we help you solve the challenges of the Fortnite Season 8 event. Let's see the challenges and their rewards together.

    • Inflict damage to enemy Stormwings with a submachine gun or machine gun (4000 damage) - 500 XP:
      The fight starts with a SMG, so it's not too complex to deal damage. Also, by opening the chests you can get the machine gun that deals more damage and allows you to complete the challenge even faster.
    • Collect sky chests of different rarity as a pilot (5 chests) - 500 XP:
      As the challenge says, just get a chest for each type of rarity (common / white, uncommon / green, rare / blue, epic / red and legendary / gold). To collect the chests simply go through the colored circles with the chest icon. To complete the challenge, however, you must be in command of the plane.
    • Play Royal Aviation games (7 games) - Skull Alias ​​Cover:
      Simply play and complete seven games of Royal Aviation. In this case, you won't get XP, but Cover.

    Fortnite Royal Aviation: Guide to Challenges

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    • Inflict damage to opposing Stormwings with pistols (2000 damage) - 500 XP:
      Just like in the first challenge, you just have to inflict damage by collecting the guns from the chests.
    • Destroy the opposing Stormwings (5 destructions) - 500 XP:
      In this case, the damage does not matter but you must destroy five opposing planes with any weapon. It won't take you too long.
    • Survive opponents in Royal Aviation mode (100 opponents) - Cover Alias ​​Falcone:
      In this case you have to survive 100 opponents during various Royal Aviation matches. From game to game you will be able to complete the objective.
    • Inflict damage to opposing Stormwings with an assault rifle (5000 damage) - 500 XP:
      As in the previous ones, inflict damage after obtaining an assault rifle by upgrading the weapons of your Stormwing. Once you have reached 5000 damage, you will have completed the challenge.
    • Deal damage with upgraded Stormwing weapons (4000 damage) - 500 XP:
      Upgraded weapons are more complex to use, so you may encounter some difficulties: luckily they do more damage, so your goal must be to inflict accurate hits.
    • Positioned in the top 5 in Royal Aviation (3 times) - Alias ​​Lupo coverage:
      This is not a trivial challenge, but conceptually it is very simple; all you have to do is finish in the top five in at least three games. Getting together with your friends is a good idea.
    • Complete all Royal Aviation Challenges (9 Challenges) - Alias ​​Bumblebee Cover:
      By completing all nine other challenges, you will also complete this one and earn the Bumblebee Alias ​​Cover.

    We remind you that the Fortnite Royal Aviation event will be available until April 24th. Tell us, which challenges do you think are the most complex?

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