Guides Guide to the Festival of First Fruits - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With the update released on November 17, a historic event from the Animal Crossing saga was introduced to the game: I'm talking about the Thanksgiving, also known in the game as the "festival of first fruits". Cedrone is also back, the community's favorite turkey, which once again will fight to cook dishes… without becoming the dish of the day!

If after this guide you still need help to complete some specific parts of the event or if you just want to chat with other members of the community, I suggest you enter the Telegram channel @ACPlayers.

You can also take a look at our guide on how to play for more information on the title.

  • Items and rewards
  • How to cook
  • Secret ingredients

Exclusive items and rewards

Like any self-respecting Animal Crossing: New Horizons event, we will have tons of new items and blueprints to collect.

As already happened on Halloween, however, if you fail to obtain all the schemes available in the event, Marco and Mirco will sell the items already made in their shop until the 31st of this month.

There's more: Marco and Mirco will also directly sell the entire set of patterns in a digital version for the sun 19,800 stars. So don't be afraid to miss out on some collectible scheme, just think about having fun and cooking in joy!

We cook!

Prepare knives, spatulas and all the tools of the expert cook, because the cooking tests have already begun! Just run to the square and speak directly with Cedrone, who will immediately give you an assignment.

Apparently, you'll have to help him find the missing ingredients to cook four of his specialties, each made up of three or more ingredients, including a mysterious secret ingredient.

Sounds difficult, you say? By bringing fish or other ingredients requested by the inhabitants who remained in their homes, however, they will reward you with an ingredient necessary for the Cedrone recipe that you are preparing, plus a clue as to any secret ingredient.

Now let's see in more detail how to make each recipe.

Clam chowder

The first dish that the turkey will ask you for is also the simplest to make: clam chowder, the perfect appetizer.

For this dish, Cedrone will ask you to bring him three Filipino clams, which you can easily find on the beach, digging with a shovel in the points from which a spray of water comes out.

Before you give him the due, however, wait! Fulfill some requests from the inhabitants who stayed home to cook to get some clues about the secret ingredient. In case you don't understand what it is, this summary table will explain everything!

Pumpkin pie

The second recipe, perhaps the most iconic of the season, is the mythical one Pumpkin pie! Remember the pumpkin plantations you set up on Halloween? Well, the time has come to reap the rewards of your labor!

Cedrone will ask you for one orange pumpkin plus another of a random color between yellow, white or green squash. This recipe can be very easy to prepare if you have several pumpkin plantations: otherwise, you will have to go round the house dwellers again to get them.

The secret ingredient, this time, is quite obvious, but not trivial for this. The table below will provide you with all the necessary information.

Marine flan

For sure you have heard of the traditional meat-based flan: well, Cedrone certainly doesn't want to become the main course, so it intends to prepare one variant based on fish.

This pot is the first for which players may feel stuck. The reason for this is that the ingredients can vary from player to player, including fish, sea creatures or even particular mushrooms.

We have prepared a table with a rough estimate of the ingredients you should need for the recipe.

Mugnaia fish

We have arrived at the final dish: finishing it will mean completing the festival of first fruits completely!

This time, however, I advise you to arm yourself with one nice durable fishing rod: getting the ingredients, especially if you are short of bait, will not be an easy job.

By the way, did you know that grilled fish is one of the hidden recipes of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild”, another Nintendo title?

Secret ingredients

Surely, in the previous sections, you have noticed the presence of one or more secret ingredients.

When you complete a recipe normally, Cedrone will give you a random pattern from the Primizie set, as shown at the beginning of this guide. If, however, you complete all the recipes with their secret ingredients, Cedrone will give you a gift a whole set of Firstfruits patterns, thus ensuring you every possible exclusive object.

If you have added the secret ingredients as I advised you, you can breathe a sigh of relief: this year too, the festival is safe thanks to you!

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