Bravely Default 2 - Complete guide to all bosses

Bravely Default 2 - Complete guide to all bosses

Bravely default 2 it's one of those games, come on Nintendo Switch, all to be stripped, to be explored and deepened through its main history, both through the various roads secondary possibly and freely explorable. There classicism of its registered structure Square Enix, once again, it has managed to captivate the hearts of both historical enthusiasts and those who have approached it for the very first time. As in every JRPG respecting the path of the protagonists is studded with difficulties, with the various boss and legendary battles to be able to overcome and read.

This guide, therefore, has as its objective that of explain to you, step by step, how to deal with the various boss that you will find in front of you during your individual runs and experiences, trying not only to explain the details to compose them, but to deepen the possibility of approach that the game itself offers with them. 

Before leaving you to it, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Bravely Default 2, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by Claytechworks. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before you have concluded the game's campaign.

Defeat Selene and Dag

Recommended level 3-5. Given the early phase of the game in which these two meet, the basic advice towards victory is to have at least the fire magic e Tuono unlock with your black wizard. All this will simplify the battle a lot. Speaking, however, of the paraphernalia that you must have equipped, in reality DON'T there are specific objects. Rather choose the armor in your possession with more defense and, in the event that you want to be more offensive here, this boss of Bravely Default 2 is weak to the daggers.

If you choose to play it safe, then focus your attention primarily on the defense care, leaving the attack at Sir Sloane. If, on the other hand, you intend to centralize your attacking strategy, we recommend attacking first Selene, before he manages to sing the various personal buffs, also taking advantage of a special attack obtainable, in this circumstance, with Seth.

Sconfiggere Horten in Bravely Default 2

Recommended level 5-7. Actually even with this boss fight DON'T there is equipment that is specifically useful, or situationally strategic. Make sure you wear the meglio that you have in everything and, in the event that you have trained your party a lot, it could also be useful to purchase a talisman of fire to weaken the boss.

The skills of Horten, especially when it focuses on a single character, they can be scary at first. In this battle of Bravely Default 2 the important thing is to keep going treat party with the appropriate magic and leave the action to Sir Sloan.

Defeat Orpheus

Recommended level 10-12. To face this boss fight you must first adjust the i roles in the party, through the various job. Here you will need at least 2 characters with access to black magic e Bianca, so you can both safeguard yourself and generate damage to the area. At the start of the fight, immediately try to to poison Orpheus with your black mage, then take care of the monsters alongside him in Bravely Default 2. These will quickly go down with spells single, not by area if you want to speed things up. Accompany it all with the skills at your disposal.

As for the equipment there is nothing to say, except to bring one or two with you clothespins, which will protect your party from counterattack of Orpheus against black magic. 

At the start of the fight this boss from Bravely Default 2 will enhance at most his allies making them pretty hard to knock down. In relation to this you rely on the strength of your own Monaco who with his a skills will be able to carry out his work. At the same time the black magician will have to pay constant attention toto poison the boss and the white in safeguard the party situation. In his second phase Orpheus, now alone, will change his attacks by developing waves of damage even in the area. The danger of this phase is related to the poisoning recommended previously. If you have continued to poison him then only worry about healing with the vanguard focused on your black mage.

Bravely Default 2 - Complete guide to all bosses

Defeat Anihal

Recommended level 12-24. First you will need a bard to survive the attacks of Anihal and his people. As for the other classes, make sure you have the opportunity to do heavy damage. Same thing for the jobs, building a party that can both defend itself and offend considerably by speaking. Also try to protect you by the various status altered, especially protecting the white mage, essential in the battle. Ideal here as equipment we have the white veil and bracelet of strength for the white magician, and the silver glasses e bracelets of power for the Monaco. You will also need to equip the silver glasses tovanguard it's one star pendant al bard.

In anticipation of this boss's first move make sure to right away poison him with the black magician, then focus mainly on undine, to prevent it from curing its allies. Take it out with the monk. Then eliminate the remaining allies.

As soon as Anihal's animals have been eliminated, the bossfight takes place will simplify. Here make sure that no members of your party are poisoned (this negative status could easily turn the tide). When his HP is down, finish him off with the strongest attacks you have.

Defeat Bernard 

Recommended level 16+. Bernard being weak at axes in his boss fight the Minotauro Capable nearby, given its ax attack. Using the class of the beastmaster you can close everything quickly by dedicating yourself to the capture and use of the aforementioned.

If you want attack it directly then focus primarily on his own henchmen with normal attacks, and pursued him by poisoning him and hitting him repeatedly with the most powerful attacks available. Another central element in this battle of Bravely Default 2 is the bard's ability "Won't be missing you", so as to block his evasiveness. But always pay attention to MP of your wizards. When you see that the courage of this opponent rises, consequently to the danger of him, have him concentrate all his attacks on the party members most ready to resist, perhaps using the skills of the vanguard.

