Hitman 3 - Complete guide to Mendoza missions and activities

Hitman 3 - Complete guide to Mendoza missions and activities

In this guide we tell you about all the missions and activities of Hitman 3, game developed by IO interactive, which take place in Mendoza. Also in this place with an Argentine flavor, theAgent 47 he will have a lot of work to do to finish the bad assignments that will be assigned to him. For more information on Hitman 3, we refer you to our dedicated review.

Stories of the Mission

Hitman 3 - Mendoza - "Farewell"

On floor 02 in the fermentation atrium, two workers, recognizable by their blue overalls, are talking about a pump malfunction causing the wine tanks to overflow. At the end of the conversation one of the two will start going down the stairs. Go back and take the clothes off the worker left alone, alternatively you will find it near the fermentation room or the wine production room, wear it and walk behind it. Take a screwdriver, which is located in the technical room which can be accessed from both the production room and the barrel room. Also take the wrench found in the wine making room on a toolbox near the pump hose. Use the screwdriver to uncover the electrical wire in the brewing room. If any workers are watching, throw something to distract them. Then quickly use the key on the wine pump while the workers are still distracted, or throw something again to distract them. The pump will malfunction and cause the wine in the cellar to overflow to cover the entire floor. A fuse and fuse box can be found in the wine making room. Wait for your target, Don Yates, to come running. As soon as he steps into the wine pool, turn on the power cord to cause accidental death.

Hitman 3 – Mendoza – “The visit”

A marker signals two snipers on a silo overlooking the estate. There are a couple of ways to get there. You can get yourself a mercenary disguise, armed in black clothes, and walking to the far left from where many of them are standing next to parked cars. Then go through a door to the silo. Alternatively, you can infiltrate the villa's territory in any way you prefer, such as wearing a white tuxedo, which spawns near parked cars, and then get searched along the path to the villa. You have to get yourself a Gaucho disguise, stealing it from someone, because the Gauchos are the armed guards who surround the lower gardens that lead to the Villa, which are just below the silo with the snipers. The Spotter headset will be marked automatically, and stands between two guards. Crouch down in the grass and turn on the radio to distract them, then quickly grab the headset without being seen. Equip your camera and point it at the nearby watermelons. Go find Tamara Vidal, then use the camera to scan her. Talk to Diana to let her know she has to move to the gardens, where the Sniper Team has free aim on Tamara. Approach from the side where the bodyguards aren't looking, then follow the two women. Diana will make up the excuse that she wants to go to the garden to smoke, and Tamara will follow her. Their three bodyguards will be standing in the gardens, out of sight of guests, so get behind them. Approach Tamara so that the wording to give the kill order will appear, and the snipers will do it for you.

Hitman 3 - Mendoza - "Eyes on the target"

You are at the entrance to the wine production room at the rows on floor 00. Here you can listen to the chief oenologist. Follow him through the rows until he stops at a table. With him there is a worker. Turn the corner to the left and turn on the water pump to make some noise to attract the worker. Knock him out and hide his body. Then turn on the pump again to attract the boss, knock him out and take his disguise. Go back to where you got the first clue. The guests, Diana and Tamara, should already be waiting for you. Introduce the fermentation room and be a tour guide, go up the stairs to the barrel room. Wait for the guests at the back of the room, then a door will open and Don Yates will show up. This part of the story will now end, but it will actually turn into another story called the "Closing Statement". So don't kill your targets yet.

Hitman 3 - Mendoza - "Overflow"

