Super Mario 64: how to find all the stars of Bagna Asciuga

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In this area we play with the water level. Here's how to get all the Wet Dry stars in Super Mario 64

Mario is an immortal icon, we all know that. Now, however, on the occasion of the 35 years of the mustachioed plumber, the Super Mario 3D All-Stars manages to remind everyone that titles of a certain caliber also manage to stand the test of time. Super Mario 64 is still available today, but it is a game that follows the style of the past. Inside there are many secrets and it is not easy to find them all. That's why we wrote this guide on the stars of Super Mario 64, in this case we will deal with Wet Dry.

A unique mechanic for a single picture

We are facing all’undicesima area of the game. To enter Bagna Asciuga it is necessary to unlock the first floor of the castle of Super Mario 64, which is obtained by defeating Bowser twice, possible having at least 30 stars. This level features a unique mechanic throughout the game. In fact, it is possible to change the water level at will through a series of switches. The control of the water will allow you to move around the map and discover some secret areas.

The obsessive care that has always distinguished Nintendo is also felt here. Indeed you can also check the water level when we start the level. The latter will depend on the height of the jump with which we will enter Bagna Asciuga. The painting that marks the entrance depicts a diver spider, or one of the enemies that we will later find inside the level. But let's not get lost in small talk and let's start with the position of the stars.

Does it go up or down? - Super Mario 64: how to find all the stars in Bagna Asciuga

For this first of the seven stars present in Super Mario 64 Dry Dry, there are several ways to get it. The first is the most natural one: the water level must be halfway, Climb up platforms to reach the block on the stone structure. Inside the block you can find the star you are looking for. The second method is necessary in case the water level is too low. Use the purple switch on the bridge near the starting point and use the platforms to get to the switch that controls the water.

The last method is the most particular, but it does not require any challenge. Just swim when the water level is as high as possible. In these conditions it is possible to reach the block with the star again. It is not comfortable to hit the block in these conditions, but after a few attempts you will be able to complete the mission bypassing the predetermined path by the developers.

Above the city - Super Mario 64: how to find all the stars in Bagna Asciuga

This star is a purely platform challenge. The goal is to climb to the highest area of ​​the entire map. To do this, the water level needs to be as high as possible. Then you have to defeat the Chuckya, the purple bob-omb with the antenna on the head. To beat her you will have to grab her from behind and throw her off the platform.

Time cross a bridge which will take you to a suspended platform. Be especially careful not to fall, the bridge is very narrow and you will have to pay attention to the Amperini that are present on the path. Arriving at the platform you will find the block that contains the star needed to complete this mission.

The 5 secrets from top to bottom - Super Mario 64: how to find all the stars of Bagna Asciuga

In Bagna Asciuga it is present one of the recurring challenges to get stars in Super Mario 64, or the one of secrets. These are mainly metal blocks to be pushed towards the inside of the walls, but variations are possible. Once you have found all five secrets, the star is unlocked at the beginning of the area. The secrets lie in the following areas:

  • On the lower level behind the structure with the cannon is one of the blocks to push
  • The same metal chest from the previous secret can be pushed to the corner. This way you can reach a block with the second secret
  • On the second level there is another metal block to be pressed inwards
  • In the third level you can find a block surrounded by coins around a pillar, which contains the penultimate secret
  • The last secret is located above the cage with the elevator, where there is a lock. To reach it, you need to activate a purple switch that makes platforms appear.

Express Elevator - Hurry! - Super Mario 64: how to find all the stars in Bagna Asciuga

This star is one of the hardest to collect on this level, but don't be afraid. To begin with, the water level must be as low as possible. At this point enter the cage by breaking the block that hinders you. Now you have to climb to the top, to do it you can take advantage of Triple Jumps or more simply use the enemies that will throw you upwards. This is the hardest part of this challenge, but with a little attention you shouldn't have any problems.

Once you have climbed to the top of the cage hit the purple switch which will make platforms appear and you can reach the elevator in this way. As soon as you touch it, it will begin to descend, and then rise again once you reach the bottom. Climb down as fast as you can and quickly go up to the elevator platform so as to go up with it. In this way you will finally have reached the star you are looking for.

Red coins in the city - Super Mario 64: how to find all the stars in Bagna Asciuga

Here is the second recurring challenge of Super Mario 64 of the stars of Bagna Asciuga. The red coins can be found in the center of the city. There are two ways to enter the city: use the cannon that you find near the starting point after talking with the Bob-omb, or use a little trick. As we mentioned earlier, the water level changes depending on how you enter the level. If you enter from the highest point of the picture the water level will already be high enough and you will be able to enter the city immediately.

At this point you shouldn't have much difficulty, all but one red coins are found within blocks to break. The last red coin is found on the roof of a building outdoors. Take your time to explore the city and the eight red coins will be yours in no time. Once all of them have been taken, the star will appear on the Star Sign in the square.

Race in the center! - Super Mario 64: how to find all the stars in Bagna Asciuga

This mission always takes place in the city, so to get to this area follow one of the two ways we described for the previous mission. To be able to complete this mission, however, there is a condition, or having pressed the blue switch in the mission "The secret of the Moat", needed to unlock the Ghost Hats. 

Do you use the block? to achieve invisibility e run into an alley behind a house with a red roof. Here you can find a switch, press it and enter the cage while the invisibility is still active. Thanks to this power you will be able to pass through the walls, but you have to be very fast. At this point, go up on the block that appeared thanks to the switch and collect the star.

The 100 coins - Super Mario 64: how to find all the stars in Bagna Asciuga

The last of the stars of Bagna Asciuga and, as in all levels of Super Mario 64, you will have to collect a total of 100 coins. In this level the challenge is quite simple and you shouldn't have any particular difficulty completing it. Indeed a total of 150 stars are present throughout Bagna Asciuga, you can therefore allow yourself the luxury of losing a lot of coins and still collect the star.

Even just standard coins are needed to complete the challenge. However, there are also 6 blue coins who can lend a big hand. Furthermore spiders drop 3 coins, we therefore advise you to pay particular attention in defeating this type of enemies.

Level completed

If you have followed our guide in full, you have now collected all the stars of Bagna Asciuga e you will have completed the eleventh area of ​​Super Mario 64. If you need other similar guides on the game levels, we refer you to the dedicated section where you can find them everything you need. Finally, we remind you to continue to follow us on the pages of Holygamerz for other guides and for all the news from the world of video games and more!

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