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Despite the more action-oriented approach, Persona 5 Strikers it still retains several of the main mechanics that characterize the main Persona series. One of these is the protagonist's ability to use several Personas, in addition to the possibility of being able to collect them to complete each section of their archive (the so-called Register of the Prisoner).

In this guide I will show you all that you can find in the title, including various useful information on their account and how to obtain them in case there are unlock conditions required outside the level.

Later in the article you will also find some advice on which Personas to use at the end of the game, just to simplify your search and minmaxing operation. To find out more about the title in general, you can consult ours complete guide.

  • How to get the Personas
  • The complete Prisoner Register
  • The best Personas in the game

How to get the Personas

Before seeing the complete list, just a couple of clarifications on how to get the various Personass in the game.

First, unlike Persona 5 and Royal there will be no negotiation mechanics with Personas. To get them you will have to win various battles and hope that the enemies will leave a mask-shaped object, which will contain one of the Personas you have defeated.

But I am coming back the fusions in the Velvet Room, which can be both normal and multiple. Not all fusions will be available immediately even if you have the necessary ingredients, being limited both for your level and for other more specific conditions (usually reserved for the more special or powerful Personas, especially at the end of the game).

Example of this are i powerful enemies, of the extremely strong Personas found in each prison and whose killing will be necessary to unlock the relative fusion. Furthermore, defeating them all unlocks the request to fight against the iconic Reaper optional boss.

Already I warn you that you should not expect a variety of combinations comparable to the original game, since, as you can observe later, the Prisoner Register will not be comparable in the least as regards the number of Personas present.

However, it remains a type of fusion extremely similar to its predecessors, so if you are already familiar with him you will feel at home.

That said, you will find the complete list by race below, so check that out before searching for the Person you want.

The price in Yen marked for the summoning is the basic one, clearly if you save specific combinations in the Prisoner Register it will increase.

All Personas

Arcane Mad

* Frost Nero will be unlocked as a fusion only after completing the request "Stop the little imp"In Shibuya Prison.

Arcane Magician

Arcane Popess

Arcane Empress

Arcane Emperor

* King Frost will only be unlocked as a fusion after completing the request "Make way for the icy ruler!"In the Sapporo Prison.

Arcane Hierophant

Arcane Lovers

Arcane Chariot

* Cerberus will be unlocked as a fusion only after completing the request "The howl of Cerberus"In the Osaka Prison.

Arcane Justice

* Metatron will only be unlocked as a fusion after completing the request "The Descent of the Angel of Contracts"In the Tree of Knowledge.

Unlike normal requests, this will be post-game exclusive, so you'll need to complete the base game first to be able to select it.

Arcane Hermit

Arcane Fortune

Arcane Force

* Siegfried will only be unlocked as a merger after completing the request "The dragon slayer joins the fight"In the Kyoto Prison.

Arcane the Hanged Man

Arcane Death

Arcane Temperance

Arcane Devil

Arcane Tower

* Seth will only be unlocked as a fusion after completing the request "“The Descent of the Ebony God"In Sendai Prison.

** Mara will also require you to complete a request to be merged, ie "The rise of the quivering nightmare"In Okinawa Prison.

Arcane Star

* The Lucifer fusion will not require special requests, however it will only be unlocked in the New Game +.

Arcane Moon

Arcane Sun

Arcane Judgment

Arcane Hope

Pandora will be unlockable at some point in the storyline and will be the awakened version of Pithos.

Arcane Apostle

Treasure demons

These will only be present as enemy shadows, and will therefore not be obtainable via fusion.

The best Personas in the game

Clearly there are Personas that can be equipped by the protagonist who are classified as the best, both in terms of statistics and for the skills they can offer in combat.

Later I will not list all the best Personas for each area to avoid going too far, but just one per element.

Physical damage - Yoshitsune

Nothing strange for fans of the series. Yoshitsune combines good resistances, an enviable Strength stat, passives that increase offensive output and one move Hassou Tobi, dealing 8x damage with a high critical strike chance.

Firearm damage - Seth

Recommended for reasons very similar to Yoshitsune, i.e. good attack statistic, passives that boost damage and crit and offensive skills used, among which stand out Suppression fire e Upgrade Weapon.

Fire damage - Mara

Do you believe that Mara in 2017 came first in the poll to determine the most popular demon of the entire MegaTen series?

Stupid trivia aside, Mara He's hands down the best Fire-type Persona in the game, and thanks to his excellent skills he'll also be a great source of physical damage in case you don't have Yoshitsune on hand.

Ice damage - Black Frost

As is tradition now from his first appearance on Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Frost Black it is among the most useful demons / personae that you can have from when it will be meltable until the advanced game phases.

Excellent resistances, Magic above average e Diamond dust guarantee this evil version of the Atlus mascot the distinction of not only the best Ice-type Persona, but also earns a place among the most versatile and powerful Personass in the game.

Wind damage - Norn

The main reason why Norn found in this list, in addition to the recovery skills Diarahan and Samarecarn, is the access to the strongest Wind skill in the game, Panta rhei, which together with Amplify wind allow her to deal devastating damage.

Electrical Damage - Thor

Difficult to go wrong by betting on Thor. In fact, the good attack statistic is combined with the electric ability God of thunder, which together with Auto-Tarukaja and Electric Amplify guarantee a not just help to the offensive skills of Joker.

Nuclear damage - Mot

No, not even in this game Word It will make use of Beast Eye or its equivalent for real-time gameplay, but will remain a formidable ally to clear the field with devastating Nuclear attacks.

If the Nuclear Amplify - Concentration - Nuclear Explosion combination wasn't enough, however, you can always make use of Megidola to hit even enemies who otherwise would resist him.

Sacred Damage - Metatron

As always, Metatron it will be among the highest level Personass you can find in the game, although you'll need to finish the main story first to get a chance to merge it.

She generally has access to Sacred and Divine element abilities, as well as debuffs such as Debilitation e Angelic grace who will be able to give a huge hand in supporting the team when needed, while not having access to his iconic Fire of Sinai ability.

Cursed Damage - Alice

The specialty of Alice is being able to finish enemy encounters with abilities that inflict instant KO very quickly.

As if that weren't enough, he can also rely on Divine element abilities to hit enemies resistant to his iconic Die For Me! and cursed abilities in general, making it an ideal choice to quickly face any battle.

Divine Damage - Lucifer

Let's close the whole guide with a quick look at Lucifer, the highest level Persona that you can merge within the game.

It can be safely said that it is considered as the most powerful Person in the game, being difficult to scratch and hitting the enemy always and in any case through the use of Concentrate and the unique ability of the Divine type. Morning Star.

The only downside is that, being obtainable only in the New Game +, it will be impossible to use until you have already completed your adventure, but it will still be an interesting resource to use in case you want to delve into the difficulty Merciless in a new game.

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