Final Fantasy XV: Flying Regalia and Black Hood | Guide

Final Fantasy XV hides many secrets such as the Regalia Type-F, able to fly and which you will need to get to a very secret area in order to get a piece of unique equipment!

In Final Fantasy XV the secrets are certainly not lacking and in this article I want to reveal a couple that will make you happy. We all know the Regalia, the car that will accompany our entire journey in the lands of Light, but if you are tired of the long waits between one place and another, just follow this mini guide and you will solve your problems on the fly.

How to get the flying Regalia Type-F in Final Fantasy XV

To make the Regalia steering wheel, it will be necessary to finish the game and carry out some missions to obtain the parts necessary for its construction.

First, it will be necessary to overwhelm the imperial forces that garrison three military bases.

The first two are closely linked to the plot, consequently following the natural course of events you will come into possession of two fundamental parts to transform your classic car into a Regalia Type-F (the flying version). The parts you will get in these two outposts are the Ali Curve it's one Unstable stabilizer. 

The third component will be found in the enemy base of Fortmouth Garrison, this base will be visible on the map as a secondary mission, once you arrive in enemy territory you will have to defeat two giant and fully armed Mechs. I advise you, if you are not a great fighter, to present yourself to the fight with a few more levels than the one recommended by the game and to replenish your inventory with some more care. Once the fight is over, you can get hold of the third key item: it strange engine.

Once you have all three pieces, you can return to the busty Cindy who will fix your car properly. Making it flying and equipped with an inexhaustible fuel! It will also please the "trophy hunters" to know that with the first take-off the trophy will be obtained Regalia Pilot.

Secret place and the Black Cap

If owning the flying Regalia is not enough for you, know that thanks to this hybrid car you can reach a secret dungeon, located in the most dangerous area of ​​Final Fantasy XV. Once you have managed to reach the end of this terrifying journey, you will get a unique reward: the Black hood.

Getting to the area where the dungeon is located is a challenge in all respects. The only way to get to this area is to fly a breath away from the crash on the mountains that border the part that interests us and land with our car on an emergency runway. Once you have avoided the crash you will have to follow the path that goes north and enter the dungeon with a few leaps which will only be accessible at night.

I advise you to avoid any combat, unless you are at least level 65, as every enemy you will find in this area will be higher than the one just mentioned. Once inside the labyrinth, get ready to be very cold-blooded, as the path will not be studded with enemies but with puzzles and jumps that would make even the platforming phase of Dark Souls. In any case, if you manage to get to the end of the route, the reward will be worth the effort: you will get the Black hood, a piece of equipment that will do that Noctis you automatically dodge any attack.

A screen that will help you locate the landing point

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