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In Death Stranding going forward you will unlock the possibility of building different structures and in this guide we will show you the best places to do it

One of the main themes of Death Stranding is that of ties. During the game it will be our task reconnect among them all the cities and people of America, but on our journey we will not be alone. The other players will always be connected with us and we can help each other by building structures. In this guide we will tell you about the best places where you can build your structures, so as to simplify your journey and that of others.

Regain nature

At the beginning of Death Stranding you will have to venture into a desolate and lonely world. Over time you will be able to build structures to fill this world and similarly other players' structures will appear in your game. Whenever a player uses one of your facilities, get "likes". If your buildings are in places where they are particularly useful, they may even get more likes than normal, raising your courier level even more.

If you want to help other players as much as possible while getting numerous “likes” at the same time, you will need to look for suitable places to build. In the game they are present numerous constructions, but here we will talk about the ones that will be most useful to you in the first sections of the game.

Watchtowers - Death Stranding: Best Places to Build

One of the first structures you will encounter on your journey is the watchtower. These facilities will help you to observe the area where you are and will also mark the position of all the objects you frame. The towers will allow you to have great advantages when you are looking for a lost cargo or a hidden collectible.

One of the best places to build these structures is near enemy camps. By placing a tower outside the confines of a MULES camp, you can scan the area and mark all the loads held by your enemies. This will be very useful especially in the first hours of the game, since you will not have many tools available to defend yourself or to outrun your pursuers.

Generators - Death Stranding: Best Places to Build

When you unlock the vehicles and exoskeletons, you will understand how much having energy available is a necessity. These tools will help you navigate the map quickly and safely, but their battery will last very short. You might think about placing the generators close to the structures, so as to recharge after a long journey, but in reality you will get the best result by placing them halfway. Building a generator near a shelter is a waste, as your vehicles' batteries will automatically refill when you rest.

Another place where you could place your generators to receive many "likes" is precisely in the middle of nowhere. These remote places are the classic place where you would not want to get stuck without energy and often travelers who go to these areas could be comfortable with a nice recharge.

Bridges - Death Stranding: Best Places to Build

At the start of the game, bridges are a great help in overcoming rivers and crevasses either on foot or with a vehicle, but they require a lot of materials to build. If you often find yourself wasting time trying to get around a hazard, it might be advantageous to place a bridge somewhere. When planning a route for a delivery, pause to think about whether a bridge could make it easier. Plus you can try to build bridges close to Bridges facilities or MULES camps, so you can use the resources of these places to build faster.

Mailboxes - Death Stranding: Best Places to Build

Le mailboxes they are small lockers where you can deposit your items in the private storage or in the common one, so as to help other players. These structures are particularly useful at the start of the game, so that large amounts of resources for bridges and other structures can be transported more easily.

At first, it is best to think of mailboxes as tokens for objects. The best place to place them is within a zone where many resources can be obtained easily, like a camp, and an area where materials are delivered, like a bridge under construction. This way you can more easily complete large constructions that require a lot of materials and get a lot of extra likes.

Anti-rain canopies - Death Stranding: the best places to build

There are some parts of the map where it always seems to rain. These are the best places to put these shelters, as they will allow players not only to protect themselves from the rain, but also to repair your damaged equipment. Furthermore, here you can wait for the rain to stop making time pass quickly, but remember that if you have timed deliveries, waiting could make your final grade worse or even fail your mission.

Being selfless pays off

In Death Stranding you get the most out of trying to do something for others, without thinking only of your own advantage. What we have given you are some great tips to get lots of likes, but in the end the goal of the game is to get players to help each other. So when you are in doubt about creating some structure in somewhat isolated places, the best move is to do it, since sooner or later someone will pass by them, and even if it should be just a couple of people, you will still receive their "like ”And with it the satisfaction of having helped someone.

Death Stranding was developed by Kojima Productions ed is available now on PS4, while it will be released on PC in early summer 2020. If this article was useful to you, we invite you to also take a look at the guides on our site, such as the one on where to find the materials and on how to customize the structures. If you are interested in staying updated on all the news of the title and much more, keep following us here on Holygamerz.

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