Defeat Prince Castor

Recommended level 17+. For this boss fight of Bravely Default 2 we advise you to equip yourself with the best defense you have, aiming to bring along a iron bracelet it's a water talisman. Avoid using Default, unless you want to collect BP for a character. To avoid the damage of Prince Castor attempting in every way of slow it down or block it. This being weak to the freezing an easy way would be to use them against the Cait Sith captured in the villa where you collide with Amphora. This strategy will immediately prove useful even on a defensive level by slowing it down, always reminding you to never cast spells related to the fire element on it. Also, defend yourself with the bard's buff from her attacks.

By not defaulting, the Bard's buffs become central to this battle, so you need to make sure you have one in your team, or, alternatively, a character who has this class as a secondary.

Defeat Roddy

Recommended level 20+. Before starting the fight, remember that Roddy is weak to ai daggers. These weapons, therefore, merged with the "God Speed ​​Strike" ability will speed up the whole process. Once you run out of MP, make sure you recover them through the Gambler's special attack and return to the previous skill. Alternatively, you can use the Golem's Megaton Punch.

One trick to use with this boss is to throw it at him magic ad area making them think about the whole party. Obviously remember that in that situation even white magic will be reflected.

Bravely Default 2 - Complete guide to all bosses

Come sconfiggere Lily su Bravely Default 2

Recommended level 22+. There are various strategic approaches to gaining the upper hand in this confrontation. You can catch the so-called petunias, particular seedlings that, when used by the Beastmaster, with the skill Banishra, inflict considerable damage.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the skill of the Gambler "Flash the Cash", very useful and incisive.

An extremely fearsome feature of Lily is that it allows her to paralyze one of the party members via the Shadowbind ability. Always remember to remove this status, as it makes it particularly vulnerable to flurries of attacks from this boss. Also make sure you have sufficiently empowered everyone, so as to resist to these damages, perhaps treating them with the help of Curacao.

An excellent offensive strategy against Lily is also to use Neo Cross Slash, exclusive ability of the bard, which allows him to attack by sitting on a sword to which the boss in question is weak, even going so far as to make them 2000 damage.

Defeat Galahad 

Recommended level 25+. First of all it should be noted that DON'T it will be possible to defeat Galahand at your first meeting, as everything will be closed in such a way as not to give you any way to react. The second time, however, is another story. Finding yourself, this time, having to face the boss accompanied by some demons specific, it is advisable to select a weapon that can harm everyone universally. The knocle lore, learnable in these phases of the game.

Being Picto-Amrita e Picoto-Mona immune to elements is strongly recommended equip even just one weapon linked to the elements. This choice would lead to the character's continued inactivity with the weapon in question throughout the battle. 

Being that Galahand will defend the demons throughout the battle, it is advised to paralyze him from the beginning maybe through Lily or the ranger's shadowbind. Once the paralysis is complete, immediately focus on Picto-Mona. She must be eliminated first, as if left alone she will continue to heal the rest. Also all of them are weak to the Light. In relation to this it is recommended to capture, through the beastmaster various petunias present in the woods of Wisland, perfect to help in the destructive cycle of the demons and the boss himself of Bravely Default 2.

The black magician, especially if extremely empowered, will be very useful in your offensive phase.

Defeat Folie 

Recommended level 27+. Also in this boss fight you will find yourself where to face more enemies. First of all, focus your attacks on Rock Tartoise, easily eliminated through some beastmaster beasts such as the Pephredo, Paraponera and Lop-Eared Rabbit, provable near wiswald

To eliminate the golem, however, we recommend element attacks aquatic. Avoid the ice element. 

In this battle, then, using the white magic will lead to a fearful response from Folie. So worry about having a red wizard to take care of these matters. 

The God Speed ​​Strike ability of the thief it is very useful against Folie, not that the best in your possession at this moment of the game, trying to keep an eye on the consumption of MP by the gambler. Obviously the easiest way to keep both the offensive and the defensive situation of your party under control is to guard against many. ether.

Defeat Martha

Recommended level 33+. One of the things we recommend always keeping ready is magic the first, especially when Martha attacks, in the early stages of the fight, with Sonic Thrust. In the next phase he will begin to use Spirit Surge (ability through which he drains hp and mp from a party member) both offensively and in defense and counterattack. To avoid this, use it shieldmaster with his defender of the people ability, counting i markers that Martha accumulates. Once you reach the last of the 3 accumulating tokens, attack it at a cost of 0. You can also use it bodyguard leaving one of yours alone to attack, always keeping an eye on the situation, his responses and your MPs. Being these stations it is advisable both to take advantage of the gambler to recharge them, and to use those that do not consume them in their offensive action (Monaco, Freelance).

