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Are you stuck in a spot on the Hirata Estate and don't know how to continue in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? Follow this guide to discover every secret of the area!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is FromSoftware's latest effort, focusing on the Japanese Sengoku period. The protagonist is a shinobi, seeking revenge and armed with a mechanical prosthesis that will transform him into a killing machine.

Like any title developed by FromSoftware, the gameplay and the settings are the masters, with intricate maps and well connected to each other which, however, will make many players lose their orientation.  

Don't despair! If you find yourself at the Hirata estate and you don't know how to go on, follow this guide: I will explain where to find enemies, objects to collect, secrets to find and much more, all to complete the game area in the best possible way.

Let's not talk about it and let's start with the guide on Hirata estate di Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice! This first part of the guide will end just before entering the main atrium of the estate itself: if you are looking for solutions starting from that point, I refer you to the second part of the guide!

Access the Hirata Estate - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | Guide (Part 1)

To access the area, you will need to obtain a key object. in Surroundings of Ashina, at the beginning of the area, you will find a destroyed house, with an old lady inside.

The old lady has, in her hand, a rattle: interacting with it, it will give it to you. Thus obtained the Rattle of the Young Lord, you will have to go back to Temple initial and offer it to the statue of Buddha.

By doing so, a short cut-scene will start, at the end of which in ours Lone wolf he will find himself in a new play area, reliving the memories that happened well three years before or when the Young Lord was attacked by the band of thieves.

Shores of the Dragon Source - Sekiro, Hirata Estate | Guide (Part 1)

When you enter the area of ​​the Hirata estate, you will find yourself on Shores of the Dragon Source, where you will also find the Sculptor's Idol, which serves as a checkpoint. Look behind for some Tablets, then jump from branch to branch until you reach the base of the cliff.

Here you will find a Fist of Soot, next to a dying Ninja. I brought you interact with him, asking him a couple of questions about where (and when) you are. Continue until you reach the bridge: here are a couple of bandits armed with torches with which they will attack you. Don't face them - turn around to find one Refreshing Powder, useful against the Burn status, and down at the base of the bridge, near the water, you'll find one Treasure Carp Scale. These rare items, which you can obtain by killing the large carp swimming nearby, will serve as a bargaining chip with an NPC that you will find a little further on.

In fact, on the banks of the source, you will find a strange one talking barrel, inside which there is the NPC Harunaga, noble of the vase who will want carp scales. In return, he'll give you some useful items, including one Red vicious flask which will increase the resistance to the Burn status. The merchant will also sell a mystery Mask piece: Right, which you won't need for now, and a Floating pitch text. If you look into the water, you will find two more Carpe del Tesoro from which to derive the flakes, but you'll need to return with a skill that allows you to hunt Carp deeper. Make sure you also collect a purse of coins, hidden among the rocks.

Swimming back, to return to the shore, you will find a couple of wolves accompanied by a bandit, and a moored boat, on which you can find a Mibu sphere of Averi. Going up, you will find another bandit guarding a gate, accompanied by other wolves.

Estate Trail - Sekiro, Hirata Estate | Guide (Part 1)

Once inside the estate, thanks to the grapple of the prosthetic arm, you will find an Idol of the Sculptor. The path that appears in front will be patrolled by many bandits; there will also be many houses on either side of the path. You will be able, following the stealth mechanics of the title, to avoid clashes and advance by moving stealthily, but by doing so you can lose many useful items.

Near the Sculptor's Idol, there is a piece of pottery that you can collect, then keep to the left side of the path where you can find a Spirit emblem it's a Ungo sugared almond. Make sure you climb up the wall near the candy, to find a banished archer there, ready to ambush you if you only follow the main path.

Very often, in fact, bandits will ambush you when you least expect it, inflicting the Burn status thanks to their torches.

Continuing on the path, the Lone Wolf will find himself stuck in front of a door: nearby you can collect a Fist of Soot, located near a hole in the wall of a house. In this house, once you enter, you will find four bandits, including an archer and one armed with an ax. The latter are slightly more dangerous, due to the increased amount of damage they can deal, but their stance can be lowered faster.

He then eliminates the four bandits, who are guarding a Tablets it's a Ako's treat. Continuing on the path, between the big house and the sheds, there is another small path that leads to a small door: you can cross it thanks to the grapple of the arm, allowing you, on its top, to see a series of huts full of bandits, many of which sat around the bonfires. There are also some guard dogs, and near the black wall you can find a couple of drunk thieves, accompanied by some dogs. Kill them and collect a fragment of pottery near there.

Ahead, an archer on the roof stands guard, below him a group of bandits gathered around the bonfire. Overhear their conversation to find out that they are talking about a useful tool. To avoid being overwhelmed from above, get the archer out of the way, then focus on the bandits below, but be careful of any reinforcements.

When the area is clear, be sure to get the item the bandits were talking about from the fire, which is the Fire-breathing barrel, Together with Mibu Sphere of Wealth, Refreshing Powder e Tablets. Furthermore, near the inner wall there is also a Fist of Soot to collect, and look inside the huts to collect some Spirit emblem.

The path behind the bonfire also leads to an area with more bandits and a dying man, who will beg you to take aspecial ax from a nearby shrine, before expiring. Go left now to find an opening for the Main Estate, along with a Dolcetto di Gokan. There are two small courtyards nearby.

In one of these there are funny giant and aggressive chickens, along with a Ungo's Dolcetto in the house, and one Tablet near the well in the courtyard. Make sure you grapple onto the roof of the house to pick up a purse of coins.

