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    Persona 5 Royal: how to improve your Social Skills

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    Find out with this guide of ours how to improve the Social Skills of your protagonist in Persona 5 Royal, the new masterpiece of Atlus

    We spent a hundred hours in Persona 5 Royal in the company of the ghost thieves to bring you a review as complete and detailed as possible. We did it for one simple reason: love. Love for a title undoubtedly not for everyone, very "Japanese" and that could turn up the nose of those who are not used to the style of Atlus, irreverent and particular to the point of weariness. Love for a title, however, which has been able to take a game that is already considered excellent years old to make it even cleaner. Love for a story, that of the Phantom Thieves, which has thrilled us like few others so far.

    You’ll never see it coming! 

    We are not here again to sing praises of Persona 5 Royal, we have already done so in due place. With this article we want to continue with the guides dedicated to the title, tips, tricks and advice to help you as much as possible to complete the work of Atlus in the best possible way. Achieving the platinum trophy in this version of Persona 5 Royal is much easier than in the original title, considering that the more complex trophies have been removed. You will only have to arm yourself with patience and follow our guides!

    After bringing you the list of all the correct answers to be given during the class questions and a short guide on how to unlock the real ending of Persona 5 Royal, today we want to explain how to quickly improve the social skills of your protagonist. Maximizing your social skills in Persona 5 Royal will allow you to unlock the “Pure Perfection” trophy, but also others related to them, including, for example, “A clever disguise”.

    What are social skills? - Persona 5 Royal: how to improve your Social Skills

    First, social skills are divided into five different classes: Knowledge, Courage, Charm, Kindness, Expertise. Let's start with a simple assumption: there are a myriad of activities that you can do in Persona 5 Royal to be able to increase them, so we will not be listing them all. We just want to give you a few tips on how to do it as quickly and easily as possible, but then it is up to you to decide which activities you dedicate yourself to most.

    Social Qualities, therefore, they are increased by acquiring points by carrying out certain activities outside of Palazzi and Memento. It is important to level them up not only as a matter of completeness, but also because some Confidants and Skills will be completely blocked. For example, bringing Knowledge to level 3 will allow you to unlock Makoto's Confidant. And how to live without Makoto's “polygonal model” on the screen? A Level 4 Courage will instead be required to unlock Iwai's Confidant and so for several others.

    The importance also for Confidants - Persona 5 Royal: how to improve your Social Skills

    Unlocking Confidants will allow you not only to delve into certain characters, but also to gain useful new skills for battle in Palaces and Mementos. So you understand how essential it is to keep the activities you carry out during your free time well balanced, so as not to leave anything behind and have a complete overview of your character.

    The most expensive social gift in terms of points to be obtained to send it to the maximum level is certainly the Knowledge, which counts 195 total points, against 113 for Courage, 87 for Expertise, 136 for Kindness and 132 for Charm. However, it is, at the same time, one of the simplest to carry out, considering that even just answering the questions correctly in class allows you to get points.

    As we said a few lines ago, finding activities to increase your social skills is practically immediate, considering that there are so many. Starting from the Cafè Leblanc, for example, inside which you will find a plethora of secondary activities that you can do in the evening. Persona 5 Royal is also more forgiving than the original, as it will allow you to do something even when you've been in the Metaverse during the day. In short, you will not be able to go out, but for example you can study by interacting with the central table or do a crossword puzzle to increase your knowledge.

    Clean the Leblanc, so Sojiro is happy - Persona 5 Royal: how to improve your Social Skills

    You can decide to clean the room and increase Kindness, to manufacture new tools at the workbench and increase Expertise, read a book, play a video game or watch a movie with Morgana. These last three activities will be of fundamental importance, especially books. You can find all the materials to unlock them very easily during the adventure. You will then find a DVD player and you can rent movies in Shibuya, an old console and you can buy Retrogames in Akihabara.

    The books will be extremely important, both because you will find so many during the adventure and because they increase the various social skills by several points once the reading is completed, and because you can also read them on the subway while you go to school. If you are lucky enough to get a seat, that is. Once you rent the Quick Reading book from the school library, it will be a breeze to read them all quickly.

    However, increasing social skills does not necessarily have to be something intellectual. For example, you can apply for various part-time jobs via the job advertisements in the Shibuya Underpass. Working on the 777 briefcase will allow you to increase the Charm, if you work at the Florist in the Shibuya Underground Shopping Center you can increase the Kindness, as well as if you propose to work part-time at the Crossroads in the Red Light District of Shinjuku. You will increase your social skills and earn some money, what more do you want from life?

    Baseball, darts, billiards - Persona 5 Royal: how to improve your social skills

    You can increase your Expertise either, as we have already said, by making new Infiltration Tools at the Leblanc, or by playing Baseball. One of the most welcome novelties in Persona 5 Royal is certainly the new Kichijoji district, in which you will find, among the tide of new shops and venues available, also the Penguin Sniper. Here you can play darts and billiards with your confidants, so as to increase your Expertise and your team bond.

    You can increase your Courage either by following Dr. Sae's Confidant, or by facing la sfida del Big Bang Burger a Shibuya. If you manage to eat the various and gargantuan sandwiches that will be placed in front of you from time to time you can increase both Courage and one of the other social skills in a casual way.

    You can also take advantage of the Diner, for example, which in addition to allowing you to increase your Knowledge by studying, will allow you to choose an order from the menu that will increase another specific dowry. If you want to increase Charm quickly, we advise you to take several baths at the thermal baths near the Cafè Leblanc. Here, too, there is a small related trophy, “Steamed”, which you will unlock if due to too much steam… you faint.

    In short, there are so many ways to increase the various social skills. It is up to you to find the best way to reconcile everything, Confidants, Social Skills, exploration of the Palaces, fights, purchases, jobs ... How hard it is to be Phantom Thieves!

    Good… growth?

    We hope this guide on how to improve the various Social Skills in Persona 5 Royal has been useful to you. We will continue to bring you all possible guides on the title, hoping to lighten your Phantom Thieves experience a little! Stay with us for all the news and guides on videogame and tech.

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