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    How to hide a camera in your bedroom?

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    Many people today want to know what happens in their homes when they are not around. Some people want to know for security reasons; others just want to monitor their bedroom or their wife or husband. So the first thing that comes to mind is where to hide the camera and how to position it correctly in the bedroom? I tried my best to find the answer to this question.

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    How to hide a camera in the bedroom?

    So how do you hide a camera in your bedroom? To properly hide a camera in the bedroom, you need the right camera and an appropriate place with a good view. The camera must not be visible and must adapt to the environment in which it is located. It would be better if it had the night vision function so that the camera can record even in a dark environment.

    While this sounds simple, in most cases it isn't. Therefore we have written this article to tell you how to do it right. Below we have described how to choose the right camera, how to set up and install the spy camera and what are the best places where you can hide the camera in the bedroom.

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    The most important thing is to place the spy camera in a place where no one will notice. It sounds easier than it actually is. If you are doing this for the first time, it may be difficult to choose the right spot where you want to place the camera.

    In this article we will give you advice on the best places and a complete guide on how to install a hidden camera in the bedroom.

    Install the spy camera where it matches its color. For example, black cameras are perfect for dark walls and white ones for light ones. Do not mount the camera where it has a bad view. In other words, you run the risk of not being able to see everything that is happening, it makes no sense to look at only a part of the protected area.

    Why should you hide a camera in the bedroom?

    Today it is not uncommon to have a hidden camera in the house and the bedroom is no exception. With the evolution of technology, the demand for such things is common. These are some of the most common reasons people choose to put hidden cameras in the bedroom.

    • Part of home surveillance
    • To see if their partner is cheating on them
    • Child supervision
    • To keep an eye on the nanny

    How to install and connect the camera in the bedroom?

    The installation process can sometimes be a problem, especially when it comes to a bedroom. To properly set up and install a hidden camera in the bedroom you need to perform the following steps:

    1. Choose the right spy camera
    2. Find the right place to hide it
    3. Make sure the camera is set up to have a good view (angle) of the room
    4. Install the camera and make sure you have a good connection with your PC or mobile
    5. Burglary

    Tips: If possible, try to connect the spy camera to an electrical source so that you have an uninterruptible power supply that is independent from the battery. Also, one thing you need to look for is have a hard drive installed somewhere in an enclosed space so that you can record for a long time. Choose a spy camera that has a good ability to record even in a dark environment.

    The best places to hide a camera in the bedroom

    If you want to monitor your partner, keep an eye on your kids or something else, a hidden camera is the only solution. Here we will list the best places where you can hide a hidden camera to successfully monitor everything that happens in your bedroom:

    1. Television

    Many people today have a television in their bedroom, so why not take advantage of the TV and use it as a place to insert a camera? You can easily install the camera near or on the TV. Installing a tiny camera on top of a TV can be a great place to hide it. Of course, you will need to make sure that the camera is well hidden and that it cannot be easily noticed.

    2. Computer (PC)

    Today, people tend to have computers in their bedrooms. Webcams today are installed on PCs, so take advantage of it and put a spy camera instead of a normal webcam. Another way is to replace regular stereo speakers with new ones that already have a built-in spy camera. No one will suspect that the speakers have a camera and will not pay attention to them.

    3. Library

    This is another great place to put a spy camera if you have a bookshelf in your bedroom. You can easily place a spy camera inside a book and position it so that you have a good view of the bedroom. Today, people very rarely read books and are interested in them, so you can be sure that no one will pay attention to the shelf.

    4. Toys

    Why not use a teddy bear to hide a hidden camera? This method is very common and you can easily place the spy camera in the teddy bear's eye. If it is a children's room, this will not be a problem because you will find many toys in which you can place at least one camera.

    5. Mirror 

    There are special two-way mirrors where you can place the camera behind the mirror without being noticed. This camera setup process is slightly more complicated than the others, but it's definitely worth considering.

    6. Light bulbs

    You can simply remove one of the bulbs from the chandelier, insert the special bulb with a spy camera and screw it back on. This is a very simple setup, where you just have to buy a camera and screw it in. You just have to pay attention if that light bulb fits in the bedroom and someone will notice.

    7. Curtain rod

    Also, a great place to consider to put a hidden camera is the curtain rod. Self you use a small spy camera, you can easily place it in the curtain rod and have a great view of the bedroom. Hardly anyone will notice the camera at that height, especially the small spy cameras.

    How to choose a bedroom camera?

    In order for the spy camera in the bedroom to be really hidden, for this it is necessary to choose the most suitable camera. So, what are the main parameters you should pay attention to when choosing a spy camera.

    1. Sensitivity to the matrix
    2. Autonomy
    3. The speed of work and video recording
    4. Viewing angle and agility
    5. Dimensions:

    However, every bedroom is different, so you need to choose the best camera based on your individual needs. While many parameters depend on your camera choice, these three are the most important to consider:

    1. Viewing angle: if the bedroom you want to monitor is not large, you can use a fixed camera. If the bedroom is medium in size, the camera at a 90 degree angle will suffice. However, if you have a larger bedroom, look for spy cameras that can cover 180-degree or even 360-degree lenses.
    2. Resolution: shooting quality is the first thing buyers pay attention to, because if the camera records poor quality video, there is no point in buying it. Therefore, find a spy camera that is capable of recording videos with good quality.
    3. Sensitivity: for the bedroom, the spy camera must be able to easily shoot in a dark environment. That room is made for sleeping and most of the time that room will be dark so this is a very important feature.

    What the law on covert video surveillance says

    Typically, you can legally record someone with a hidden camera in the house without the person you're filming knowing. If the person you're filming finds out that you used those recordings in public without their approval, they can sue you.

    Worst places to install a hidden camera

    Do not install the camera in those “hidden” places, where members, guests or staff who you decide to closely monitor regularly move. If you have a cleaner in the house then it is understandable that he will have to clean every corner of your house, so the camera must be well hidden. In short, it is worth evaluating why you have decided to register people. By understanding the role they play in your home and where they spend their time each day you will have an idea of ​​where to hide a camera.


    The good thing about today's spy cameras is that they can be placed almost anywhere without being noticed, including the bedroom. Today it is very easy to buy a spy camera at a very affordable price and the installation process is very simple. Therefore, anyone can place a hidden camera in the bedroom. 

    As we have explained in this article, it is important to choose the right place to get a better view and to choose the right model. I hope I have helped you with this article.

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