NBA 2K21: how to unlock the City

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In this guide we explain how to unlock the City of NBA 2K21. The new virtual hub is a veritable treasure trove of multiplayer activities

The next-gen iteration of NBA 2K21 a few days ago he started running on the various Xbox Series S, X e le PS5 of the community. In recent months there had been some controversy about the surcharge of this new look of the game with which we had already had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves on the platforms old-gen

2K justified itself by explaining that the increase is due to various new contents. Now that we have the game on hand, we can finally tell you about these contents. So here we have decided to offer you this guide on how to unlock the City in NBA 2K21. Among the various new additions to the annual basketball blockbuster by Visual concepts in fact it is precisely this that stands out most. 

Of the new virtual hub for the athletes of your creation we have already mentioned it in this article. The City represents the latest evolution of The district of the previous chapters of the saga. The latter mode allowed players to try their hand at various multiplayer activity ed was part of "My career". This time around, however, entering the City will be more challenging than entering the old Quarter. We will see how to do it shortly, but first a few hints on the new edition of NBA 2K21.

Not a simple update

We have already discussed NBA 2K21 in our review. The last episode of the historic basketball series undoubtedly seemed like a good step forward on what the other chapters had already been able to do before. But now NBA 2K21 arrived on the new platforms and immediately software houses and publishers pointed out the fact that it is not a simple graphic update of the game released on September 4th.

Although the title of Visual Concepts is actually stunning from a visual point of view on the new hardware, the news is not limited to mere aesthetics. There is much more to talk about on the front content. To begin with, the new version of the game introduces theeditor character the ability to create a WNBA athlete. 2K and Visual Concepts reported that the community had clamored for this possibility and therefore took the opportunity of the next-gen release to propose this novelty.

Furthermore, on PS5, Xbox Series X e S Activities are available. These are particular challenges and goals to complete (the first of these asked you to score 72 points against the Chicago Bulls of 1996). Complete these arduous challenges guarantees you exclusive rewards as clothing for your Player.

There have been some revisions to the gamplay general. In this case, the most significant change is in the way the game handles controllers Pro Stick. With next generation consoles, you have a lot more control over shooting trajectory and the speed of your stick will now control the trajectory of your jump shot. The slow gestures will give you high trajectories, while the quick gestures will make your shots flat. In short, as you can see the general discourse is not limited to aesthetic improvements. Let's see now how to unlock the City of NBA 2K21.

Resign yourself to the grinding - NBA 2K21: how to unlock the City

At this point you may be wondering just how to unlock the Cities in NBA 2K21. Very simple. To get started, you must first enter the mode My career. Here you will create your own NBA player by going through the segments of introduction. At some point, you should come up with a menu where you can choose whether to play the next match and more. If you scroll down in this menu, you should see an option to go to City, but you will not be able to enter yet.

The option will take you to a new area with four paved fields you can play on. You cannot enter the City until you enter aaffiliation. This requires you to reach a certain score My REP in the game. You will start from Rookie I, with the need to achieve Pro I to be noticed. At this point you will receive a proposal for affiliation and then you can finally enter the City.

Getting started - NBA 2K21: how to unlock the City

After starting the Rookie I, you have to increase your rank a few levels, with Rookie II e Rookie III before getting to Pro I. The only way to increase your level in this case is to participate in various matches on the asphalt. There are three fields 3v3, while the fourth field is divided into two areas 1v1.

Winning matches will definitely give you more points My REP to update your ranking, but you will notice that it can be difficult to always win depending on your teammates and the opponents you encounter. However, if you perform well even in the event of a defeat, you will still get some points (much less than the victorious outcome). Your job is really to keep going grind until you get good matchups to win and get the points that way. This is essentially all about unlocking the Cities in NBA 2K21.

Stand up for yourself on the asphalt

Once the rank is reached Pro I, the game will tell you that you can choose an affiliation and enter the City now for the first time in NBA 2K21 su next-gen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide on how to unlock the Cities in NBA 2K21. Stay tuned with us at Holygamerz for all the other news and curiosities from the world of gaming and beyond.

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