Battlefield 2042: Tips and Tricks for the Beta

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In a few days, gamers will finally try the Battlefield 2042 beta: here is an introductory guide to the game, from which to extrapolate tricks and tips to get prepared for the release date

The various Battlefield chapters have always generated a lot of hype by creating stunning battle scenes that sported the power of the Frostbite graphics engine, with effects of light and environment impressive, an enviable sound department even from the most recent blockbuster films, and moments of spectacular action and destruction through the now famous concept of “Levolution”. All this will be present and amplified again in Battlefield 2042, and in this guide we will illustrate the best tricks and tips to survive the incredible battles that will await us this time in the beta of the futuristic (but not too much) chapter of Electronic Arts and DICE.

A timeless classic

Let's start by introducing the Conquest mode: it has always been one of the canon modes of the game, the favorite for those who wanted to spend more than just half an hour playing, as well as the best to enjoy, even if sometimes obsessively, in driving vehicles of all kinds and dimension. In this kind of game, the goal was to conquer various points on the battlefield, marked with "Flags" and distributed throughout the game map. The challenging factions had to capture and maintain control of the Flags until it ran out number of Tickets, i.e. the available respawns of a faction.

Battlefield veterans (and who may not have much need of these tips and tricks to deal with the new beta) will, however, notice a difference compared to previous titles: in fact, before it was necessary to conquer the most Flags throughout the map to gain a significant advantage, bringing the game in your favor even long before it ends. In Battlefield 2042 the map will have different sectors, each containing a small number of Flags; to overcome the enemy, the factions will have to capture all Flags in a certain sector, and then they will move to the next one. This change will prevent "zerg rushing", which is when teams in one faction all move together towards the enemy base, thus creating boring games, with cross and fixed combat in one place.

Defense is the Best Tactic - Battlefield 2042: Beta Tips and Tricks

It will be necessary to deepen the topic of Tickets: as mentioned before, they mark the respawns available for each faction, and are reduced as players die and respawn, remaining a fundamental part of Conquest mode. In Battlefield 2042 the number of Tickets is also affected by obtaining Flags and sectors, so among the tips and tricks we can give you for the beta we suggest you conquer one sector at a time, thus causing a constant loss of the opponent's Tickets, which will increase in proportion to the sectors owned by a certain faction. 

Who does not die sees himself - Battlefield 2042: tips and tricks for the beta

Battlefield medics don't have a good reputation. But considering how staying alive in Battlefield 2042 is critical to victory, it has been implemented self-care, which will activate when there is enough time left out of combat. If you take damage while waiting for your life to recharge, the cooldown time to refill your health bar will reset. Medkits are portable to any player in Battlefield 2042, thanks to the change in the class system. Being close to them will allow you to recharge your life, however they will have a limited spawn time and will require you to wait for a charging time.

Among the available soldiers, the Specialist Maria Falck will support the team through the syringe gun, which she can use to heal herself, or to heal her allies from afar. In theory, she would have had the ability to revive fallen comrades from a distance, but that would have made her exaggeratedly powerful in the game. And since we're talking about revives, there will also be squad revives here in Battlefield V. Any squad member can revive their colleagues, who will come back to life with a slight amount of health.

Make your way across the battlefield - Battlefield 2042: Beta tips and tricks

Another useful new feature in Battlefield 2042 will be being able call support, actually an evolution of the Commanding in Battlefield 4. This system allowed a player to launch various vehicles within the game map, but this time there will be no need for someone occupy the position to enjoy it. Just press a button that will open a small tablet, from which you can choose which vehicle, whether it is light or heavy, to be sent to the field. But a means of transportation could be more than just a convenience,.

Let's go and see the fulcrum of the action, that is the maps: they promise to be much larger than those in the previous titles; Still, there will still be the return of some historical maps from the series, including Canals of Noshar, El Alamein and Porto Arica. Returning to the initial speech on Levolution, there will be sandstorms that will obscure visibility, tornadoes that will make life difficult for the warriors of the sky, and even the launch of rockets, so as to astound any soldier. It will therefore be necessary to prepare for every occasion.

Weapons and Oxen of Your Countries - Battlefield 2042 Beta Tips and Tricks

Finally, let's talk about the weapon customization: Compared to previous Battlefields, where it was necessary to return to the spawn menu to make changes, in the beta of Battlefield 2042 the player will be allowed to make small changes to the weapon without having to leave the battle, which will enable us to find numerous tricks and tips for building rifles from the moment deadly specifications.

With a button, the soldier we control will be visible with the gun raised, while a small menu appears in which we can make various replacements, such as the front sight, barrel, under-barrel and so on. Being able to exchange the details at will in your arsenal will allow you to adapt to any situation, whether it is a long or short range battle, thus making the experience as personal as possible.

A title that aims for perfection

In conclusion, we can say that DICE seems to have thought of everything to make the gaming experience as less problematic as possible. Now that you will be able to get by in the Battlefield 2042 beta thanks to the tips and tricks just illustrated, we remind you that access will be available from October 6, 2021, with free online for PS Plus users, and also accessible on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Series X and PC. The new Battlefield will be a big step for DICE, which will produce its first title without a single player campaign, focusing all efforts in the various game modes and multiplayer support.

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