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    Immortals Fenyx Rising: tips and tricks to start playing

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    In this guide you will discover some tricks and tips to start playing the mythological Immortals Fenyx Rising, a title full of surprises and details

    This year was finally the decisive one for Ubisoft, after a large number of postponements in recent years it has published most of its flagship titles. Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin's Creed Valhalla were perhaps the most anticipated, but a completely new title was just waiting for its moment to shine. We are talking about Fenyx Rising Immortals released recently and which is conquering audiences and critics, being a new video game, so we thought it might be useful to collect some tips and tricks to start playing.

    A unique recipe

    The video game in question has many similarities to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but still manages to take its own path, resulting in a fresh and unique gameplay. Furthermore, the setting is totally different, in the heart of a mythological world where the deities are real and a threat looms. We therefore decided to put it together a guide for you, trying to gather some useful information. Let's not hesitate any further and proceed with our guide on tips and tricks to start playing Immortals Fenyx Rising.

    Observing the world from above - Immortals Fenyx Rising: tips and tricks to start playing

    Exploration is perhaps the most important gameplay element in Immortals Fenyx Rising. As you discover new locations, you will acquire items and equipment, especially by reaching the top of pillars, columns, buildings and natural elements of the landscape such as very high hills. In this elevated position it might be useful to observe the landscape from a better perspective. To do this you can make use of your skill Far Sight which allows you to highlight some places of interest with icons on the screen.

    However not everything will be revealed to you with a single glance, there is in fact a minigame to play for make the markers appear on the screen. By activating the skill you will be able to see the landscape in first person and with the cursor it will be possible to navigate by observing the surroundings. As soon as you look at a place of interest, the controller will start vibrating and the cursor will highlight. By pressing RT you will have revealed a new point of interest, continuing like this you will discover many others. If you find something that particularly interests you, you can try to reach it directly on "foot". However, we advise you to use the tokens, placing them while using Far Sight. Read on to discover new tips and tricks to start playing Immortals Fenyx Rising.

    Increase stamina - Immortals Fenyx Rising: tips and tricks to start playing

    When we wrote about traveling on foot, we were actually well aware of all the means Fenyx has to get around. It can in fact open its wings and  planar, to swim without problems, run and do double jumps. However each of these actions temporarily costs some stamina, so some early game moves may take longer. One solution is to increase their capacity by maximizing stamina.

    You can do it at Bench of Zeus in the Hall of the Gods. Using this feature allows you to add more resistance each time you feed a few pieces of thunderbolt of Zeus. It will take several fragments of lightning to increase the quantity. To earn more, the quickest method is to complete the Crypts of Tartaros, which can be located by exploring the map or revealing them with Far Sight.

    To improve the consumption instead you will need to enhance your divine powers at the Cistern of the River Styx. We advise you to get Climb Leap, allows you to travel faster vertically while consuming less resistance than climbing. Glide Boost, which makes you fly faster and farther while consuming less stamina. Swim Dash, allows faster movements in swimming and lower consumption of resistance. Read on to find out about the upgrade system in this article on tips and tricks to start playing Immortals Fenyx Rising.

    Whole Character Upgrades - Immortals Fenyx Rising: Tips and Tricks to Get Started

    You don't have to worry too much about increasing the resistance at the expense of the attack. This is because Immortals Fenyx Rising made sure that the weapon upgrade system, gives general benefits to the whole character. Whenever you upgrade a weapon, those upgrades benefit the entire category it belongs to. To maximize the potential of your equipment you will need to head to the Forge of Hephaestus in the Hall of the Gods. Bet on the ones that best suit your way of playing, whatever it is defensive or offensive.

    It is also possible to change the appearance of your equipment as desired, a system commonly called "transomgrify". To do this, enter the menu and proceed to the object you want to modify and then select “Customize”. In the next paragraph you will find out how powerful it is to throw objects, in this article on tips and tricks to start playing Immortals Fenyx Rising.

    The Force of Throwing - Immortals Fenyx Rising: tips and tricks to start playing

    At the beginning of the game you will not have a great superhuman strength, you will have to make do with the weak tools and powers you have. You will be able to obtain your first divine power in the first hours of the game, The Strength of Heracles. In this way your strength will be such that you can collect rocks and large containers, to then be able to hurl them away. One of the biggest benefits of throwing objects is the large amount of damage they are capable of doing when directed at an unsuspecting enemy. Power that is especially effective during the first few hours of the game.

    The damage done by throwing against enemies is enormously amplified by equipment such as the Mane of Pride, a helmet that deals 150% damage against unharmed enemies. You can find it near the place where you obtained The Strength of Heracles. At this point, all you need to do is look for a target and hit it with a boulder in the face, causing hundreds of damage without great difficulty. Read on to discover new tips and tricks to start playing Immortals Fenyx Rising.

    How to use the different weapons - Immortals Fenyx Rising: tips and tricks to start playing

    Right at the start of the game, you will get two melee weapons: the Sword of Achilles and the Ax of Atalanta. The Sword of Achilles excels at fast attacks, especially dodging when time is slow. Use the sword in situations where you want to quickly inflict damage to the red health bar of enemies. It is also a great tool to use when flying enemies they are coming closer enough to get hit by jumping twice at them.

    The Ax of Atalantainstead, it is most effective when you want to cause stun damage to the blue bar of an enemy. You will learn quickly enough that shielded enemies deflect sword blows but stagger when hit with the ax. Hit them sufficiently with large weapons and they will expose themselves, allowing you to follow them with faster sword strikes. Use the ax on large enemies with large health bars to fill their blue bars and knock them out temporarily, then go back to using your sword. Read on to discover new tips and tricks to start playing Immortals Fenyx Rising.

    Before you leave!

    At this point you should have more awareness on Immortals Fenyx Rising, thanks to our guide on tips and tricks to start playing. In case there are any doubts or you want clarifications, ask us your questions below in the comments! Otherwise take a look at our other guides: guide to the best weapons and the complete list of trophies.

    Immortals Fenyx Rising is a game developed by Ubisoft, available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Google Stadia. We invite you to continue following us to stay updated on video games and technology.

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