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    Nioh 2: when to use each Stance

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    Released today exclusively for PlayStation 4, Nioh 2 wants to be the prequel to a technical title becoming even more technical: let's find out together when to use each Stance 

    Nioh is a 2017 title of a Team Ninja in better shape than ever, which wanted to place itself in the wake of the Souls-Like created starting from the From Software trilogy, deviating enormously from it both for mechanics and for the game world. Loved a lot, perhaps not perfect, Nioh has managed to create a strong fanbase, in the face of an excellent response in terms of global sales. A success, therefore, both economic and emotional: many wanted a second chapter, and they got it.

    Nioh 2, however, is not a sequel. Team Ninja wanted to create a prequel, taking the first chapter and improving it in every aspect. More technicalities, more weapons, more gameplay possibilities, more everything. Waiting to find out with our review what we think about Nioh 2 in general, we will pass the wait with a series of guides aimed at making your life a little easier in this chaos of technicalities. We continue. 

    Attitude is important for a horse ...

    One of the bases of the Nioh 2 technique are the Stance (Posture) that our protagonist can put in place to take down the many enemies that he will find himself in front of. In this short guide we want to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each of them, considering that you will find yourself in front of a multitude of possibilities that can be overwhelming, for those who are not used to. There are three main Stances: High (High), Mid (Medium), Low (Low). Each of them differs in both the damage dealt and the amount of stamina consumed for each attack. Let's begin. 

    High Stance - Nioh 2: when to use each Stance 

    La High Stance it is the best posture for doing damage to the enemy. In fact, it is able to inflict a large amount of damage, but at the expense of stamina. Each attack, in fact, will consume a large amount of stamina and the same will happen when an enemy hits you. This posture is also capable of easily breaking the enemy's guard. You will use it mainly when you have well understood how an enemy or boss works, what attack pattern it has and how to possibly defend yourself. Not recommended, however, if you still have to understand how to survive in the world of Nioh 2. A stance to scream for anyone who loves to physically overwhelm enemies: there will be little to stop you! 

    Mid Stance - Nioh 2: when to use each Stance 

    The Mid Stance it offers a good degree of mediation between attack, defense and stamina. It is the best choice in case you are exploring an area for the first time or fighting an unfamiliar enemy. A Stance, therefore, which will offer a good degree of security to the novice player: each attack will consume a not exaggerated amount of stamina. The Mid Stance is therefore the most balanced posture of the three and the one you will find yourself using most often in the exploratory phases. A good balance! 

    Low Stance - Nioh 2: when to use each Stance 

    The Low Stance focuses mainly on defenserather than on the attack. Featuring less damage, this stance relies more on blocking enemy attacks to consume less stamina. Let's face it: it is the posture that you will use the least, because perhaps it is absolutely the most useless. You will put yourself in Low Stance only and exclusively to attack enemies that remain very close to the ground or when you feel that a whole wall of attacks is about to arrive on you. Once we survive anything, you will be ready and full of stamina to repay your opponent. 

    … It all depends on how you Pony! 

    And here we are at the end of this short guide on which Stance is best to use in Nioh 2. We hope it has been useful to you and that it will decrease, even slightly, the number of game overs that you (and us!) Await in the title of Team Ninja. What do you think about it? Will you buy Nioh 2 or do you prefer to avoid naming every saint on the calendar? Write it to us below in the comments, we will keep you updated with everything related to the gaming and tech world! 

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