Apex Legends, Wattson: guide to skills, ultimate and combat strategies

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With the arrival of Season 2, Apex Legends has introduced many interesting new features such as challenges, the ranking mode and a new Legend, Wattson. We talked about it in this article. Now, though, it's time to go into a little more detail and understand how the new character works. Wattson can be a valuable member of your Apex Legends team if used well.

First of all, though, let's find out who the new Legend is. In fact, her real name is not Wattson, but Natalie Paquette. She is the daughter of the chief engineer of Apex Games and, like her parent, she has dedicated her life to science and, in particular, to electricity. However, the father disappeared right at the beginning of the games and the girl was left alone: ​​now, the area has become her new home.

Wattson: abilities and ultimate

Before moving on to the real game tips, let's review what Wattson's abilities are: knowing your Legend is essential to win within Apex Legends.

  • Perimeter defense (Tactical Ability): It is able to generate nodes that connect and create electrical barriers, these inflict damage on enemies and slow them down.
  • A brillant idea (Passive Ability): Ultimate Accelerators recharge Ultimate Ability to 100%. To reload your tactical skill faster, just get close to the interception pylons.
  • Interception pylon (Ultimate Ability): Up to three Interception Pylons can be placed upon activation which destroy explosives and repair damaged shields.

Apex Legends combat cheats and strategies

Wattson is a particularly useful character in the defensive and team reorganization phases: don't think, however, that his skills are useless during firefights. To start, it will be important to make the most of its Ultimate as it is able to destroy explosives in the vicinity and recharge the shields: it is clear that greater protection allows the team to dare a little in the offensive phase.

Wattson proves to be very useful in the tightest of environments, as you may have guessed for yourself: the electric fences it can generate will make enemies less likely to chase you. Of course, nodes can be destroyed, so place them in such a way that opponents can't hit them easily. If you want, for example, to trap an enemy inside a building by blocking the entrances, place the nodes outside and far enough away from the sides of the door.

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Furthermore, fences can force opponents to lengthen their path and move to specific sections of a building: this way you can predict where they will come from or slow them down enough to give you time to regroup; it is clear that it is essential to know the map in order to place the nodes in the right places. Once an enemy has passed through a fence, it disappears. In the end, opposing fences have a different color: don't get confused!

It is also important to have accelerators with you (remember that the passive ability enhances the effect): using the Ultimate frequently, with Wattson, is extremely useful and could surprise opponents who have just seen you place the interception pylons. Also remember that the pylons can cancel the Ultimate of Bangalore and Gibraltar, as long as you have placed them before the execution of the opponent's move. Wattson also takes advantage of short range weapons, perfect for hitting stunned enemies who have gone through electrical shields - ambushing is always a good idea.

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These are our top recommendations for using Wattson within Apex Legends. Obviously you need to have a good knowledge of the map, work in synergy with your companions and be proficient with the controller / mouse. With these tips, however, you can certainly start off on the right foot.

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