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    Ultraloq U - Bolt Pro vs August Smart Lock Pro: Which Smart Lock is Better

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    Smart locks are the future, and most modern smart locks are not only small and compact, but versatile as well. Two of the new smart locks that fall into this category are Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro and August Smart Lock Pro. August is a very famous manufacturer, the company has added a number of features to Smart Lock Pro.

    At the same time, the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro earned its share of applause by becoming famous as a 6-in-1 bolt. So it makes a lot of sense to pit both smart locks against each other and see if the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is better than the August Smart Lock Pro, or the other way around.

    Specifications in comparison

    Your name Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro August Smart Lock Pro
    Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz
    Nutrition 4 AA batteries 4 AA batteries
    Smart assistant integration Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant e applet IFTTT Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Z-Wave, Nest, IFTTT
    Automatic unlocking mode Yup Yup
    Fingerprint lock Yup No
    Access via PIN Yup Yup
    Guest access Yup Yup
    Physical keys Yup No

    Design and functionality

    As noted earlier, both smart locks are small and compact and are the polar opposite of locks like the August Smart Lock or Kwikset Halo. Ultraloq's U-Bolt Pro measures approximately 2,95 x 2,95 x 1,22 inches and will fit most standard ports.

    The external escutcheon looks like something out of a science fiction movie (okay, I may have exaggerated a bit) and features a fingerprint scanner and several keys to enter PINs. And guess what, the fingerprint reader is surrounded by an LED strip, which glows green to allow entry. And as you may have guessed, it lights up red when you enter the wrong PIN or when your fingerprint isn't registered.

    There's more. The small escutcheon also contains a slot for the physical key, if you feel more comfortable using a key. Here, the faceplate slides down to reveal the keyhole. You can see the compact nature also in the internal escutcheon. In addition to the rotary knob, it packs a fingerprint reader, making it easy and simple to unlock the door.

    The good thing about Ultraloq's smart lock is that the keys are easy and soft to press. At the same time, the reader is a 360-degree reader that easily reads registered fingerprints regardless of placement. The installation process is simple even if it requires some patience and knowledge.

    Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is not a standalone device and needs a bridge to connect to home Wi-Fi. Even if it's a small device it needs continuous power, which means that one of your power outlets near the front door will be busy.

    As opposed to Ultraloq's U-Bolt Pro sci-fi look, the August Smart Lock Pro packs a simple look and looks a lot like a simple handle. It is small and compact and measures approximately 3,4 x 2,22 x 3,4 inches.

    Unlike the one above, there is no concept of a keyboard or fingerprint reader. All you have to do is rotate it left to unlock and right to lock. It is worth noting that the sides of the lock have thin ridges which help for a better grip. And well, it also helps improve the look of the lock. August's backlit logo breaks up the simple look of the bottom lock. This part also acts as an indicator. Like the one above, it glows green when the door is unlocked and red when it is locked.

    Like its counterpart above, the August Smart Lock Pro also needs a bridge to work, aptly named Connect. This Connect module connects to the Wi-Fi network, which in turn connects to the smart lock. As you already know, the module must be in a strong Wi-Fi zone if you want to see optimal performance and speed.

    An added benefit of August's lock is that it can also use your Apple TV as a bridge. All you need to remember is to keep it close to the Bluetooth of the lock configured via Apple Homekit. Great, isn't it?

    Last but not least, both locks feature an override mechanism that can be used to power the lock if the battery runs out.

    • See the price of Ultraloq U - Bolt Pro on Amazon
    • See the price of August Smart Lock Pro on Amazon

    Integration with smart assistant

    We are in 2021 and the integration with the intelligent assistant is found on almost every device, from the humble power strip to the LED strips. So, it's no surprise that locks like Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro and August Smart Lock Pro come with smart assistant integration. Indeed, the question is how many assistants support these locks.

    For starters, the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT applets. Depending on which smart assistant you use the most at home, you can set them up and lock and unlock doors via voice commands. For example, you can ask Alexa to close the door.

    Note that Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro does not support Apple HomeKit, which means it does not support the “Hey Siri” voice command.

    August Smart Lock Pro solves the above lock limitation. It has quite a few smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and Apple Homekit. The latter means you can simply ask Siri to lock or unlock the door. And if that's not enough, you can also ask Siri about the port status, and that's a huge plus.

    Connectivity and performance

    As noted earlier, the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro needs a Wi-Fi bridge to function. However, the Bluetooth module is embedded right inside the lock and allows for control with a smartphone. At the same time, the app offers a wide range of options. From generating temporary PINs to granting and revoking guest access, it allows you to do a lot.

    The best part is that the lock also allows you to prefix or add a suffix to random digits when entering your PIN. As long as the correct string of numbers is present in the PIN, the door will unlock. And well, that's a great feature, especially if you have snoopy neighbors or are worried about someone snatching your lock code from afar.

    In addition to this, it is also equipped with an elegant geo-fencing function which facilitates the process of locking and unlocking the door. Once enabled and set, the doors automatically lock and unlock when you are near the smart lock. Speaking of automatic unlocking, the U-Bolt Pro also has a feature called Magic Shake.

    As the name suggests, the door unlocks by itself when you shake the phone. While it looks great on paper, the main obstacle is that you need to have the companion app open on your phone for it to work. Too bad, right?

    Other than that, the performance is outstanding. As long as you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, unlocking and locking the door is fast. The lock responds immediately if you are trying to unlock it via the app, PIN, fingerprint, Bluetooth location, or voice commands, although some have complained of the fingerprint reader not reading as expected.

    Thankfully, when it comes to performance, August Smart Lock Pro delivers incredible performance. Be it the quick release or the mechanical rotation of the knob. It does things with ease. Of course, there are no keyboards or fingerprint reader. And that's when the app enters the picture.

    It lets you set features like Auto Lock and Door Ajar Timing. The former gives you the flexibility to lock / unlock your door based on your location. If enabled, the door will automatically lock / unlock when it detects your smartphone nearby. The other is more of a security feature that sends a reminder if the door remains unlocked for a set period of time (customizable).

    It is worth noting that the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro also has an automatic lock / unlock feature.


    Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro has everything under control when it comes to smart locks. It is versatile and packs a wide range of unlocking features. You can open it via the app, your fingerprint or enter a PIN to gain access to your home. And the simple and straightforward app is the icing on the cake. Aside from the bridge, there is no need to invest in additional accessories. It's a bit expensive yes, however, it gives you versatility and performance for the price.

    By contrast, the August Smart Lock Pro is a simpler device and lacks the additional features like a fingerprint reader or numeric keypad.

    • See the price of Ultraloq U - Bolt Pro on Amazon
    • See the price of August Smart Lock Pro on Amazon

    The integration of the smart assistant and its excellent performance make it an excellent choice, especially if you don't want features like a fingerprint reader and the like. It is priced much lower than its competitor. And the simple mechanism makes it a compelling option.

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    In addition, it has the ability to connect to a keyboard. So if you are planning to upgrade later, it is doable.

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