Days Gone: 13 tips and tricks to start playing

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In this guide we will see 13 tips and tricks to start playing the brand new Days Gone, so let's get started right away

Days Gone is the new exclusive IP of PlayStation and, although underestimated and criticized by many before its release, it has been able to deny every negative rumor and prejudice. SIE Bend Studio seems to have hit the mark with this action-survival game which, with great probability (sales permitting), will be the first of a series.

Di advice to give to those who approach Days Gone there are so many, and in this guide we will see 13, so let's get started right away.

Days Gone: 13 tips and tricks to start playing

Save often when you are near the bike

It might seem like a trivial piece of advice, but it's not. When you are near your bike, press triangle to save quickly as a wave of Freakers could overwhelm you and, in this way, you will not risk having to do the same things over and over again.

Unlock the Pit Stop skill as soon as possible

Why unlock this skill before the others? Simply because "Pit Stop" allows you to repair any weapon I cover with the wreckage found. In this way you will not only prevent your favorite weapon from breaking, but you will not risk fighting with your bare hands or with the basic knife which, between us, is not an excellent weapon.

Your flashlight will attract enemies 

The flashlight is a huge help on Days Gone nights but, unfortunately, it attracts the Freakers. If you are looking to attack stealth, then, we advise you to put it down, otherwise they will discover you ahead of time.

The fuel tanks are infinite and always respawn in the same place

When your bike runs dry you will need to look for the iconic red petrol cans. When you have found one, move away from that place and then return: the tank will respawn in the same place as the previous one. Infinite gasoline!

Refuel your motorcycle at the petrol station distributors

One way to never run out of fuel is to pass gas stations. These stations are marked on the map with an icon, so every time you cross one, remember to approach the petrol stations and press the “circle” button to refuel your bike without getting off.

Think carefully about which attribute to upgrade with NERO injectors

At each NERO and Checkpoint NERO research site you will find white boxes with NERO injectors. These allow you to boost three attributes: health, stamina, and focus by 25 each time. Upgrading your health will allow you to take more damage before you die, while the upgraded stamina will allow you to run and jump for longer. Boosting concentration is only useful if you have unlocked skills, such as "Touch and Run".

Get the Green Thumb and Butcher survival skills as soon as possible

Increasing your confidence level with the various fields around the map is crucial to progressing and unlocking upgrades for your bike and new weapons. The quickest way to do this is to complete the activities in the respective regions, along with the sale of plants and animal meat. The Green Thumb and Butcher skills double the amount of plants and meat you acquire, which means you can gain trust much faster and save the amount of work to be done.

Cut / shoot all NERO Checkpoint speakers before activating them

For each BLACK Checkpoint, you will need to refuel the generator before you can open the doors. Turning on the generator powers everything connected to it, including the speakers. As decades of zombie movies and series have taught us, Freakers are drawn to loud noises. Climb to the top of the main buildings and press the "square" button while you are near the speakers to destroy them with your knife, and if there is one you cannot reach, equip the suppressor and shoot it, otherwise there may be a horde ready to attack you in case of noise.

Press L1 to take out your secondary weapon when close to an enemy on your bike, then R1 to fire

Many players fail to fire on their motorcycle while being chased by enemies. To do this, just press L1 to take out the secondary weapon and then R1 to fire. In this bike you can also defend yourself riding your racing car.

Travel quickly through the discovered BLACK Checkpoints to stock up on resources 

As with fuel cans, resources (in BLACK Checkpoints) also respawn. If you're running out of everything from bandages and med kits to scrap and kerosene, you can just quickly travel between all NERO checkpoints and refuel.

Try out the bike skins that you unlock as rewards in Decals when you visit a mechanic

When you complete some storyline missions in Days Gone, you will unlock the decals for your bike and make it look damn bad. It is not explained in-game how to actually equip the skins and customize the appearance of the bike, so you will have to go to any mechanic and equip them in the appropriate section. The decals cost nothing to equip and you can change them whenever you like.

Burn the nests to free the fast travel paths

Scattered throughout the Days Gone map are Haunted Zones, which are essentially a collection of Freaker nests. You can destroy them by burning them with a Molotov cocktail or a fuel can, and once the infestation zones are cleared you will be able to travel fast, so make sure you free them as soon as you encounter them.

Watch out for traps and snipers

In and around the camps there are a lot of traps lurking, such as those for bears and even snipers. Human enemies are just as dangerous as Freakers, so keep your eyes peeled for traps placed on the ground, as you can take them apart before putting them away. The snipers are very visible due to their red laser sight which will allow you to take them out without any problems.

Days Gone: 13 tips and tricks to start playing

For this guide "Days Gone: 13 tips and tricks to start playing" is all! Are you playing this brand new Days Gone? Are you enjoying it? Patch number 1.05 recently came out, to read the notes and details you can click here.

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