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The new year will bring with it new operations and new rework to the maps. Let's find out what's new in this guide to reworking the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 map

One of the most famous FPS in the gaming world is preparing to enter its fifth year. As usual the Ubisoft developers will introduce new operators and some maps will undergo changes substantial enough to try to make the gameplay as dynamic as possible. In this guide to reworking the maps of the5 year of Rainbow Six Siege we will talk to you not only about that of the map Oregon that you can play with the new one Void Edge operation, but also future ones. We therefore recommend that you bookmark this page to stay up to date on all the news regarding the next restyle.

List of maps affected by the rework

  • Oregon - Operation Void Edge
  • Home - Operation to be defined
  • Skyscraper - Operation to be defined
  • Chalet - Operation to be defined

Let's take a look at the new Oregon map

The first map affected in its restructuring this new year is precisely Oregon. Although it could be flexible and dynamic in the attack phase, in the defensive phase it was quite static. The main problem stemmed from long corridors which formed an important part of it and from difficulty getting around the enemy. In many places the best defensive tactic was the massive and wild camper in somewhat particular places (see for example the washing machine next to the stairs in the laundry room), while it could be quite difficult to move from one side to the other.

The developers have done an intense and long work to try to give depth to a map that only had corridors deep. Although it is one of the easiest maps to remember, it could also be quite difficult both in the attack phase and, above all, in the defensive phase. Let's start by examining the maps relating to the various floors and find out what's new and what has remained unchanged.

Foreground - Map Rework Guide | Rainbow Six Siege year 5

The first floor is perhaps the one that has undergone the least changes of all, but the innovations introduced in this rework of the Oregon map in year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege could not fail to be reported in this guide. Let's see the image of the map and try to understand something more.

On the left the old map, on the right the new one

At first glance we can carefully notice how there is a significant change in the "Dormitory" area. The previous corridor that connected the two stairways has been cleverly enlarged and in its place we find two large rooms. However, this change will no longer allow defenders to spot enemies via the special camera also facing the stairs.

This change will certainly favor the attackers who can now also access from the new corridor that connects the tower to the dormitories. A notable difference also comes from the moving the main window from the bedroom and from the trap door that led into the kitchen storage room. These changes will favor various types of approaches by the attackers and make the whole thing much more dynamic.

Dorm corridor before (left) and after (right)

Another change concerns the west side of the building that sees his widely enlarged upper part thanks to the addition of a new room. The latter, equipped with a wooden floor, will be the perfect surface for the power of the Fuze who will finally be able to make his voice heard inside the refectory.

Ground Floor - Map Rework Guide | Rainbow Six Siege year 5

If the first floor has undergone few but significant changes, the same cannot be said of the ground floor that it appears to have an almost completely new look. Let's take a closer look in this guide what changes have been made to the Oregon map rework in this Rainbow Six Siege 5 year.

On the left the old map, on the right the new one

The only rooms that have remained completely unchanged from this rework are the one on the far right of the map and the main entrance with the stairs leading to the laundry room. The rest have suffered rather heavy changes. Let's start with the westernmost room. If the old one was narrow and "risky" since it directly overlooked the main corridor, now it turns out to be much wider with two exits: one that opens directly onto the refectory, the other that gives on a secondary corridor and external.

The refectory itself has therefore undergone some changes. Although this new port has been added, now it has a part of the wooden roof (as mentioned above), the door to the kitchen has been moved, while the one facing the outside has been completely removed. These changes undoubtedly favor the defense of the same, however they can also be a double-edged sword due to the new roof that covers a large part of the room.

  • refectory

The new Oregon map kitchen after Rainbow Six Siege's rework for this year 5 still features two entrances. One is the one in common with the refectory, while the second entrance is all new and it overlooks a small corridor that allows you to reach the tower and the conference room. The door to the old corridor was then removed.

Last modification, but certainly not least, is that of conference room. The north entrance has been changed and it was removed the staircase leading to the corridor above which connected the tower to the dormitory. All of this makes the map more dynamic and although it is now easier to secure the perimeter, there are some changes that will allow attackers to overwhelm defenders.

Basement - Map Rework Guide | Rainbow Six Siege year 5

The top floor of the map, as well as the most difficult to conquer, has also seen important changes. Let's see in more detail in this map rework guide how Oregon has been modified in this Rainbow Six Siege 5 year.

On the left the old map, on the right the new one

Important change is definitely the introduction of an appendix to the west of the basement that will allow the attackers to have a new entry point. Another important change concerns then the laundry room which has been divided into two rooms. This allows the attackers to be able to enter the target from the stairs without the opponents being immediately warned. It will therefore be possible to focus on the surprise factor e allow action on several fronts.

The entrance from the east side (through the construction site) has also undergone important changes. With a wider but barricaded door, this point is ideal for a quick attack. Here, in fact, we will access a large room. Heading to the left we will meet a breakable wall which will allow us to get to the target area without having to go through the corridor. In short, now it will be really much harder to defend these areas.

Laundry before (left) and after (right)

Happy game everyone!

For this first part of the guide to reworking the map in this year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege that's now everything. In order not to miss the future news regarding the upcoming maps, stay connected on the pages of Holygamerz!

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