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Want to complete Devil May Cry 5 but can't find some Secret Missions? Don't worry, follow this guide to know how to complete them!

In Devil May Cry 5, hidden within the various missions, there are some secret levels: additional challenges that reward the player upon their completion with very useful accessories and collectibles, such as fragments of Blue Gem.

In the whole game there are 12 Secret Missions: you will have, through a specific perspective, to unlock the portals of the missions, but not all of them are easy to locate. So, this guide will be useful for you! Each mission will ask the player to test his skills, ranging from defeating all enemies, to collecting all Red Gems within a certain time limit.

Here's how to find the Secret Missions, and some tips on how to best complete them!

How to find Secret Missions - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

You will find the first Secret Mission automatically, as a tutorial will start in the Mission 2 of the main story.

This tutorial will allow you to understand the mechanics to find every secret portal, but not all Secret Missions they will be so easy to find. Finding the red symbols will be easy, the hard part is figuring out where position itself to make the portal unlock!

When you find the right location that will allow you to unlock the portal, one will appear Red light: from this point you will have to look at the red signs and thus unlock the Secret Mission. In some cases, you will have to reach a certain area, or reach the least recommended point to unlock the Secret Mission.

If you fail to complete the proposed challenges, don't worry! All the Secret Missions unlocked will be available on the main menu, ready to be completed when you want. But let's dive into this now guide on Secret Missions!

Secret Mission 1 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

Located within the second game mission, a tutorial on how to unlock it will start: nothing particularly difficult then. The goal will be to defeat all enemies within the time limit: the reward will be a fragment of Blue Gem.

Secret Mission 2 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

The second Secret Mission is located inside the third game mission, in the sewers. Enter the stairwell, and instead of going up, drop down at the base of the stairs, then head to the left corner. Rotate the camera and visualize the wall behind you: you will be able to unlock the portal of the Secret Mission. In this challenge you will not have to let any demons escape; if you succeed, you will get a shard of Blue Gem.

Secret Mission 3 - Devil May Cry 5 Guide

Within the fourth game mission, after the collapsed bridge, there will be one Nidhogg larva to the left of the building entrance. Make sure you get it, you'll need it! On the other side of the building, you will have to defeat the enemies that will appear in front of you. Your exit will then be blocked: during the fight, V he will use his Devil Trigger.

Nightmare will appear like this, destroying the wall with the graffiti. After the battle, he then enters the breach, but stay on the ground floor and head behind the building, where you will find another one Nidhogg larva. Then return to the main road of the mission, but you will notice two Nidhogg Barriers. By unlocking the first, you will receive a shard of Blue Gem; unlocking the second will also enter another building previously inaccessible. Climb to the top of the building, where you will notice a hole in the wall: looking out you will notice the red marks, indicating that the portal of the Secret Mission it's here.

You will need to collect all the Red Gems to complete the challenge.

Secret Mission 4 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

You will find this challenge within the fifth game mission: Once again, you'll need Nightmare's help to unlock the Secret Mission. After entering, in fact, the warehouse and defeating the enemies present, you will notice some freight containers on the left: climb them.

Proceed to dead center, summon Nightmare to destroy the wall in front of V and destroy the demons you will find a little further on. Then, climb the scaffolding on a series of yellow spiral stairs - the beam of light you will find will indicate that you are in the ideal position to unlock the portal of the Secret Mission.

TIPS FOR THE SECRET MISSION 4: This challenge will require you to defeat all enemies without being harmed. A tip to make the task easier: buy and unlock the skill Promotion, which will allow V to ride Nightmare. You will be able to very easily avoid any damage. Otherwise, you will have to be very careful in completing the challenge!

Secret Mission 5 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

This challenge can be found inside theeighth game mission. After taking a few blood lifts, you will reach the second lava fall, on which a platform will appear that allows you to Black to climb the waterfall itself. Turn the camera to the right, where you will find a ledge, with grass growing on its surface

Jump onto the ledge, then look up to find a spot to use your grappling hook - use it until you reach an opening in the other side of the room.

Jump down, then, into the hole, and reach the center of the area that presents itself in front of you. The beam of light will indicate the optimal place from which to "assemble" the branding for the Secret Mission.

TIPS FOR THE SECRET MISSION 5: To complete the challenge, you will need to reach the other side without touching the ground. This challenge will be feasible with the grapple skill at level 2, but combined with the double jump, it will be much easier to complete the Secret Mission.