Bravely Default 2 - Complete guide to all bosses

Defeat Helio and Gladys

Recommended level 35+. As Helio is the healer, focus on him immediately, perhaps through the abilities of the red wizard Chain Spell + Aeroga, so as to inflict considerable damage on it. Speaking instead of Gladys, you will have to try in every way to avoid them accumulate BP. So take advantage of your inactive shifts and concentrate on the treatments and upgrades at your party. To attack it you can try to go in Revenge. Once Helio is taken out, the fight will only require specific healings and not area-specific heals. This is to tell you that a red wizard is enough to protect the party. Then replace the white with some other work (such as bard) Cher can attack and bring characters. If Gladys should reach 3 BP try to defend yourself adequately with a vanguard, so as to let others breathe.

Sconfiggere Domenic in Bravely Default 2

Recommended level 38+. Domenic is one of those Bravely Default 2 boss fights that requires patience e caution, especially in building your own strategy e team. Because of the skill Reflection avoid having this boss in the team white wizards o red, rather replacing them with works such as the bard, and others for healing. If your level is high enough that you can assign a third attacker, do so. Domenic's fearsome climaxes when he piles up 3 BP, as it will unleash the terrible ability Triple.

Have from your one Manarobe (old armor that gives +1 resistance to fire and water) along with a water talisman and a talisman of fire, will cancel the80% of damage that Domenic can inflict. Another way to avoid taking damage from the aforementioned skill is to have all party members use the skill Leap of the dragon, when the boss reaches 3 BP, so to do abandon them the battlefield, leaving, of course, one waiting to suffer the whole thing (choose someone who is not central and who, in one way or another, manages to survive).

The rare monsters of Bravely Default 2

Mushussu: recommended level 14+. Finding yourself up against Mushussu, in Bravely Default 2, you will also have to deal with the Piestes, some snakes at his side. These are not to be underestimated at all, especially on an offensive level. They are weak to the element land, therefore easily eliminated using the Monaco and his or her skills or weaponry with this element. Before moving on to them, however, take care to to poison Mushussu himself. This is a fearsome boss in terms of damage, beware of his combos. In the event that you were able to poison him at the beginning, continue to keep him like this by taking care of the personal defense alternating it with the attack.

Lover of the Sith: recommended level 8-10. It is about the most rare monster easy to be defeated in Bravely Default 2. Once poisoned, continue attacking and healing from his attacks.

Coral Emperor: recommended level 25+. Being that the Coral Emperor is endowed with a powerful blizzaga, we recommend that you first increase the magical defense party with specific buffs. This is a weak boss ai daggers, then the rogue will prove to be central in the offensive phase, with his most powerful abilities. At the same time, avoid any magical approach against him, given his ability to absorb the damage in question.

Bravely Default 2 - Complete guide to all bosses

Monsters related to the quests of Bravely Default 2

Fenrir: recommended level 4+. With Fenrir you will find yourself facing an enemy with 3000 hp and a considerable defense. He then leaves the dirty work to Sir Sloan and makes sure you never drop anyone else's HP to a critical level.

Enormocrag: recommended level 10+. Avoid using the white magic against this boss, especially if you are in the early stages of Bravely Default 2. Also avoid letting him use it Jamphibian, unless you want to continue the boss fight indefinitely. It is very useful to choose to concentrate a specific character of your ad party poison him.

amphora: recommended level 16+. Capturing i Vishnu will be very useful in this boss fight. Make sure you poison him early and have a vanguard in the party, as the boss's attacks are mostly towards single targets. To all this you link the defense with a white wizard and attacks with everyone else. When Amphora reaches a number of hp critico will begin to mix supercharged and tundra making it even more formidable on an offensive level. To silence this attack, use the beastmaster, but be careful of his recovery.

Shirley: recommended level 15+. In the first phase of this fight you will have to face this optional boss of Bravely Default 2 a B & D, the card game. The only advice we can give you for now is to put it in your deck Orpheus so as to neutralize his first move and redeem the more peaceful fight to face. In the second phase, however, you will find yourself facing it flanked by both yours henchmen of which Orpheus. Take care of the first Primi and remember to equip one clothespin for your white wizard, then poison both her and Orpheus himself. Following the umpteenth cutscene, the last phase of the battle will open, in which the boss becomes more fearsome, continuing to attack the most fragile characters you have in the party. Try to balance the situation and above all to protect your black magicians with an avant-garde.

Glenn: recommended level 31+. With Glenn remember to especially use your most powerful attacks, avoiding the incantations, as they charge his BP leading to a very powerful attack. Remember to face this fight by bringing a powerful or medium white wizard with you, so as to cure the party from "contagion". No use Brave skills.

Jealous Jody: recommended level 33+. With Jealus Jody we are not faced with a confrontation that is too complicated, even if the offensive possibilities of him are not to be underestimated. Remember to bring along characters that allow you to keep an eye on the situation both from the point of view of defense than of the attack. In addition to all this, bring a pittomancer, as the boss is weak to the “Clear” ability.

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