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Let's see in this guide on Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot when it unlocks and how to activate Goku's transformation into Kaioken

Il Kaioken, introduced in Dragon Ball Z, is a fighting technique that only Goku is able to use. This technique increases the fighting strength for a "heartbeat" allowing our protagonist to inflict serious damage on characters even stronger than him. The Kaioken will be fundamental to us in our adventure in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and we will therefore see in this guide how to unlock it, and how to use it.

What you need to know about one of the most ambitious titles dedicated to Akira Toriyama's anime

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a open world action-rpg heavily focused on combat, published by Bandai Namco and in development at CyberConnect2. The latter has been involved in the development of several anime-inspired fighting games, such as the acclaimed Naruto saga: Ultimate Ninja. As for the secondary quests of the CyberConnect2 title, he had total creative freedom, while the main story follows that of the Dragon Ball Z anime.

Kakarot therefore presents itself as the ultimate potential RPG for fans of the series, as well as an excellent way to recover the plot of the work for the first time, brought back into the game with great fidelity.

When to unlock the Kaioken and how to activate it - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, how to transform into Kaioken

Such a powerful transformation will obviously not be given to us from the very beginning of the game, but we will have to advance a little in the story to unlock it. First of all we will have to defeat Nappa, which will be quite simple. The problem will be in defeating our new opponent Vegetate, and this is where the new transformation will come to our aid. Right at the beginning of the fight with Vegeta, the game will in fact add the Kaioken to the transform bar.

Once unlocked, we just need to keep pressed L2 and R2 (or LT and RT) at the same time and select the appropriate key to transform us into Kaioken. Completed the transformation, Goku will receive a boost in the attack which will be essential to defeat Vegeta.

What is the price to pay for such a powerful skill? - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, how to transform into Kaioken

Due to how the videogame market has accustomed us in recent times, we must immediately specify that we are not talking about the actual price to pay with real money, but of the cost that a skill like this inevitably has for the protagonist. When we are transformed into Kaioken Goku's life and Ki bars will in fact begin to go down quite quickly. Try to avoid using this transformation too lightly so, and above all, always keep an eye on the life bar to avoid simplifying Vegeta's work too much.

Our road does not end here

We have therefore seen how to transform into Kaioken in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, but of course it awaits us still a long journey to perfect our fighting skills. For this you will find already on our website many guides dedicated to the game (with many more to come), which we list below:

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Recall that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is available since January 17 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For other guides, news, reviews and specials on the gaming market, go to the dedicated section on our site!

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