Secret Mission 6 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

In ninth main story mission, you will find yourself stuck in a courtyard, with some demonic roots blocking your way. You will also find a snippet of Blue Gem, hidden behind these: put the demonic roots in front of you and invoke Nightmare. The familiar will destroy the roots that block the passage in no time: you can recover the fragment, but jump on the stairs on which ivy grows. In fact, you will find the ray of light that will indicate that from this point you will have to line up the red marks: move the camera towards the entrance to activate the Secret Mission. In this challenge, you will have to eliminate all the demons in less than 20 seconds.

Secret Mission 7 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

You will find the challenge within the tenth game mission: With Dante Alighieri you will find many timed doors, and the Secret Mission 7 it will hide right behind one of these. In fact, you will find yourself in a room with two timed doors, one on the left and the other on the right, which will both be blocked: destroy all the enemies, including a Queen Empusa.

After taking out the enemies, enter the door to the right to find the Secret Mission: the beam of light will be on the ramp that takes you to the top of the area. In this challenge you will have to eliminate enemies with a single gunshot: aim for the vulnerable point!

TIPS FOR THE SECRET MISSION 7: you will also have to contend with Death Scissors, and you will obviously have to defeat it with a single blow. To do this, center the target on the enemy, and deflect every attack, but be careful not to hit it. The goal will be to destroy the scissors he is holding: once broken, in fact, the head of the Death Scissors will turn red. Hit it right now to take it out in one fell swoop.

Secret Mission 8 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

You will find a huge building in theeleventh mission in history, where you will have to destroy the blood clots. The first will be on a ledge under the cracked checkerboard floor: upon its destruction, a cut-scene will start, later showing the central tower collapsing.

Don't destroy the second blood clot - go back the way you came, jump to the second level of the building and destroy the wall in front of you. The light beam will appear on the left, allowing you to line up the red marks. In this mission you will have to get and keep a Rango Style S or more.

Secret Mission 9 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

You'll unlock a secret entrance as you progress through the twelfth game mission, under the statue with the sword, surrounded by a pool of blood. Enter the secret passage under the statue, continue on this road until you reach a large stone staircase. Climb the ladder to the top, then turn around - you will see a ledge in front of you. Jump over it to activate the light beam and rotate the camera behind you to line up the red portal marks.

TIPS FOR THE SECRET MISSION 9: to stay in the air for more than 15 seconds, the objective of the challenge, you will have to use Dante's skills on jumping. So, jump on the enemies, attack them in the air and remember that you can cancel your actions, and then repeat them, with the jump itself.

Secret Mission 10 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

Hidden inside the fourteenth game mission: you will reach a slope with a passage blocked by some roots. Turn left, where you will see the passage blocked by some cobwebs, with a blood clot on the right. Destroy it to continue on the passage, then enter the area now accessible. The beam of light will now appear: on it, look in the direction of the passage you came from to unlock the portal of the Secret Mission.

TIPS FOR THE SECRET MISSION 10: in this challenge you will have to reach your goal without touching the ground. Jump off the ledge, do some air strikes to gain distance, then use Griffon to glide. Or follow this infinitely simpler way but one that requires the Promotion skill: summon Nightmare, willow on the back and walks towards the target. In this way, V it will never touch the ground.

Secret Mission 11 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

In story mission number 15, you will find this secret challenge. Make sure you have arms for Nero Gerbera, along with the ability to double jump. After reaching the first statue of the deity, where you can unlock skills and buy consumables, turn around to see a small passage.

A scene will start, which will also show you the fragment of Blue Gem on top of a series of steep cliffs and hills. Use the aerial movement of the Gerbera arm to climb the cliffs. You will land on the path, right next to the shard. Looking to the right, where there is also a Red Gem, you will find a small point where the ray of light will be. On this point, look ahead to activate the Secret Mission.

Secret Mission 12 - Devil May Cry 5 | Guide

You will come to a point in the sixteenth game mission in which you will have to jump in arenas, each with particular enemies to defeat. Proceed until you encounter two large and dangerous lizards rolling towards you.

From here, be careful when going down: jump down to the two platforms below, then reach a platform where you will also find a Red Gem tree. Proceed to the hidden path. So jump from platform to platform until you find one with red and white orbs.

There is a small alcove behind this platform - head there and, on the bright spot, look back to unlock the challenge portal.

TIPS FOR THE SECRET MISSION 12: This challenge requires Dante to use the weapon Dr. Faust, which will allow you, especially at higher levels, to collect lots of red orbs to complete the mission. Use the Gunslinger style and attack enemies with the area attack: by doing so, you will earn a huge amount of red orbs and finish the challenge in the shortest possible time.

This closes the guide up how to find and deal with Secret Missions Devil May Cry 5: do not forget to comment if the guide is useful to you, or if you want to tell us your gaming experience!

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