Activated after completing "The tour", Don meets Tamara in the Barrel Room, then let them go. More specifically when Don tells his guard to get a bottle of wine from the Sommelier. Dress up as a sommelier. From the barrel room, walking along the edges of the room, you can go down into the tunnels below. There is a vent on the side of the tunnel closest to the Sommelier. You will need a screwdriver to open the vent, and if you don't have one, it can be found in the engineering room. By opening the breather, you can access the room of the wine cooling system where the Sommelier is located. Wait for it to stop at the exit of the tunnel, climb onto the ledge and pull it down. Or darken the windows to avoid being seen from the outside and knock out the Sommelier and the other person. Behind the wine bottle are lasers, and the code to disable them is 1945. Take the prized 1945 Grand Paladin, go to the barrel room and take the bottle to the guard who requested it. Follow the guard upstairs. On the way you will be searched, so throw away all illegal items. You will be taken to a basement where Don is holding a meeting. Put the wine on the table and tell people a little history about wine, then wait a few minutes for the meeting to conclude. Don wants to kill Diana and Tamara disagrees, so Don orders his guards to shoot her. Wait for the guards to escort Diana up the stairs to the upstairs bedroom. Eliminate them, one on the stairs, two on the balconies. Hide their bodies quickly, because Don and his guards are on their way and you can't leave any bodies in sight. Have a short conversation with Diana, who she will tell you to sit in the chair. Wait patiently in the room until Don Yates arrives. Diana will stab Don Yates and you quickly take out the two guards in the room. Hide the body in the bedroom or attached bathroom. Still in the same room, you can remove Agent 47's suit from the coat rack in the corner next to the fireplace.

Mendoza - All shortcuts

There are 3 shortcuts throughout the Mendoza area.

  • Door of the cellar: it is one of the two shortcuts which can be accessed from the basement of the villa, at level 3
  • Door of maintenance: it is the second shortcut which is accessed from the basement of the villa, at level 3
  • Bring on Retro: taking the path that goes around the villa downwards, this shortcut is at level 2

Mendoza - The hidden areas

In the map of Mendoza there are the beauty of 45 areas, distributed over the six levels, which you must discover in order to obtain the Master the Terror trophy. Let's see what they are for each level.

Level 0

  • Chardonnay Field: lower part of the vineyards
  • Grape Shed: the building inside the vineyards
  • Grapefield Roads: main central route inside the vineyards
  • Malbec Field: upper part of the vineyards
  • Cinema: lower right section of the main building complex which spans several floors
  • Production room: main workplace in the center of the complex
  • Changing room of the staff: upper left area of ​​the production room
  • Bathroom of staff: upper left area of ​​the production room
  • Fermentation room: right side of the production plant

Level 1

  • Video technique: left side of the upper production plant
  • Barrel Room: main central section of the upper production plant
  • Wine Fridge: right side of the upper production plant. You can access it by going down the ledges on the side of the barrel room and moving back to the other side

Level 2

  • Grapefield Cliff: small path between the entry point and the fields
  • Parking: continuing the road up to the crowded section
  • parking area and Tunnel: fenced, adjacent to the parking lot. He needs a proper disguise
  • Security tunnel: it is just behind the small office of the guards
  • Boatdock: main square
  • Dance Floor: crowded section in the center of the map
  • Reception: Foyer between the external and internal sections of the party
  • Fermentation Atrium: large main room on the floor
  • Tasting room: room lower down on the floor, above the cinema
  • Bathroom: sopra at Reception
  • Security Room: adjacent to the bathroom, you need the Keycard to enter
  • Secret Tunnel: winding tunnel around the property
  • Armeria: room outside the secret tunnel
  • back side: away from the right hand side of the property, at the end of the secret tunnel. It leads to a shortcut

Level 3

  • Silo: upper left edge of the map
  • L Gardens: upper left area of ​​the map
  • Higher Gardens: upper left area of ​​the map
  • Villa Basement: entrance from the Foyer
  • asado: upper outdoor section with many guests at the party

Level 4

  • Security Checkpoint: where the first game starts. It needs a suitable disguise
  • viewing Platform: along the route
  • Villa Front Yard: the section between the Villa and the Asado
  • Villa Back Yard: the back garden of the Mansion
  • Villa Foyer: main entrance of the Palace
  • Villa Guest Room: is to the right of the Foyer
  • Villa Living Room: is to the left of the Foyer

Level 5

  • Villa Roof: the large section of the orange roof
  • Villa Office: main room on the upper floor of the Villa
  • Villa Bedroom: adjacent to the office
  • Villa Bedroom: just outside the bedroom
  • Villa front Balcony: overlooks the front courtyard towards the Asebo
  • Villa back Balcony: faces the top of the map

Level 6

  • Villa Attic: accessed via the staircase in the bathroom

Mendoza - The challenges

To carry out all the challenges related to the map of Mendoza, you can follow our Guide to the Challenges by continuing on this link.

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