BloodBorne - Guide on where to find the Little Carillon

    BloodBorne - Guide on where to find the Little Carillon

    BloodBorne it is undoubtedly a very complex game to face, the branded title From Software exclusive PlayStation, in fact, it hides many secrets inside, including the Small Carillon. This simple object can be obtained in the early stages of the adventure, we advise you to take it as it will be very useful to defeat one of the game's bosses, that is Father Gascoigne.

    ATTENTION: we remind you that this guide hides information on the plot and on a secondary quest, so we invite you to continue reading only if you are aware of this.

    This item will be useful to you, since if you activate it during the battle you can stun the enemy for a few seconds, leaving it helpless in front of you.

    While on your way to the boss you will pass through the sewers. Arrived in the large area with a group of crawling monsters, you will find a small wooden balcony with a ladder (if you have gone down to kill the enemies, go up on the balcony from a first ladder). Take the ladder to the top so that you come to a small bridge. Go through it, and if possible attack the giant from behind to kill him more easily. Go up the stairs next to the giant and pull the lever to open a shortcut to the sewers. To the right of the lever is a window that you can interact with. The daughter of Father Gascoigne will speak to you, and once the dialogue is over, she will give you the much coveted Carillon.

    The description of the object reads:

    A small music box received by a young Yharnam girl. She plays a song shared by her mother and her father. Inside the lid is a small piece of paper, perhaps an old message. There are two names, albeit vaguely, Viola and Gascoigne. 

    This was the quickest way to get the Little Carillon inside Bloodborne, making it easier for a boss fight. We also remind you that if you need further guides on the From title or on other games, we have an entire section dedicated to guides always updated with all the titles of the moment.

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