Chrono Trigger - Tricks


Alternative and unlockable endings

Ending #1 "Beyond Time"
Defeat Lavos after resurrecting Kronos at Death Peak

Ending #10 "Dino age"
Defeat Lavos after beating Magus, but before taking out Azala

Ending #11 "What The Prophet Seeks"
Defeat Lavos after beating Azala, but before Schala opens the sealed door

Ending #12 "Memory lane"
Defeat Lavos after Schala opens the sealed door, but before she resets the pendant light

Ending #13 "Dream's Epilogue"
Defeat the Dream Devourer beyond Time's Eclipse

Ending #2 "Reunion"
Defeat Lavos while Cronus is dead

Ending #3 "The Dream Project"
Defeat Lavos in Oceab Palace or immediately after starting a New Game +

Ending #4 "The successor of Guardia"
Defeat Lavos after saving Leene and Marle, but before visiting the End of Time

Ending #5 "Good Night"
Defeat Lavos after visiting the End of Time, but before returning to Middle Ages

Ending #6 "The Legendary Hero"
Defeat Lavos after arriving in Middle Ages, but before earning the Hero's Badge

Ending #7 "The Unknown Past"
Defeat Lavos after obtaining the Hero's Badge, but before the Gate key is stolen

Ending #8 "People of the times"
Defeat Lavos after retrieving the Gate key, but before giving Masamune to Frog

Ending #9 "The Oath"
Defeat Lavos after giving Masamune to Frog, but before fighting Magus

New Game +
Defeat Lavos and get all 12 original endings

Nuovo dungeon: Dimensional Vortex
Complete the game by taking the Black Omen path

Dungeon bonus: Lost Sanctum
Sblocca Black Omen

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Exit date: February 6 2009

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