Hitman 3 - Guide to the challenges of the Carpathian Mountains

Hitman 3 - Guide to the challenges of the Carpathian Mountains

In Hitman 3, the game developed by IO Interactive, the area of Carpathian Mountains in Romania it consists of 32 challenges. In this guide we will show you everything that will need to be done in order to complete them. Reaching Mastery Level 5 will unlock the trophy Last Stop. At least 75% of the challenges must be completed to reach Mastery Level 5, so you don't need to complete them all.

Challenges are only available when the game is online. By completing these challenges, you will see your Mastery level increase on this map, which also means new equipment and starting positions. The equipment you unlock can be used on all other maps. Never forget to carry out a preventive manual save before facing major challenges, to make it easier for you to recover in the event of a defeat.

Assassination (2)

  • Straight shot: shoot the target in the head with any weapon.
  • Losing EverythingWhen you meet your target at the end of the train, there will be a serum syringe on the nearby desk. Take it, approach from behind and inject the serum.

Discovery (11)

  • I’m the Conductor Now: disguise yourself as the commando leader. You will see him near the end of the train, after the first group of guards, recognizable by the black and white. Use the fuse to blind them. The commander will turn his back on you and another guard will greet him and leave the room
  • Heavy Duty: disguise yourself as a commando guard. They are the men towards the end of the train in black and white camouflage armed with shotguns and machine guns
  • 47, Ph.D: Knock out one of the doctors at the beginning of the level you wake up and take one of their disguises (Providence Doctor)
  • Mall Cop: Security guards wear black suits and a black baseball cap. You can see one at first in the room after you wake up in the chair, it stands next to a doctor in a white coat, but they appear frequently throughout the train
  • Spray and Slay: you will find a machine gun inside the first shortcut "Passenger carriage door".
  • Chameleon: Find all 7 disguises in the level
  • Providence Doctor: vedi 47, Ph.D
  • Security guard: see Mall Cop
  • Leader command: vedi I’m the Conductor Now
  • Commando Guard: vedi Heavy Duty
  • Elite Guard: vedi You’ve Got Some Skills
  • Office Staff- Located on a garment rack near the end of the train, in the office staff area, right after the last group of Commando Guards in this level
  • Providence Security Guard n. 2: These men patrol the end of the train in the office staff area. They also have black clothes, but they are not wearing a baseball cap
  • You’ve Got Some Skills: Dress up as an elite guard. They look like security guards and wear black suits, but instead of a baseball cap they wear a black helmet. They are located at the beginning of the train
  • Forbidden Pineapple: About halfway through the train you will arrive in a room with two elite guards on patrol and lots of weapons and ammunition on the tables. Collect the Frag Grenades here, but there are more further along the train
  • Got My Boomstick: you will find a shotgun inside the first "Passenger Car Door" shortcut

Talents (6)

  • Snow angel: In the outer sections of the train you will encounter some guards at certain points. Wait for at least one of them to stop on the ledge and push him. It will be easier to do this at the end where the guards dressed in black and white camouflage are located
  • The Gun Muffler: about in the middle of the train you can see a working table. Interacting with it will transform a normal pistol into a pistol with a silencer
  • Exhibition Shooting: While in the outer sections of the train, you can aim and observe some of the train signals. The train will pass every 10 seconds, and there are light signals above it. Shoot one of them to end the challenge
  • Soda Slinger: You will find many soda cans throughout the train. Collect 3 of them and throw them at 3 guards during the mission to knock them out
  • Button Masher: at the beginning of the level enter the code 1979 on the keypad near the closed door. The code is also visible on the poster to the left of the door
  • A New Father: At the end of the train where you will meet your target Arthur Edwards, there will be a serum on a table. Take it and hold it in your hands for 1 minute, do not inject Arthur immediately. After a minute, Arthur will say something and only then can you inject it. By doing this you will get this challenge and a secret ending

Goals of the Carpathian Mountains in Hitman 3 (1)

  • Eliminate The Constant: this is your main goal

Shortcuts of the Carpathian Mountains in Hitman 3 (2)

  • Door for passenger cars: The wagon after the workbench has a closed part, which is accessed through a window. You have to continue straight to the next possible window and then go back
  • Container door: The next car has a container that you should normally get on. Its rear side, on the other hand, has an empty space for a valve, exactly like the one you used earlier

If you need other help, we refer you to our section dedicated to the Hitman 3 guides, here is the link to access it.

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