God of War Ragnarok – Guida alle Else per la spada

God of War Ragnarok – Guida alle Else per la spada

In God of war ragnarok you have to find 14 Else for the sword and if you don't succeed during the game, remember that in the end you can still recover them all. Solving the quest will unlock the trophy Collector, useful for reaching platinum.

Some of them will be dropped by a defeated enemy, others can be crafted, but for this you will need the Lost Pages, which are also collectible. Each one will give you a special power and can be equipped one at a time. Let's see what they are and how to find them.

Elsa of Dainsleif

It is crafted with Svefnthorn, in turn dropped by the miniboss Ormstunga, with the addition of the Lost Pages.

Elsa in Skofnung

It is recovered from the optional boss Hrolf in the Valley of the Kings in Midgard. To get to this boss you must have defeated all the Berserkers.

Angrvadall hilt

With the Desert Gate Favor, the Gravel Belly boss will drop the Skirnir's Gambanteinn which, together with the Lost Pages, will allow you to create this relic.

Hilt of Ridill

During the Animal Instincts Favor you will meet the miniboss Olaf Nautson who will release Twilight of Bilskirnir, to be crafted together with the Lost Pages.

Dodher hilt

You will receive it from the story boss Fiske during the main quest The Showdown.

Project Huldra #9

You can have it made for 10.000 Silver Pieces.

Mystical Heirloom

In Midgard in the Lake of the Nine Realms region, if you destroy an ice wall you will find the relic and a Scroll.

Elsa from Forsbrandr

The first thing to do is find the 48 Ravens of Odin to open the 6 legendary chests in Niflheim. Once this is done, the boss Il Custode del Corvo will appear which you will obviously have to defeat.

Elsa di Tyrfing

It must be made with the Lost Pages and the Nar's Cup dropped by the miniboss Blatonn in the Abandoned Village.

Meign's Talisman

It will be the reward in the main quest A mission for Tyr.

Elsa the Gram

Stores in a Legendary Chest at the Temple of Light in Alfheim.

Hilt of Hrotti

In Vanaheim, you'll get this relic from one of three minibosses.

Call of Motsognir

To find it you will have to complete the Niflheim region and then after the story, it is an Aesir dungeon that is in a path that will be available at the end, looking to the left of the raven tree.

Elsa di Hofud

You will get it after the Heimdall boss fight in the main quest Creatures of Prophecy.

This is all you need to know to recover the 14 Else in God of War Ragnarok.

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