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With this guide on the tips and tricks for Disintegration you will no longer be caught unprepared by ambushes and hordes of furious enemies

When you've played a fair amount of video games in your life, you think you're ready for anything. For better or worse we all know how an FPS works, but when genres start to be hybrid or even new things get more complicated. V1 interactive has in fact created a very special video game that seeks to redefine our conception of RTS, no longer slow and meditative, but faster and marked by rapid reflexes. It will therefore be able to find many players a little bit confused, we have the guide for you and that will help you to make the most of this title. So let's see some tricks and tips to start playing Disintegration.

A different video game

The video game in question is an RTS that has decided to have a child with the FPS genre. A bit trivial definition but that fits perfectly. In all its uniqueness it has been well analyzed by us in its review. Precisely for this reason we think we are familiar enough in the game to be able to give you some tips. At the end of this guide, the game mechanics will make you find much less confused. No more chatter and let's dive into this guide for Disintegration listing a few tips and tricks to start playing.

Using the scan to know the map - Disintegration: tips and tricks to start playing

Despite being a hybrid game, one of the key parts for the real-time strategy genre is retained, that is a considerable mass of enemies on screen. This will make it more difficult to spot certain enemies in the middle of the map and the chaos that will be generated. Probably at first it will not be too much of a problem since the settings make everything quite visible and the enemies have a rather contrasting color with the background.

Problems will come as waves are more common and environments darker and more detailed. To solve this problem, simply activate the Scan mode with E on the PC. This way all enemies will be highlighted in red, sometimes even through walls. Also use this tool to identify sources of care in green, or the explosives in yellow to take down enemies faster.

The right combos on enemies - Disintegration: tips and tricks to start playing

We are sure you will encounter many enemies that will give you a hard time, some not even that big and threatening. To be able to win it you will have to practice with the combos and exploiting the right weaknesses and skills. Eg snipers are particularly weak at the slowdown camp, as the area affected by the ability slows down bullets allowing us to dodge them. The Stun Grenades, on the other hand, are very effective against big enemies like Rhinos o Bipedi, as it stops them and lowers their defenses.

Also for maximum effect you can use various skills in combo. Slow Camp used in conjunction with Mortar Volley will decimate almost any group of enemies. Disintegration is open to continuous experimentation, so try new combinations to take down the enemies. If you found these tips and tricks helpful, read on to find more for Disintegration.

Various ways to heal - Disintegration: tips and tricks to start playing

There are more healing tools than they seem, just pay attention to them. For most of our experience we will have two main methods of treatment available. The most obvious is obviously our secondary weapon, both to heal our allies and the area weapon to repair your Gravicycle as well. The other type is located in strategic points on the map and is highlighted in green using the Scan, to make use of it you will have to send one of your units on the ground to interact with it.

There is also another one and perhaps it is even the most common and effective. By taking down the sergeant units, easily recognizable by their more complex and red armor, they will leave ground green spheres. Approaching them you will activate their very quick area heal. Always try to understand their location because in some situations they will be your only sources of cure.

Get used to controlling multiple things on the screen - Disintegration: tips and tricks to start playing

In this case it is something that we have already mentioned previously, that is the chaos that you will experience in the most excited moments. Between enemies in the air and on the ground, allies who act independently and our targets to be killed in first person, you will have to find your harmony in battle. The most important thing is to understand how to control allies.

Without our precise order, the ground units will constantly follow us, attacking the first target in range by themselves. However using right click we will be able to decide a target to attack, an area to patrol or something they need to interact with. Sometimes if you also see them falling behind it is because you forgot to call them back after a command. By pressing F your units will return to you in the blink of an eye. The next of our tips is not really grouped among the tricks, more like a "trick" if you think that the management is not for you in Disintegration.

Lower the difficulty - Disintegration: tips and tricks to start playing

Disintegration if played at Maverick difficulty, ie normal, it could be a slightly complex experience. It is in fact the most balanced difficulty and for this reason it requires a sufficient familiarity with the RTS elements to continue in the game.

If the strategy is not to your liking, quietly lower the difficulty so that the experience is more like that of a FPS more "normal". Of course, you will miss the complexity and uniqueness of the game, the important thing is to still have fun and maybe enjoy the plot a bit. This is a tip that Pure Disintegration offers to players.

Back to the battlefield

With the information we have provided you now know some tips and tricks to start playing Disintegration. In case you have any doubts or want clarifications on this hybrid game between strategy and FPS created by V1 Interactive and published by Private Division, ask us your questions below in the comments or take a look at our other guides. The game will be available from June 16 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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