In the other courtyard there are two bandits guarding a small temple: the one the dying old man was talking about! Inside, in fact, you will find theShinobi Ax of the Monkey, which you can take to the Sculptor to have it mounted on the Shinobi prosthesis. There will be some thieves in the house guarding another purse of coins that you can collect.

On the main path there will be other bandits who will try to break through a door: you can origliare their conversation, to discover that behind the door there are some people who are hiding. Take them out, and go over the door to enter a residential area: they will actually be there many people to talk to, to also discover clues about a dangerous Shinobi hunter, while another person will ask you to save the Young Lord, rewarding you with one Antidote powder. In the last house on the back you will finally find a man who will call you traitor for not having been there when you were needed.

Make sure you also check the area opposite the main path, where you will find a man trying to enter the building. This man may be familiar to you if you have known all the characters from Ashina's Surroundings. Keep talking to him: he will reveal the existence of one three-story pagoda on the cliff. Before you leave, go to the hidden path, where the bamboos are, to find one Jizo Legato figurine.

Continue up the main path to find shielded bandits. These enemies are incredibly frustrating, as they will deflect your every attack - a good clue to test yours Shinobi ax! Carry on a little longer to find yourself face to face against the Misen's Enshin mini-boss, Shonobi Hunter.

This enemy can be very difficult to deal with, as even the stealth attack would be difficult against him. A great tip is to take out reinforcements, made up of bandits and archers, who can help the shinobi hunter in the fight. The hunter is armed with one long spear, which will inflict a lot of damage should it hurt you. Study the enemy, try to deflect his attacks at the right moment to do serious damage to the enemy posture, and sink your blade into the shinobi hunter to win the battle. His defeat will reward you with a Rosary grain; near a hut you will find one Tablet, together with one Mibu sphere from Possession. Now you can proceed to the next area.

Sloping Bamboo Forest - Sekiro, Hirata Estate | Guide (Part 1)

Past the area where you faced the Shinobi Hunter, you will find the Sculptor's Idol, indicating that you have arrived in another area of ​​the map. There will be other bandits with torches to eliminate, and you can also find a handhold, reachable with the grappling hook. To eliminate enemies silently.

The path ahead has an archer guarding the area - to take it out, look to the right to find a ledge to throw yourself, so you are on top of the archer. By doing so, you can get it out of the way quickly and quietly, thus avoiding the ambush that would have tended to you.

The whole area includes many archers and many bandits, you can both attract them all to attack them individually, or take them out in a stealth way. The choice is yours! Once all the bandits have been defeated, use the grappling hook to climb the ledge to retrieve someoil, which is useful for inflicting the Burn status more quickly in turn. Going back to where the first archer was, you will also find a handful of soot to collect.

Before crossing the bridge, observe the river for a moment: there are some Carpe del Tesoro, from which the precious ones can be obtained flakes, near the waterfall, useful to be exchanged with the mysterious NPC. Jump to the platform above to get the medicine. To the right of the object, you will find an opening, hidden by the bamboo plants: this entrance will take you into one cave.

The cave will lead you to a branch, which you can use to catapult yourself to a ridge overlooking the waterfall and bridge below. Most important thing, this trail will take you to the three story pagoda that the former merchant told you.

Waiting for you on the roof of the building is a Ninja in a dark cloak. This enemy is incredibly fast and dangerous, perhaps too much at this point in the game, as he is equipped with abilities that can immobilize you allowing him to take you out in no time. Pay close attention, study his movements and you may be able to overwhelm him. It is indeed quite fragile, as it only has one life bar, but extremely dangerous: defeating it will allow you to access the pagoda's treasures. If the Ninja is too dangerous for you, you can lure him away from the pagoda, lose track of you and return to loot its treasures. These will be one Feather of the Mist Raven, object for your prosthetic arm: with this improvement to the arm, you can absorb an attack directed towards you and teleport yourself in the desired direction to surprise the enemy from behind. Definitely to try!

You can now return to the bridge leading to the main estate, where you will find a huge warrior blocking your path, along with two annoying shield-wielding bandits. Thanks to your skills, you will be able to disorient the warrior by jumping from branch to branch to your left; Shield bandits are also quite slow, so if you can separate them from the warrior, you can take them out right away. Defeat the enemies, recover the Psoot.

At the entrance to the burning estate you will find, lying on a rock, your mentor and father: Owl. Talk to him and listen to his last wish: take the Key to the Hidden Temple, where the young Lord Kuro is hiding. The surrounding area is lapped by fire, so you'll need to grapple on the only tree that's still intact, then throw yourself onto the roof of the non-burning tower. Indeed, touching the fire would mean immediate death. Look down to see near the river a series of illuminated sanctuaries along the steep wall: with the grappling hook you will have to launch yourself, until you land on a path that takes you to a small house.

The other side of the building will take you to a small cemetery and bamboo forest, where a couple of bandits patrol, entering a large cave. You will be able to listen to their conversation to discover that this path is the only access to the main estate.

Before entering the cave, you will notice a path along the cliff, protected by two shinobi hunters - they will not be as complicated as the previous mini-boss, as you can also take them out silently. After killing them both, you will receive a full coin purse and you can find one Mibu Sphere of the Soul e Tablets. On the return path, you will find a small opening in the rock where you will find one Mibu Sphere of Possession and a path that takes you back to the river.

Back at the cemetery, then enter the cave, taking out the bandits on the right. The trail will take you, as you have heard, to the now burning main estate.

Let's go on with the second part!

Here ends the first part of the guide to Hirata estate di Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Make sure you read the second part of our guide!

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